On June 27, 2018, MADKID made their radio airwaves debut with their own weekly radio show, MADKID FROM TOKYO, aired nationwide throughout Japan. However, it’s a lot more convenient for listening to radio shows nowadays by downloading and installing yet another Japan-only radio broadcasting app called JFN PARK.

Yup. Another mobile app to download and install… if you’re interested in tuning in. 📻

If you’re a brand-new J-Pop fan 1, having a short radio show segment for J-Pop artists and groups is definitely a huge thing. A periodical radio show, whether if it’s daily in the mornings or weekly (most of them I’ve known so far are weekly), is a huge step towards nationwide recognition, establishing themselves as legit celebrities in the industry. 2 Therefore, congratulations to MADKID for earning this new milestone of your debut year in the mainstream! 3

However, because this is their start of being radio celebrities in addition to being a powerhouse dance & vocal group, this is also a trial period. Every Wednesday, MADKID FROM TOKYO will be airing on the airwaves via the JFN PARK app, for only four weeks. When the radio show earns enough listeners or enough hits, the radio show will become a permanent activity for MADKID and that we’ll have the pleasure of getting to listen to their show once a week. So, in short? This is another social media campaign of sorts. For long-time MADKID Axcels, social media campaign challenges are a normal activity of us. We don’t know the exact number of hits needed to keep the radio show on air after four weeks, but either way, we have to show as much support as we can by listening to their radio shows, all archived neatly and ready to play.

The purpose of this section is to guide you through downloading, installing, signing up an account, and logging in to listen to the radio show. There’s quite a lot of steps, securities, and verifications, and stuff, which is why this guide for fans who know nada zilch Japanese should make this setup a little painless. I try, anyway.

A quick overview of this guide

I mentioned the latter of making this a little “painless” because, as I went through it myself days ago, JFN PARK doesn’t just give the pain of making it available to Japan only, but the user registration even makes this a lot unfriendly towards users who have very little or nada English. I had to take a lot of screenshots to make it a lot easier to understand. So please, bear with me.

This app is an optional app for overseas Axcels, but during this time of writing (late June 2018), if you want to show your support for MADKID as best as you can, this would be one of them. Starting June 27, MADKID will be broadcasting their (trial) new radio show segment MADKID FROM TOKYO for the next four weeks. Every Wednesday, there will be a new episode. As we continue listening to their recorded radio show (in their archives section), if the show has enough listeners or views, as mentioned above, MADKID FROM TOKYO will become a regular radio show segment. I’m excited to make this happen and I do hope that we can make this happen for MADKID and for all Axcels from Japan and around the world. 😄

Alright, let’s begin!

Download and installation

For the most part, follow the Pococha instructions, since JFN PARK is also a Japan-only mobile app.

Android Devices: Download the .apk file from APK Pure, then let your Package Installer feature automatically install it.

iOS Devices: Same instructions as Pococha, except you’re searching and downloading JFK PARK instead.

You do not need to use a proxy or a VPN to read yourself as someone located in Japan to use any of these apps.

User Registration

Yes, you will need a user account to be able to listen to live and recorded broadcasts on JFN PARK for security purposes. Luckily for us, MADKID FROM TOKYO is not a live radio broadcast, therefore we won’t have to figure out how to watch and listen to a live radio broadcast… yet.

I had to go through a lot of trial and error and my limited Kanji reading that I didn’t even have the time to take screenshots of them as I went along. I installed JFN PARK on both my Android and my iPad, but because I already registered an account there, I didn’t get a chance to take screenshots of the registration process when I installed it on my iPad. Therefore, I decided to use a dummy account for this guide’s purposes and registering it on a web browser.

The user registration process is where this app becomes painful, because you’d have to go through a lot of verifications and such to be sure that you’re a legit user and not some spambot. Understandable, but verifications in a different language is definitely a pain.

Okay then, let’s start!

