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  • Just like everyone else, I am a fellow Axcel, just like you. AXCEL STYLE is not affiliated with MADKID, 1 SLOW JAM PRODUCTION, or Nippon Columbia.
  • Photos courtesy of MADKID Official Twitter, Instagram, and individual member Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • Outside links mentioned on the entries are my sources, from general information to the latest news and updates. They can also be found on the Exits section.
  • I take no credit on any of the information and news posted here. Many of them come from MADKID official social media accounts and (related) sites. Others were voluntary information from the members themselves through livestream sessions. The only thing I take credit here is the site creation and maintenance.

Terms of Use

  • You’re free to use any of the news and information about MADKID or any of the guides and instructions about various social media apps we utilize.
  • When you do use any news and information about MADKID, please provide credit to the original source. You can use AXCEL STYLE as a source for the English translation/provider, but not necessary.
  • Regarding the information on the SLYKY guide, some of the information about the members were based on casual talks on livestream and are not found on their official profiles or in any of their TV/radio/magazine interviews. 2 Those pieces of information will need credit to AXCEL STYLE as a source.
  • Images used are also sourced from all of MADKID official social media accounts and sites. The only ones you would need to provide credit for are livestream screenshots and some other screenshots with watermarks on them.
  • Everything else you see here is modified and built by hand and tools by the web dev/blogger. (Adrianne)

Some sidenotes...

  1. I’m still going to say this, even though one two three of the members do know about this site…
  2. This only applies to Shin, Kazuki, and Yuki though, since I do go to their livestreams myself…