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Hello again, fellow Axcels! As promised, here is the entry that will provide more detailed information regarding the Fan Stories project. To make it a lot more appropriate, I gave it a title of the project: AXCEL Stories Project or just simply call it AXCEL Stories.

I’ve thought long and hard on how I can get this organized, how often will I be posting stories and other factors that play in the project. I’ll include them in this post too so that those who may be reading this 1 may probably (?) pitch in some ideas that would make this project run smoothly.


So, while I was brainstorming about this project, and I really did think about this a lot, there were some factors that came into play:

  • How often will these fan stories be posted on AXCEL STYLE?
  • Would there be guest contributors writing their stories on AXCEL STYLE or will the maintainer 2 be writing and posting these stories herself?
  • Will these fan stories include ones from Japanese Axcels? If so, who will translate them?
  • Should we also include fan stories from fans who want to remain anonymous?
  • What types of stories should we accept? Format, etc.?

There are probably more factors I didn’t list, but the ones mentioned above are what was going through my head. So, I thought through them and here’s what I came up.

How often will these fan stories be posted on AXCEL STYLE?

For the time being, whatever is submitted will go through thorough reviews and then get them posted. I don’t expect a huge turnout of submissions in the beginning, but I am somewhat expecting that submissions will eventually increase. But, when we do get a lot of submissions, that’s when we’ll have to go through batches (monthly, maybe?) and provide a due date of these submissions. It may be like an online magazine in a way, or it may come to have its own stand-alone site, just like with the blog translations and other translations in Letters @ AXCEL STYLE.

But in the beginning, fan stories will commence in January 2019. Submissions will be open on December 30 and will be reviewed and posted as we go along. When submissions are increased, that’s when I would have to think about management and organization. More on this much later.

Would there be guest contributors writing their stories on AXCEL STYLE or would the maintainer be writing and posting these stories herself?

With this, I decided to make this project a guest contributor-based project. What this means is that those who are interested in sharing their fan stories will have a Contributor access to this site. You can log in the backend and you can start writing your stories. There will be a video tutorial on how you can post your stories if you’ve never used a blogging platform before.

But, for those who are familiar with WordPress, 3 then everything should be straightforward.

The Contributor access will allow a user to write their posts on the main dashboard. However, once submitted to be posted, I 4 will be reviewing the post first and will also going through proofreads (grammar, spelling, punctuation check). If there are some things questionable with the content of the post, we’ll contact you directly.

If you are interested in sharing your stories and be a contributor, you will have to contact me. I’ll get to this much later.

Will these fan stories include ones from Japanese Axcels? If so, who will translate them?

I will be honest on a few things: I don’t have any Japanese Axcel friends. Sad, but true. Another thing I will be honest on: my Japanese translation skills are on a subpar to close to non-existent level. Third to be honest on: Most Japanese in general are very shy and would rather not share their stories. Tying to that, we also have some of these fans who are what Japanese fandoms consider as yarakashii fans 5 and would sometimes pick fights with fellow fans who have the same favorite group/member/artist as them. I’m not saying that us global/non-Japanese fans are any better, as we all know in general that there will be obsessive fans like these in any fandom, no matter what genre or country they may be.

The language barrier is definitely a struggle, and sometimes the shyness and the culture shock can also play a factor too. For now, we’ll only focus on global/non-Japanese Axcels until further notice.

Should we also include fan stories from fans who want to remain anonymous?

Here’s the truth. Among all five members of MADKID, four out of five know or have visited AXCEL STYLE. In fact, one of them tweeted one of my review posts on his Twitter account. 6

But, this doesn’t guarantee that any of the members come and visit the site frequently. After all, they’ve got their careers and their lives to work and rehearse that they have very little time to meddle with anything fan-related. 7 That can only mean one thing: they wouldn’t take the time reading fan stories posted here.

Fans who want to remain anonymous can still contribute their fan stories, but we want some kind of names (like a nickname or an alias name) to be credited on your stories. We also require your email address so that we can set up and register you on the site and get your contributor account. Also, please provide your location, so that everyone will know which country or city you represent.

What types of stories should we accept? Format, etc.?

