MADKID FC SITE Temporary Shutdown

MADKID FC SITE Temporary Shutdown

Greetings, fellow AXCELS! Long time no see/write/post on AXCEL STYLE! I usually have some witty or random intro in starting up a post because I like to start my blog posts off with something like that as part of the writer/reader engagement and get the readers hooked into what this post is all about. As you can see from the featured image above and the title of this post, this fresh post since the last one is all about this. This isn’t a What’s Happening? post because, as I mentioned before, there isn’t much anything happening. I’ve covered a lot of their current activities since then and there hasn’t much any changes with MADKID and the Axcel Fam as of late.

Well, until today, of course. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be posting right now. As you read above, it was announced through the MADKID Official Twitter today that the FC site will be temporarily shutting down by the end of the year, which is in about a few weeks. I could translate the entire article word for word, but that’s just tedious in my opinion, but because I meddle with a lot of web stuff as my way of living everyday, I can further explain what’s going on behind the temporary shutdown for those who aren’t web techies. What I mean to say is that I’ll have to throw in some “professional” opinions, not as an Axcel, but as a web dev.

The Technical Side

According to the FC blog post posted today, their web host and site management agency went bankrupt, meaning, they’re no longer in business. And what they mean by “out of business” is that the sites that they currently host are completely stuck in their servers, eventually they will be taken offline in the near future. This also means that the businesses and individuals who were unfortunate to be this web host’s customers will have to start shopping for a new web host. Once they do, they will have to do some site migration of from their current host to the new host. Because the FC site is built and powered by WordPress, migration is fairly easy using plugins and other pain-free methods. According to the FC blog post, the brand-new migrated 1 FC site will be reopened on January 6, 2020.

This is very unfortunate for the MADKID FC and absolutely unprofessional on the web host’s side. I’ve had several frustrations since late October about my sudden expiration of my FC membership because it immediately got “expired” when the actual expiration date of my membership isn’t until June 2020. I’ve emailed the FC several times regarding the issue and since then, I haven’t received any replies. Around that time, I’ve been speculating myself on who actually runs the site (FC staff or the developer responsible for building/maintaining the FC site). I’m usually a patient person in general and not so much when it comes to the web or anything tech, but because of my unconditional love ❤️ for MADKID, I remained patient and not as demanding. After weeks of no response from the FC staff, 2 I finally got my answer today.

The more I think about this now, the more I get frustrated. I’m not angry at the FC staff for not responding. I figured they wouldn’t be web devs and system support peeps themselves for not being able to respond until the issue has been fixed. And my guess from their lack of reply to my inquiries after reading this blog post/announcement that the web host/tech support has never responded to the FC staff regarding my expiration date technical issue. I don’t know if the announcement of the web host’s bankruptcy was only made recently or a long time ago, but the web host tech support should’ve been more professional than this and provided the FC staff their answer. Maybe the FC staff wouldn’t feel ashamed of not being able to fix my issue and reply to me about the issue because the “higher level” decided not to bother with issues of their current clients. Really frustrating. 😖

There were some FC-only photos that I wanted to download for fan art purposes, 3 but I guess it can wait until they reopen the site in 2 months.


So, what does this mean for us current FC members? It does mean something significantly. Because the FC site will be out of commission for a few weeks, for use whose real expiration dates isn’t until next year will have to get refunded for the remainder of our annual membership period. In my case, June 2020. The blog post goes into detail on how much refund we will be getting. In my case, I will be refunded ¥2,509 (about $25 USD). Since I renewed my membership via PayPal, they’ll just send me my refund through PayPal.

My guess will be that once the migrated FC site is reopened in January 2020, all of us will have to re-register/join the FC once more. This isn’t much of an issue for me since I’m getting my refund anyway. I just hope their registration system hasn’t changed yet because it’s a bit of a biznatch for me to update/re-updating the FC section of this site. But, it looks like I will re-update again eventually because the screenshots will be different.

Other than this, there isn’t much we could do at this point. We’ll just have to wait and see if there are any changes next. I’m sure that both MADKID and the FC staff are regretful for this inconvenience, but none of this is their fault. I wonder if their agency also uses this same web host as their other talent, as well as their own official website. Because if it is, then this frustrates me even more towards the web host.

Even if a web host is going out of business, it’s only more prompt and professional that they announce this to all their clients including the MADKID FC. In that way, the FC Staff would be able to announce this early on without feeling guilty or being silent at the tech-problem inquiries they kept receiving everyday.

And that’s it for this edition of the What’s Happening? post series. Bad news for current FC members, not so much for non-FC Axcels.

No, you can’t join the FC without paying. No pay, no admission. It’s the same thing with all the other fan clubs of any artist, group, or special interests. I’ve never heard of a “free” admission fan club before, so please, think about the members and the staff and support them.

Till next time, Axcels!


I also started posting (some of) my MADKID fan art on the following art community accounts:

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