Letters and Gifts

MADKID with art

One of the questions that I’m frequently asked by a few Axcels (new ones) is if they’re able to send fan letters and gifts to MADKID. Here is a guide on sending letters and gifts (for example, fanart or a birthday gift) to MADKID and/or your favorite MADKID member.

But before you start, just a few little guidelines you need to be aware of:

  • Please be courteous and respectful. I know it’s tempting to write a love letter with several pages of your love for the group or your specific member, but you gotta keep in mind that they’re human too. But, you’re also encouraged to be creative too. 1
  • You are responsible for the gifts you send them. What I mean to say this is that you need to be careful with the gifts you send out. Handcrafted gifts and fanart are good ones to give. Items like clothes are (probably) okay too. Just be sure that you are responsible when the gifts do get lost, so be careful with how much you spend if it isn’t a handmade gift. Take heed, in other words.
  • Can (insert member’s name here) read and/or understand English? Depends on who the member is. 😅 From what I’ve experienced and observed with the members, there is one who will be having trouble reading and understanding English. 2 If he is your favorite member, it’s recommended you find a friend or a fellow Axcel 3 who can translate your letter in Japanese. The rest of the members are pretty proficient with the English reading and understanding, but it’s also recommended that you use the simplest English that you can use. If you do know both languages (English and Japanese – regardless of level), it’s also recommended that you mix and match the two languages together, as the members are also learning English themselves. 4 I think it’d be fun to do language exchanges, don’t you think?

I personally haven’t sent any fan mail or gift to any of the members, 5 but I do plan on sending a gift (handcrafted) to one of them in the near future. If there are any changes that I’m not aware of yet, I’ll be sure to update this guide.

Ready to send your love to the boys or your favorite member? Here’s the address:

Japanese Format

桜ヶ丘レシデンス#315 PARADOX内

Replace 宛 with the member’s name if you are sending your letter/gift to a specific member.

English/Western Format

MADKID (insert member’s name here)
Sakuragaoka Residence
Sakuragaoka-cho 29-24
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

  • Japan Post (Japan’s national mail service) recommends you use the Western format of the address if you are coming from outside Japan. Unless you know how to write Japanese addresses, be sure to add JAPAN in romaji format or otherwise your post office service will not know which country to send this mail/parcel to.
  • Be sure to check your spelling and punctuation, regardless of the address format you’re using.
  • The guys don’t really write their names in Japanese, so it’s okay to write: SHIN, LIN, YOU-TA, KAZUKI, or YUKI on either address format.

Questions? Feel free to contact me. Thank you!

Some sidenotes...

  1. … fan mail can be sentimental, but live streams are better in my opinion…
  2. Kazuki.
  3. Contact my friend Karu-chan, she’s Kazuki’s “point of contact,” so to speak. ^^
  4. Specifically You-ta, Yuki, and Shin…
  5. … I’ve gotten used to seeing and talking to some of the members on their live streams and I’m just overall lazy…