MADKID - Shin, Lin, You-ta, Kazuki, and Yuki

UPDATE: 10/16/20

Updated my quick bio section with new information.

Welcome to AXCEL STYLE! If you are a brand-new Axcel wondering what an “Axcel” is and how to become one, welcome! If you are a current or a veteran Axcel who wants to further enhance Axcel life, welcome! If you are a past Axcel and have been wondering why the heck this site exists in the first place and are curious, welcome! 😊

This site’s purpose is to introduce global (non-Japan) Axcels to the kickass five-member dance and vocal unit, MADKID. While we global Axcels are unfortunate to not being able to see the boys in any of their live events, such as their weekend live shows and release events, 1 you can still take advantage of reaching out to MADKID, fellow Japanese Axcels, and other global Axcels outside your country. In other words, MADKID are also doing the same thing for us as well!

In this site, you will find various guides to a number of social media apps, as well as some other relevant information, such as joining the official MADKID Fan Club as a global fan. You’ll also find some online-only events that everyone can join and help MADKID get more well-known around the world, such as Twitter campaigns and YouTube campaigns. It may sound like a lot of hard work, but after you experience it, it’s a lot of fun to be (somewhat) part of MADKID’s history, don’t you think?

This site will be updated constantly, so please, keep in touch when you can! The easiest way to keep updated with the site is to follow me on the AXCEL STYLE Twitter. This site is in sync with this account, and you’ll be able to see the latest updates and additions here.

MADKID Official Fandom Name: AXCEL

MADKID after one of their 2nd single release events w/ fans and audience

On June 7, 2018 (JST), 2 during their monthly MAD MUSIC Line Live talk show, the MADKID members, staff, and the fans 3 have voted on the fandom name. The naming and voting had gone through some three months until the suggested names came down with the following: GeekFam BabyMadonna, and Axcel.

Eventually, the names came down to Fam Baby and Axcel, and through the fan votes (both the audience and those online), both names came out a tie and the final decision came to all the five members. The members unanimously voted for Axcel, and thus, the MADKID fandom name of Axcel was announced through the show and also by the official MADKID Twitter account.

Axcel was stylized from the short form (accel) of the word accelerate. The MADKID members see us as their motivation to strive forward to their goals and dreams, for instance, through a series of social media campaigns 4, and in the case of the fans in Japan, being able to come and attend their live events and release events as scheduled.

Let’s take an analogy of a car with a driver and some passengers. Their destinations are a series of goals. The driver and the passengers are the MADKID members. They won’t be able to get to their destination without a full tank of fuel. The fans will be the fuel to that car. Without fuel, the driver won’t be able to accelerate the car no matter how much he presses the accelerator pedal. Without fuel, the driver and the passengers will be left stranded.

Since that day, the MADKID members and the staff have been calling all of us fans as Axcels. The car jokes have been caught by the entire fanbase, as well as the members, to the point that we even use as 🏎💨💨 our official emoji. 5

MADKID is also (probably) one of the first boy groups to have a codename for the haters. 6 Want to guess what that codename is? 😁

About the Axcel Advocate

I’m Adrianne, web developer and blogger. I normally blog about life in general, review books and other forms of stories, and web development/tech-related topics when time permits. I’m located in a small suburb on the eastern side of the San Francisco Bay Area, California, U.S.A. I’m a Filipino-American who can speak and understand (some proficient, some fluent) four languages: Tagalog, English, Spanish (proficient), and Japanese (proficient).

Aside from following MADKID, I also like to build websites, learning and refreshing coding languages like JavaScript and Python, reading books and (sometimes) manga, landscape/places, and food photography, write (fan)fiction stories, play video games, try out different types of dishes, 7 and bubble teas.

I have been a J-Pop fan for over a decade, starting back in 2000, with a now-famed Johnny’s boy group ARASHI. 8 I fell into a 10-year hiatus when I felt ousted by the growing number of (unruly) global fans that I simply just lost touch with Arashi then. Some ten years later, I was found on Instagram and that’s how I found MADKID. 9

I also listen to the following J-Pop groups in addition to MADKID:

  • JO1
  • OWV
  • Boom Trigger
  • IVVY
  • FlowBack
  • Da-ICE
  • All EXILE TRIBE groups
  • Super Dragon
  • Chottokyuu (Bullet Train)
  • Faky
  • FEMM
  • BananaLemon
  • E-Girls (Flower and Happiness)
  • AAA
  • lol
  • Genic
  • Official Higedan-dism

My personal SNS

Thank you again for visiting! If you have any comments, suggestions, and stuff regarding this site or just MADKID in general, please feel free to contact me. 😊



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Some sidenotes...

  1. Well, you can if you happen to travel to Japan…
  2. June 7 was my father’s birthday, which was easy for me to remember when the fandom name Axcel was established and the date that I joined the MADKID FC for the first time. My father passed away on April 2019.
  3. fan club member-only audience and those participating online through the Line or Line Live app, which also includes global fans. I was one of the online viewers who also participated in the voting.
  4. Examples are Twitter campaigns to earn a certain number of Retweets to certain tweets or earning a certain number of followers to the MADKID Twitter account, as well as earning a certain number of views on a new music video posted on YouTube before a certain deadline date.
  5. Just to add to the car jokes, there is also the word axle. An axle is a rod that passes through a wheel or a group of wheels underneath of a car. And then, there’s also axle grease
  6. We haven’t really come across any MADKID haters so far, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they exist…
  7. I’m diabetic, so I’m exploring for diabetic-friendly dishes, and there are plenty!
  8. ARASHI has announced in late 2018 that the group will be on hiatus beginning in 2020.
  9. Post some bubble tea and foodie pics as often in your Instagram and a J-Pop idol or two will find your pics and like them, in which you will also be found. It worked for me. 😁
  10. As of 10/2020