2019 MADKID Debut Anniversary Fanbook

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Our very first official GASP Project since its launching is the 2019 MADKID Debut Anniversary Fanbook.

fanbook is a compiled collection of messages from fans bound and published as one book. Depending on how it’s made, a fanbook can also have its own theme, and is created based on this theme.

Although this would be the very first GASP Project, overall, this particular fanbook would be the fifth fanbook that we will be handing off to MADKID to commemorate their important anniversaries. This particular one is for their first anniversary as a major dance and vocal group in the mainstream J-Pop scene. As many of you know, the date of their anniversary is January 1, the same date that their major debut single Never Going Back was dropped.

Here is a small gallery of what a fanbook looks like from its early days till this early year’s fanbook. 1


Got the idea now? Good! Proceeding.

What we will be doing…

Because we’ve got a lot of new stuff and a few changes regarding the group and the fandom, 2 next year’s fanbook will have a different theme and format. Our very own Axcel Ambassador, Karu-chan, will once again be assembling our fanbook. 👏👏👏 The rest of us will be providing the content for our fanbook.

Once assembled, the fanbook will be shipped directly to SJP 3 sometime in January. And to be sure that the guys will receive the fanbook, we’ll inform a few of the members 4 that a package will be arriving at them from the U.S. soon.

Fanbook Theme: AXCEL Bullet Journal

The (proposed) format of the fanbook will be resembling a bullet journal. If you’re unfamiliar with the bullet journal, it’s basically a recorded “to-do list” in diary format, decorated with sketches, stickers, and other art to accompany or decorate each page. There’s still going to be some scrapbook styles in it, but it will resemble more of a bullet journal.

In addition, 5 bullet journals are also used frequently by auto mechanics and custom auto builders to record and sketch their case studies on the autos or engines they fixed or customized. So, having that mentioned, you may have a guess what the visuals of our bullet journal fanbook would be like.

Official AXCEL Symbol/Emblem: Speeding Car 🏎💨💨💨

If you have missed the 9th episode of MAD MUSIC back in June, here’s the replay again for you to watch. Skip all the way to around 30:00, where the audience and the commenters online were voting on MADKID’s official fandom name, as well as the member providing the explanation behind the name AXCEL and the establishment of the official fandom symbol: the speeding car.

We don’t have time to re-record and subtitle this (besides, I don’t think we’re allowed to do that due to copyrights), so we’ll give a quick explanation.

If you like STEM 6, the meaning of the name is pretty much given. If not, we’ll explain. The name AXCEL is a stylized spelling of the short form (“accel”) of the accelerator. If you’re not familiar with cars and automobiles in general, an accelerator is one of the main pedals in which the driver can control the speed of the automobile, from driving slow to driving really fast. In chemistry and mechanics, an accelerator is also a chemical particle or a substance (like fuel, gasoline, etc.) that powers and speeds any form of device or machinery.

MADKID sees their fans as fuel that would drive them forward to their goals and successes. Without the fuel, the car will not power up and accelerate (speed) forward.

Still don’t know what an accelerator is? Go out there and learn how to drive a car. 🏎💨💨💨

In MAD MUSIC #9, after the AXCEL name (and the stylized) has been established, the members and the fans present already established the speeding car as the group’s symbol. It can be any type of automobile including motorcycles, 🏍💨💨 but the official symbol is the speeding race car. If you noticed in the logos of AXCEL STYLE (checkered flags), Letters @ AXCEL STYLE (monkey wrench), and even the cute red scooter for the GASP Projects logo, all of them are related to cars and racing.

Also, the boys gave a name for the haters — brakes, 7 which is why the statement at the bottom: Don’t brake your car! Accelerate!!

So, we’ll be having a bullet journal fanbook with a lot of speeding cars and anything else related to cars all over it. 🏎💨💨

What you will be doing…

First, please spread the word about the GASP Projects Newsletters to all your fellow AXCEL friends and friends who are interested in MADKID.

Second, please send your messages to MADKID to Karu-chan via Twitter DM. She may decide another form of transmission for the messages, but for now, Twitter DMs would be the fastest way. Don’t worry about the Japanese translation as she will be translating all the messages in Japanese, as she will be also posting the original English message you give them.

An example of this is my message to MADKID from the previous fanbook hand-delivered to MADKID in early May 2018. 8 I know some Japanese, which was why there is Japanese text on my original message, so don’t worry about the language issues.

Adrianne's original text
Adrianne’s original text
Adrianne's text translated in Japanese
Adrianne’s text translated into Japanese

Your messages don’t have to be super long, but don’t make it super short either. If you need help or ideas on what your message is going to be like, here are a few of the accomplishments MADKID made for the year 2018:

  • 1/31/2018 – MADKID made their major debut to mainstream J-Pop with the release of their single, Never Going Back.
  • 4/30/2018 – 4th One-Man Live – NEVER GOING BACK
  • 7/4/2018 – MADKID dropped their 2nd major single, Summer Time.
  • 11/7/2018 – MADKID will be releasing their 3rd (digital-only) single, GIANT KILLING. (you can wait until November to send in your message after you purchase/download the new single)
  • 12/15, 12/16, 12/26 – 5th One-Man Live is a series of lives spanning three cities: Nagoya, Osaka, and Tokyo (Shibuya) – GIANT KILLING

And another thing, please spread the word IN SECRET to all your fellow Axcel friends and MADKID enthusiasts. If you have to spread the word in public, please DO NOT TAG your tweet announcement with #MADKID#Axcel, or any one of the members. As mentioned before, the members (and even the MADKID staff handling the @MADKID_Official Twitter) are very good at stalking their fans and even random people that mention them anywhere. You’ll learn when you’re found when you get a sweet ❤ on your tweet from one of the members.

And not only that. The members also love to talk to each other about certain notable fans, from their livestreams to Twitter and Instagram. 😏


Feel free to contact us on Twitter… or reply to the newsletter email.

  • AXCEL STYLE (@axceltweets)
  • Karu-chan (@karuchan225_i)
  • Adrianne (@adriculous – please tweet @axceltweets first)

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Some sidenotes...

  1. Courtesy of Karu-chan and her mad artistic and crafting skillz!
  2. For example, we finally got AXCEL as our fandom name.
  3. Slow Jam Production – MADKID’s agency
  4. most likely Kazuki or Shin when one or both of them come online on livestream…
  5. last-minute research here…
  6. Science, technology, engineering, mathematics
  7. We haven’t come across any MADKID haters… yet.
  8. Karu-chan traveled to Japan to see MADKID’s 4th One-Man live, as well as Shin’s first produce monthly live and handed the fanbook to the guys directly.