Just keep in mind that fan stories and fan fiction stories are completely different from each other. Fan stories are experience stories from fans who may have met, encountered, or at least recognized by MADKID or any one (if not all) of the members. Here are some suggestions that you can get ideas from:

  • Why is (member name) your bias/favorite member?
  • How did you discover MADKID and eventually became a fan?
  • If you like to do fanart, you can share your fanart and tell us your story behind that fanart. 8
  • Receiving likes on your tweets and/or Instagram posts by a MADKID member and how you reacted to them.
  • Your first livestream session with one or a few of the MADKID members (via Instagram Live, 17/LiveAF app, Pococha app, TwitCast app, etc.) – talk about the comments you shared, the responses from that member, your reactions, moments, etc.
  • When one or a few of the members have read your comment while you’re watching MAD MUSIC on LINE (LIVE) or other online-only variety talk show hosts like Danzen Live on the Nico Nico video site or SWISH ROOM on the Showroom app.
  • The first (etc.) live or release event you’ve attended with MADKID on stage when you travel to Japan. This could be one of their one-man lives or their variety lives such as SWISH, TOKYO TRAX, etc. It could be a review of the entire live or what you experienced while watching the live, etc.
  • The gifts and/or fan letters you sent to MADKID or any one of the members. If it’s too personal for you, please don’t share it in public.

If you’re able to, please provide some screenshots or images that will incorporate to the stories you share. I’m aware that you’re not allowed to take any photos during lives and release events unless stated. If you have any videos, please share them by uploading on YouTube or any other video platform like Vimeo. We do not allow video clips to be uploaded directly to the site.

There’s no specific format on how you want to share your story, but we do want you to be honest also. Just writing your story as if you’re writing a letter to a close friend is a lot more raw and real than writing your story in a “fan fiction” format if you know what I mean.

I have a story to share!

Please use the contact information in our Contact section. It has an email form that you can send via email or if you have Twitter or Instagram, you can contact me on @axceltweets (Twitter) or @axcelstyle (Instagram). These three are the easiest ways to contact and are guaranteed that I’ll be receiving your messages through any of these platforms. Although, I can get to you a lot faster if you through Twitter or Instagram than through email, but it’s all up to you.

Once I contact you, you will have to provide me the following:

  • Your name/username/nickname
  • Email address (so I’ll be able to register and create your contributor login)
  • (Optional) Twitter account, IG account, or a personal website if you have one

Once you’re set up with your contributor account, you’ll receive further instructions on what to do next. There will also be a link to a video tutorial in case you’re not familiar with the WordPress dashboard.

The process will go as follows:

  • Write your story along with images, screenshots, fanart, video, etc.
  • Submit your post to the system. You will be given a notice stating that it’s in queue for a review.
  • Site maintainer (me) will be reviewing your post and make any edits and proofreads when needed.
  • If there are any questions or clarifications needed on your post, I will be contacting you about it.
  • Once everything’s finalized, your post will be posted.

The Fan Stories posts will be on display at the front page at another mosaic grid, right below the main mosaic post grid that you’re seeing right now. When it’s posted, @axceltweets (Twitter) and @axcelstyle (IG) will automatically tweet/post them, so be sure to follow both of them to see that notification.

How often can I share and submit my stories?

If you have plenty that you’d like to share, share them. There’s no limit as to how many stories you can share. The more, the merrier!

I will be taking submissions effective December 30, 2018. The fan stories posts will be up on the site anytime on January 2019.

I have some questions about the project…

Please contact me using any platforms in the Contact section.

And that’s it! I really do hope you’d be able to share some of yours so that all other fellow Axcels would be able to read them. It can be a great way to make friends also. I’ll be sharing some of my fan stories too when I have the time to do so.

Hope you all have fun! I look forward to reading about your fan stories soon!

Some sidenotes...

  1. I have to admit that according to my site stats, not very many people even go to this site, let alone reading the posts…
  2. Yours truly.
  3. especially if you’re using the stand-alone WordPress CMS software, but it should also be easy for those who have blogs hosted on too…
  4. or a “staff member” should we start getting a lot more submissions
  5. If you are a K-Pop fan, a yarakashii fan is equivalent or close to equivalent to a sasaeng fan. LIN refers to these obsessive and possessive fans as groupies.
  6. Thanks, LIN!
  7. Okay, that’s sort of a lie. The guys are still active on Twitter and (more or less) Instagram and they do take some time to read fan tweets. Still, that doesn’t apply to taking a visit to fan-made websites such as this one…
  8. We also encourage you to share your fanart to MADKID and the members too by tweeting them via their Twitter accounts.
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