17 LiveAF (Ichi-Nana)

Before I proceed, I’d like to send a message to all the 17 Axcels 1 who have just stumbled upon this section of AXCEL STYLE…

Do NOT delete your 17 account AND Do NOT uninstall 17!

There, I’ve made my message across. 😁

This is more of a quick update than a notice, but I had to put up another page to let all the former 17-regular Axcels know that the members’ usage of the 17 app is not over.

The only deal is that Pococha would become the main app that the guys would use for their live streaming. If anything goes wrong with Pococha on the guys’ end, 2 the guys will be switching apps back to 17 for that time being. As mentioned in my tutorial, Pococha is a relatively new livestream app that has a number of similar features to 17 without the other extras that 17 has. 3

I normally do tech-related reviews on my other blog, which includes tech-related books, case studies on certain websites, and in the future, mobile apps. I plan on writing about the Pococha app review sometime, but not today. So, proceed!

“Why are we still keeping 17?”

… to make the story short, Pococha is still an unstable live streaming app. We (global Axcels) know it. The Japanese Axcels know it. Even the members themselves know it. Unfortunately, the switching from 17 to Pococha came from the agency and their management. Why did they decide to do this? We’ll never know.

Yesterday morning PDT (6/19 close to midnight JST), Kazuki was live streaming on Pococha as always, however, the app is giving him connection troubles or some unknown bugs and glitches. He couldn’t continue with his live stream with these technical difficulties, so he decided to do the alternative: Return to 17 to continue his live stream.

So, to make the story short, because of Pococha’s instability as a live stream app, there will be times that the members will still be using 17 as a backup. This also means that all the 17 Axcels will have to keep their 17 accounts and the app installed on their mobile devices if they want to keep up with the guys. It’s a lot of hassle, but still worth it. 😆

17 for Noobie Axcels

Now that you’ve read and install Pococha to reach out to the members, let’s talk a bit about MADKID’s previous (now just backup) live stream app, 17.

17 (read in Japanese as ichi-nana, but we read it as “seventeen” or sometimes “one-seven”) is a Taiwanese live stream app that was developed based on a concept by a Taiwanese pop star. It was meant as a way for celebrities to reach out to their fans, as well as would-be aspiring artists live streaming as a platform to gain new fans. It’s a worldwide community going on within 17 that even celebrities and would-be artists even discover one another and become fans of one another as well.

I’m not going to emphasize much on 17 here because this is a lot easier than navigating and using Pococha. The app is available in a few different languages 4 including English.

Download, Install, and Setup 17

  • Go to either the App Store (iOS/iPhone/iPad) or Google Play, search for 17 Media or 17 Live, download and install. Unfortunately for Amazon Kindle users, 17 is not available on the Amazon App. If you go to the 17 website, you can download the .apk file and install it in your Android emulator if you have one. You can also install 17 in your PC using an Android emulator app.
  • Install the app the way you normally install your app on your device. Be sure you have enough space and memory for it.
  • Create your account using your email address or use your other social media platforms, like Twitter, Google/Gmail, Facebook, etc.

Now what…?

If you installed Pococha before you read this section about 17, you’ll notice one huge thing right away. The home page of 17 looks almost exactly like the Pococha page. And because everything is in English (or whatever language you’re using), there’s no need for me to take a screenshot of it. 😅 Everything should be straightforward and you can feel free to explore this app.

The Streaming Session

For the most part, 17 is almost identical to Pococha, so whatever it is you’ve seen in Pococha, also applies on 17. When you first enter a 17 livestream, it’ll look like something below. I used Kazuki for the Pococha tutorial. This time, we’ll have Shin on his 17 streaming session on an Android phone:

The only difference is that there are a few extras that 17 has that Pococha lacks. For instance:

  • Pokes – Just like with Facebook Messenger, the streamer has the option of poking their commenters wherever, whenever. This comes through just standard poking or even through a Poking Challenge, in which users who wish to offer gift point contributions to the streamer will have a chance to get bragging rights recognized by the streamers. All MADKID members on 17 (especially Yuki) frequently poke their commenters a lot.
  • Likes – Pococha has a ❤ icon for you to touch. With 17, you just need to tap the screen.
  • Guardians – Depending on the streamer, Guardians are users/commenters who have a “specific role” for the streamer. Some guardians use their privileges to be advisors to new viewers/commenters, some serve as moderators to the entire streaming sessions, but for some, it’s simply just for bragging rights recognition by the streamer. Commenters who want to be guardians to the streamer can bet the spot by paying 1500 gift points or higher, and that lucky commenter will get to be the guardian for the streamer for seven days. After the seven days is up, the commenter will have to bid again for the same spot for 1500 gift points. However, another commenter may bid higher than 1500 gift points anytime and “kick the current guardian” out in order to become the new guardian. 5
  • Army – An Army is a streamer’s “special council,” almost like a streamer’s staff. However, this depends on the streamer too. 6 The only difference between being a guardian and being a member of the streamer’s Army is that there is a subscription fee for you to remain in the streamer’s Army.
  • Gang – A streamer’s gang is pretty much the same as an Army, except this is an invitation-only crew. The 17 Gang is the same as the Pococha Family. 7
  • Sharing the Streamer’s Session – Unlike Pococha, in which you’re only sharing on Twitter, 17 allows you to share the streamer’s session URL throughout all available social media channels. Twitter, Facebook, you name it!
  • Split-screen Streaming – If you are a general Axcel with no specific member bias, this is a very helpful feature. There are many times in which two or more MADKID members would be live streaming at the same time, and it used to happen very often on 17 back in the days too. For example, you can watch Yuki’s livestream on a smaller screen while you’re in Kazuki’s livestream and vice versa. So far, you can only manage to watch two livestreams at the max. You can find the feature in the Misc icon below the screen (shown in the screenshot above).

Everything else, gift point contributions, fan rankings, etc. are pretty much identical to Pococha.


Too many apps, I know. Even I’m overwhelmed myself because my Android phone has a very little internal storage (even though I have an SD card extension on this phone). Luckily, just recently, I was able to purchase an iPad, therefore I’m able to spread around my necessary apps with the iPad evenly and won’t have to worry about my phone running out of memory or internal space or worse, the battery life.

If you have any questions regarding 17, feel free to contact me.

Next up, I’ll write up a mini-guide about the MADKID members’ little quirks and habits on livestream that you can anticipate or look forward to getting excited about! 😅

Enjoy your time at the streams, Axcels~! 🏎💨💨💨

Some sidenotes...

  1. These are the veteran/seasoned MADKID fans who are past regulars of the members’ frequent livestreams on the 17 livestream app since 2017…
  2. and I’ll explain this in a bit later…
  3. According to the Japanese Google Play notes, Pococha was released only back in December 2017. Will explain the “extras” 17 has that Pococha currently lacks…
  4. Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia
  5. not worth it, in my opinion… trust me on this one…
  6. Kazuki has an Army on 17.
  7. Kazuki’s former 17 Gang is now part of his new Pococha Family. Shin and Yuki do not have any gangs or families in either apps.