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We as a global family of AXCELS are sharing our love and appreciation for MADKID through a number of projects, whether they may be tangible 1 or digital 2. Welcome to the GLOBAL AXCELS SECRET PROJECTS (G.A.S.P.) Newsletter mailing list!

What is the GASP Newsletter?

From time to time, whenever an important event is near, we plan and send out newsletters to our subscribers on the particular date and ideas that we may come up, as well as giving subscribers a chance to share in their thoughts and ideas through responding to the entire list. We may plan out some chat meetings (through Twitter DM or wherever is the most convenient) if needed, but for the time being, we’ll be sticking through emails and (maybe) Twitter DM chats.

Please, stay tuned!

I got some questions first…

Why a newsletter and not another (blog) site?

The GASP Projects Newsletter is just that: a newsletter about current and future global AXCEL projects that are planned, created, and sent in secret. What this means is that everything that we plan and create for MADKID is done in secret and are not announced in public.

If you are new to MADKID, here’s a fun fact about them: The members are very good and constant at stalking their fans on social media. 3 Sometimes, you don’t even have to tag the members directly in order for them to find you. If you post something about MADKID or any one of their members, even without tagging sometimes (on Twitter and Instagram), they will find you, one way or the other.

There are also other few reasons why we are using the newsletter format:

  • MADKID 4 know or familiar with the AXCEL STYLE site and its official Twitter account. Some of the members are also familiar with the AXCEL STYLE IG account. MADKID Official Twitter liked one of AXCEL STYLE’s early What’s happening? blog posts before. If AXCEL STYLE writes about these specific global projects on the site itself, the members and the staff will see it right away and the cat’s out in the bag, pretty much. 😅
  • Not bragging on this one or anything because we can back this up. (Almost) all of the MADKID members know the people behind AXCEL STYLE and Letters @ AXCEL STYLE … personally. 5 Even though their fans are steadily increasing, the members are very good at remembering and being familiar with some certain notable fans. So, in short, if we do talk about the GASP Projects in public in our own personal (and even on the @axceltweets) Twitter and IG accounts, they’ll easily find us. 😅

Because newsletters involve email addresses, this was the best way for us to communicate. And if anyone from MADKID becomes curious about the GASP Project, they won’t have a choice but to sign up to be part of the mailing list, which will involve entering their email addresses. We always prioritize privacy and security, therefore, we don’t think the members would give up something private such as an email address just for the sake of fan stalking. 😏

I haven’t checked my email in a while. What if I missed an email newsletter?

Go back to your Welcome Email. We can’t really mention our answers here. Remember, hush-hush! 😅

How often will we be getting the newsletters?

Don’t worry, we won’t be spamming you with stuff unrelated to the GASP Project. You may be seeing some links to some AXCEL STYLE and/or Letters @ AXCEL STYLE latest posts sometimes, but all the contents will be directly about the GASP Projects.

What types of projects are we going to build/have?

Sign up for the newsletter. We can’t really give examples here. 😅

A few newsletter guidelines

We ask all newsletter subscribers to read and understand the following:

  • If you want to share about the GASP Projects Newsletter (sign-up page, NOT the specific projects mentioned in the newsletters) on your social media accounts, you may use any or all the hashtags: #GASPProjects, #GASP, #axceluniverse. If you use #MADKID or #axcel, there’s a high chance that the members and/or the MADKID Staff (@MADKID_official) will find you.
  • Do NOT tag MADKID or any of the individual members if you are sharing any GASP Project-related posts. The purpose of the GASP Project is to create “surprise” secret projects for MADKID, therefore the members shouldn’t know about it until we are finished and that said project is on the way to their hands. 😊
  • @axceltweets or any of our individual Twitter accounts will be tweeting the progress of a current GASP Project. It would really help if all of our subscribers have at least a Twitter account.
  • If you have an idea for a GASP Project, feel free to reply to the newsletter email. When you do pitch in your project idea, be sure to take some considerations that may affect the project. (ie. materials costs, spending/shipping costs, deadline dates, etc.) You won’t be charged or be asked to chip in the costs unless it’s needed (in this case, we never do), but it’s always good to consider.

What if I want to send my own individual projects to MADKID (and/or one of the members)?

The address is here:

MADKID (insert member’s name here if needed)
Sakuragaoka Residence
Sakuragaoka-cho 29-24
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

We strongly recommend checking out AXCEL SYTLE’s Letters and Gifts section for more details on how to send fan mail and fan gifts.

Yay! Sign me up!

Psst! Hello, fellow global AXCEL! Want to help us build some secret AXCEL projects?

Subscribe to our newsletter and join 10 other global AXCELS who are now building something special for MADKID.

This is a hush-hush project, so shhh....

Some sidenotes...

  1. Something we can build and send directly to MADKID via snail mail
  2. Something we can spread through social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram—  Twitter, most likely.
  3. Twitter and (sometimes) Instagram, but for the most part, Twitter.
  4. both the members and the staff
  5. in real life (one of us anyway)… online…. social media… livestream…