We’ve got… not one, but two birthdays coming up! But first, let’s look forward to KAZUKI‘s birthday, who will be turning 24 this Saturday, July 21 (JST).

To give a little commemoration to our Sunshine King, I’m going to share a parody clip 1 Kazuki and YOU-TA created.

In this parody version, this took place in the Color Me Rad 5K event, in which MADKID had a huge chance to gain new fans. 2 Unfortunately, a lot of Japanese mistook MADKID, an all-Japanese dance and vocal J-Pop group, as an all-Korean K-Pop group, so much, that it would’ve have been better to change the group’s name from MADKID to KitKat. 😄😄

Let’s send our love and appreciation for Kazuki on his birthday by following him on his Twitter and send our birthday greetings to him this Saturday. 🎂🎉🎊🎈

Some sidenotes...

  1. Original viral clip here. This is about a bitter team captain who was ranting about the player from the opposing team (Osako) making two “cheap shot”/”odd” goals that gave the opposing team a win. It’s a hilarious rant, you don’t even need to know Japanese just to laugh at this clip.
  2. What’s Happening? #7
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