  1. You can register your user account through your newly-installed app or in the JFN PARK website. If you decide to register through the website, this is the URL of their site. Whether you decide to use your app or their website, the home page would look something like this below:

    See the (login) label in the top right corner? Click on it.
  2. You will be taken to at the login form that looks like the one below. Since you don’t have one yet, click on that big blue button below:
    login form
  3. You will be seeing this form below. Just write in the email of your choice twice for confirmation:
    Register Email
  4. Keep in mind that JFN PARK is very particular with their security. You will be getting a confirmation page right after you submit…
    Confirmation Page
  5. And along with that, you should be receiving a confirmation email that will ask you to verify that email:
    Verify your email
  6. Click on the link and it should take you back to the main page. Once again, you will be taken to another form, in which you will be setting up your password, your username, and everything else as mentioned in the captions:
  7. Next, you will be taken to yet another confirmation page. Make sure that you got everything correct, otherwise, you can fix it again. 4
  8. After you have confirmed everything, you will be taken to the next form, where you will be filling out your details. Keep an eye out for the required fields below (ones marked in red):
    Profile FormThe fields with pink boxes are the required fields. You can ignore the ones marked in blue, as they are optional fields. Regarding the Prefecture field, just choose Tokyo, but if you want to get “fancy” and use some other prefecture, go ahead. However, you will also need to change the radio station to match the prefecture you selected. Good luck with that one.
  9. You will be receiving another confirmation page and asking you for an authentication number to activate your account. Your authentication code will be sent to your email. It should look like the one below:

    Copy/paste the authentication code indicated in the email and insert it to the authentication page. You should be good to go right now and it will take you to the home page of the radio station you chosen from before.

Listen to MADKID FROM TOKYO radio show!

Yay! You finally made it this far! Hopefully, you won’t have to go through any obstacles once you get to this part. Anyway, let’s proceed.

  1. When you log in, making sure that you have TOKYO FM already chosen during your registration, you will see the main page looking like this. This is how it looks like on my iPad:
    If you don’t see the MADKID FROM TOKYO banner above, just use the left and right arrows you see at that banner until you see it. Once you see the banner, you can click on it.Another way you can get to the radio show page is to scroll down the list below until you see MADKID FROM TOKYO. Once you see it, click on the photo of the slot.
  2. JFN PARK will take you to the MADKID FROM TOKYO homepage:
    MADKID FROM TOKYO homepageBecause MADKID FROM TOKYO is pre-recorded (as of this writing anyway), there is only one place that you would go to: Radio Clip Archives (the button with the headphones icon).
  3. You will be taken to a list of all the archived radio show clips. Just simply pick the latest clip, or you can listen to all the other radio clips you may have missed in the past. Once you see the particular clip you want to listen, just click/press on it. It should take you to the screen below:As I was taking screenshots for this guide, it was during the first week of the show, therefore there is only one available:


There are plenty of other radio shows that you can check out and explore, which also includes radio shows hosted by other J-Pop artists too. Make sure you do keep your app updated whenever updates are released.

As of this writing, we are entering the third week of the radio show. In order to keep the radio program going, JFN PARK will determine the number of listeners that the radio show earns from its first week until the end of next week. If the number of listeners was more than enough, MADKID will be able to continue with the radio show.

Once again Axcels, we need to provide the fuel to the radio show and keep this radio show alive after the end of next week!

Some sidenotes...

  1. So far, a lot of the overseas fans I’ve met were either current or former K-Pop fans…
  2. Some non-music celebrities, such as actors and athletes, have their own radio shows too…
  3. A little over 10 years ago, I was a huge ARASHI fan since their debut. It took ARASHI some 3 years since their debut to finally have their own radio show, though they are individual member-only radio shows with some occasional guestings from their fellow members. MADKID only took them four months to earn their radio show.
  4. Keep in mind that the email address shown there is not my official email address. That’s more of a test email.