Our second July birthday baby is none other than the SWAGGA-nista sainensho 1 of MADKID, YUKI. Like his fellow July birthday baby Kazuki, he also turns 24 and his day is this Friday, July 27 (JST).

Ever since MADKID’s debut to the mainstream, Yuki has been having a very fulfilling year so far. Just to list a few things he has accomplished below during his final months of being age 23:

  • First solo official digital photo book released back in May 2018. 2
  • First member to have a cameo appearance in a primetime J-drama, 噂の女 (Rumored Woman).
  • First member to be a (web/online) model of a high-end clothing line, Hysteric Glamour. 3

I bet plenty of global/international Axcels, current and new, are excited to learn of this quick birthday alert, knowing (in my experience anyway) that the majority of the fellow global fans I’ve met first notice Yuki first and eventually became their bias. So, while it’s still early, I’m sure some of you are wondering how you can reach out to Yuki and share your birthday greetings and blessings to him.

Going by the latest activity calendar posted by MADKID Twitter, the guys don’t have any activity or event scheduled for that day, which can probably mean one thing. But first, follow Yuki on Twitter, and if you have something to give him, like a (digital) fanart or just greetings, just tweet him on that day. But, because there’s no activity scheduled on that day, there’s also a possibility (I said possibility here, not saying he plans to…) that Yuki himself may come on live stream probably around midnight JST. The only way to find out is to keep an eye out on his tweet. He would usually tweet to all his followers when he’ll be doing live stream or not.

Finally, just to end this early birthday alert post, I’m closing it with an iconic dance cover video he posted back in spring: DNA by BTS.

Some sidenotes...

  1. “youngest member”… in other words, if MADKID was a K-Pop group, Yuki is the maknae.
  2. Only available for official fan club members. If you’re interested in joining, please check out our guide here on AXCEL STYLE. Although this may be his first solo official photo book, he is not the first MADKID member to have a solo official photo book. That title belongs to Shin and Kazuki. Shin, from what I heard, already released two solo official photo books, while Kazuki released his first one back on February 2018 before Yuki came out with his. Unfortunately, only his latest one (his second one) is available in the MADKID Official Fan Club portal. I haven’t even seen the first one yet.
  3. Hysteric Glamour is also the same clothing line who provided those awesome swag outfits that MADKID wore for the Never Going BackSummer Timeand Forever young music videos, as well as for the photo shoots for their CD covers. Global/international customers can also order through their website… if you’ve got the money for them. 😥
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