I know I used that photo from another post, but it’s just filled with so much cuteness and ❤ that I just had to post it again. 😊

We’re at the last week of September, which also means, we’re only three months down before the end of 2018. The autumn/fall season just kicked in yesterday (9/22) as the weather begins to cool down and the leaves turn to shades of yellow, orange, red, and brown as they fall down from their branches and scattered around the grounds. Autumn/fall season is also my favorite season of the year for the same reason why this season is also Shin’s favorite. 1

Mark your calendars that next Tuesday JST, October 2nd, Shin will be turning 25. I’ll repeat it again. Shin will be turning 25… as in the mid-20s 25.

Just right after MADKID’s official debut back in January, Shin also has a fulfilling first year as a debuted major artist with a list of accomplishments so far. Here are a few to name:

  • He has already launched his second digital photo book released back in April 2018. 2
  • He launched his first solo mini-live, SHIN-derella Night, with only a limited audience of 30 guests. 3 He had a chance to showcase everything he’s got as a full-packaged artist to a smaller audience, probably as a test run. I had a chance to check out a digest video of his first mini-live and I’m really amazed at this young man’s artistry and gifted talents through song, dance, and storytelling in between. He isn’t limited to just what we see in public or on lives and music videos with MADKID. No wonder You-ta sought after Shin for a year back in 2016 to get him to join the group. He brings a lot of extra in an already full-packaged boy group. And because of his first success with his mini-live, he’s having another one coming up on October 7 (Sunday), and this time, it will have a limited audience of 70 guests.
  • After some time of appearing on TV as an impersonator of ARASHI’s Kazunari Ninomiya in a series of Monomane (impersonation) Johnny’s show episodes since 2017, he also began having TV appearances as himself right after this year. In his past blogs, he mentioned that he wants to appear on TV as himself and not as someone else. With the popularity of their second single “Summer Time, he has appeared on TV as himself five times total, four of them with his fellow MADKID members.
  • Before Yuki became an online web model for the Japanese high-end fashion label Hysteric Glamour, Shin became an online web model for the Right-On casual clothing online shop during late Spring and early Summer.
  • For the month of August 2018, Shin has established himself as one of the top most popular streamers 4 in Pococha. The relatively new Japan-only livestream app has been slowly gaining some users, 5 and even though Kazuki and Yuki returned to streaming back on 17, 6 Shin established his place on Pococha and decided to remain there. 7

October is going to be a busy month for Shin, so while we wait for October to arrive, just be prepared to share your love and greetings for Shin when the day comes. And also, a few freebies from me, I recorded a few clips of Shin’s memorable moments from his Pococha livestream archives. Since I started posting birthday alert posts, I also started adding at least one video of the said birthday boy to accompany it. I’m more prepared this time and sharing two uploaded on both Twitter and Instagram:

(Honey Green Milk Tea… or Honey Black Milk Tea…?)

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Some sidenotes...

  1. My birthday is about 2 weeks after his birthday.
  2. Only available for official fan club members. Guide here if you would like to join.
  3. all AXLs (fan club members) only through a slot lottery system.
  4. In Japanese, streamers are called ライバー (“liver” – pronounced  “lai-ver”)
  5. DeNa Inc., the people behind Pococha, is now going through a beta period of Android users being able to stream. Because the rest of their already existing developed apps are available around the world (and in English of course), there’s a possibility that Pococha may be available around the world too…
  6. Since his return, Kazuki has become one of the most widely viewed streamers in the 17 community today…
  7. Even Shin is slowly having some non-Japanese viewers joining in. If you want to join in and say hi to Shin, you can download Pococha by following the guidelines here.
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