If you are brand-new to MADKID, or just J-Pop in general, the J-Pop music scene has many different smaller live concert events that take place during the weekends 1 throughout Japan that features many notable J-Pop groups, artists, and bands. The performing artists scheduled to perform in these series of lives all depends on the concept and availability of schedules, and these said artists range from those who are already in the J-Pop big leagues 2 to artists who are still budding in the indies scene waiting for their chance to get signed by a major record label. One of these series of smaller live events is the SWISH TOUR.

Either way or the other, this is the best way for artists and groups, no matter what level they may be, to showcase their talents and to hype up their fans while making new fans at the same time. Because these are small-scale lives that take places in smaller venues, all of these lives are standing-only. This means that if you attend a SWISH TOUR event or another similar event, you will be standing for the entire duration of the concert. Besides, if you want to get hyped up on a high-energy event like this, why would you be sitting down? Right?

MADKID and a good number of notable names, more specifically in the R&B/Hip-Hop & Rap/Dance category, are regulars in these smaller lives. They perform with other artists within the lineup, so these small lives aren’t exactly like one-man lives or full-scale dome-sized concerts. They will perform maybe around 3-4 songs, and depending on the event, there may also be some surprise collaboration acts that involve a few members from respective groups. I’ll get to this one a bit later.

AXCEL STYLE doesn’t really specifically write or tweet about any of the MADKID lives occurring on these dates since we cater more to the global audience. 3 The SWISH TOUR event that’s coming this weekend (Saturday, 10/13/18 JST) is simply another SWISH TOUR event, but this particular one is quite special, which is why I’m writing about this right now.

What makes the 10/13 SWISH TOUR event stand out?

This particular event is special because this will be the first time 4 that a SWISH TOUR event will be livestreamed over the internet, so that those who are unable to attend, and those who live outside Japan, will have a chance to experience how it’s like to be in a SWISH TOUR live.

… and of course, this is also an awesome experience for you to watch your favorite artists and groups perform live, even though you may live a million miles away from Japan. You may be far, but joining in to watch should make you feel that you’re standing right in front of the stage.

Want to join in? There are a couple of ways of joining in the fun:

  • The livestream system that SWISH will be using is the SHOWROOM app. You can download the app in your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play. The SHOWROOM app was developed by DeNA Inc., which is the same company who are currently developing the Pococha livestream app. 5 Unlike the Japan-only Pococha, SHOWROOM is available for everyone around the world and the app is available in English, Chinese, and Thai, as well as native Japanese. If you download this app from outside Japan, English will be the default language.
  • If you prefer not to download the app, you can also view the live through your web browser. Go to the SHOWROOM website and you can create your account using your email address, your Twitter account, or your Facebook account. 6

Once you are in SHOWROOM, follow the SWISH ROOM account. When you get there, there will be a screen ready for the said event on that particular day. So be sure to mark your calendars for the following:

SWISH TOUR 2018 Autumn Edition @ TSUTAYA O-EAST
SHOWROOM Livestream Event
Date: 10/13/18 (Saturday)
Time: 4:30 p.m. JST (U.S. times: 3:30 a.m. EDT :: 2:30 a.m. CDT :: 1:30 a.m. MDT :: 12:30 a.m. PDT :: 11:30 p.m. (Friday) Alaska :: 8:30 p.m. (Friday) Hawaii)

Who is in this event’s lineup?

Aside from MADKID, the following groups will be participating:

  • FlowBack
  • IVVY
  • lol
  • Opening Act: DA Tokyo dancers 7

Collaboration Acts

Remember what I mentioned about collab (collaboration) acts with select members of the groups participating? There is one, and an awesome one at that. I’ve talked about them in the past posts before. This day is the debut act of the all-rapper group SWISH HEYLAS.

The members of HEYLAS are the following rappers from the participating groups:

  • Yuya (BUZZ-ER)
  • Judai (FlowBack)
  • KENTO.i (IVVY)
  • Honoka (lol)
  • Yuki (MADKID)

The collab group will be taking the mic and spit some fire through their words, as well as a new original track from the group. Looking forward to this awesome act!

There you have it! Pass this around to your friends and fellow J-Pop fans who are familiar with at least one of the artists featured in this event. See you there!

Some sidenotes...

  1. On a few times, on Mondays and Fridays…
  2. artists whose hits and album/single releases count on the coveted Oricon Ranking Charts…
  3. … unless if you happen to be in Japan during those times, you can contact via Twitter (@axceltweets) if you don’t know/understand any Japanese…
  4. Well, first time for me since I haven’t been a MADKID fan for this long and I’m still learning more about them and the events they participate…
  5. Pococha is the app that Shin currently uses for his livestreams.
  6. Twitter is the most popular way to create an account.
  7. DA Tokyo (Tokyo Dance & Actors Vocational School) will send their best dancers as the opening act. If you can recall in the past What’s Happening? posts here, Shin and Yuki taught a dance workshop class over here last weekend.
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