Japan-only Mobile Apps

Japan-only Mobile Apps used by MADKID and Axcels

  • LINE LIVE (MAD MUSIC monthly livestream series, SHIN’s personal livestream (as of 2019))
  • Pococha (SHIN’s personal livestream from 2018 (install this just in case))
  • JFN PARK (“MADKID RISING HOPE” weekly radio show)

Lately, I’ve been getting some requests from others who would like to reach out to MADKID but would have to resort to downloading mobile apps accessible to Japan residents only. Using a few workarounds to access these apps isn’t illegal, mind you, however, we do have to deal with some limitations these apps have with us on some features. However, one way or the other, installing Japan-only mobile apps on mobile devices not localized in Japan still works.

Another thing that limits non-Japan users from using these apps is the obvious language barrier. Most of the interfaces of these Japan-only apps are in Japanese. There are a few 1 that have interfaces in English also.

The instructions here are basically just copy/paste from the Pococha section, but I plan on removing that part so I can make this section more universal.


Getting the Android version of Japan-only apps is quite easy. If you’re familiar with the Android system, you can install 3rd party apps by obtaining the executable file (.apk) from their official sites (if they offer a stand-alone .apk file) or from 3rd party app management apps where they can search for the stand-alone file for you, such as APK Pure.

But before you start installing stand-alone files, you want to be sure that your mobile device settings allows “unknown sources” to be downloaded and installed: Settings > Security > Unknown Sources

  1. The easiest way to download and install these apps is to go to the APK Pure website through your mobile device. From there, switch the language from EN to 日本語 to switch the language to Japanese. If you don’t do this, APK Pure’s Search bar will not work when you type in the name of the app you want to install.
  2. Type in the app name on the Search bar. You don’t have to type it in Japanese, just type it with normal English.
  3. When the name of the app you’re searching comes out on the results, just click on the name of the app to open its own page.
  4. Download the .apk file by pressing the green ダウンロード APK. The file will download to your mobile device.
  5. Once you see in your notifications that the file download has been completed, click on it if it prompts you to install it. Or, you can search for the file you downloaded through your devices’s file management folder or file explorer, such as “My Files,” etc., and install the file.
  6. The file will install by itself. When completed, just go to the app and follow the instructions.
  7. OPTIONAL BUT IMPORTANT!: Download the APK Pure app here. You’re going to need this to update all your Japan-only apps quickly and easily. Otherwise, you’d have to go through the steps above again if you want an updated version of the app.

iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Installing a region-locked app is a lot trickier on iOS than it is on Android. Therefore, you would need to do a little workaround with your iPhone/iPad by creating your own Japanese Apple ID.

  1. Follow the instructions here (VPN Date) to obtain a Japanese Apple ID. After you are finished, sign out your usual Apple ID and sign back in using your new Japanese Apple ID in your device settings.
  2. Head over to the official website of the app you’re searching for. Look for the link that says “App Store” or anything that leads you to the Japanese App Store and click on it.
  3. Download the app as you would normally download a standard iOS app. The app will install by itself.
  4. Click on the app you just installed and follow instructions:

I can’t find/install the app…

Please follow the instructions above carefully including the ones linked to outside sources. It’s a possibility that you may have missed the step.

Or, if you’re not that tech savvy, you can always contact me.

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