If you missed this month’s episode of MAD MUSIC, or if you happen to be present but don’t understand what was going on, here’s a (brief) summary of what went down earlier today. Otherwise, you can watch it here.

This is the first time that AXCEL STYLE will be writing a summary of a MAD MUSIC episode, since the site was built late June and I wasn’t ready to write any summaries of live shows just yet. Finally, here I am writing one.

Keep in mind that this is just a quick summary, not an English translation of what the guys were talking about in the episode.

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GUINNESS RECORD CHALLENGE: Make a bubble with chewing gum

In this month’s episode, unlike the last few episodes before this one, there was no live audience from the local Axcels for this episode. However, it’s still fun watching MAD MUSIC with your LINE (or LINE LIVE) messenger app and commenting at the same time.

Like in every MAD MUSIC episode, the boys always start off with the Guinness Record Challenge contest, in which the members are pitted against each other with the contest of the month. Whoever loses the challenge will end up drinking the infamous “bitter tea” (“senburi-cha”).

In this challenge, the boys are given a few sticks from five (?) different brands of regular chewing gum and create their own version of “bubble gum” while they’re chewing them. From there, the boys will be blowing a bubble as large as they can 1 for probably about 20-30 seconds. The world record for this challenge recorded was 53 cm (21 in), and the boys are challenged to see if they can get close to, reach it, or break this record.

After attempting to create their bubbles, their biggest ones are measured, and the one with the largest 2 bubble created would be declared the winner.

Yuki ended up being the loser of the challenge for the first time, as he wasn’t able to create a bubble during the 15-second duration, therefore he had to take the punishment of drinking the entire cup of the tea.

AXCEL SPEED CHALLENGE: Sketching Sazae-san and Koro-chan

Episode 10 of MAD MUSIC introduced a new section that will involve judging from the Axcels present, whether if they had a live audience present or those joining in online through LINE/LINE LIVE apps. Most of the contests and challenges shown on TV variety shows normally will include a prize for the contestant who wins. However, because there are no prizes to give to the members 3, the rules go backward. Whoever is last, or has the worst presentation, will be given a certain “punishment.”

Episode 11’s challenge involves the members drawing a quick sketch of a chosen familiar character for 15 seconds. The Axcels will choose which one of the members’ sketches is the worst. The one who has the worst sketch of each character will have to impersonate that said character.

The first challenge involves sketching a Japanese classic character, Sazae-san. 4 The Axcels voted YOU-TA for having the worst rendition of Sazae-san 5 and he had to impersonate Sazae-san.

The second challenge involves sketching Nippon Columbia’s mascot, Koro-chan. Like the first challenge, YOU-TA was chosen to have the worst rendition of Koro-chan 6, and again, he had to impersonate the said character.

Track of the Month: “Yasashisa de afureru you ni” (YOU-TA cover)

Yes, that same video that you see at the top widget of the site’s sidebar. At this point, the boys are preparing to conclude this month’s episode.

Next month’s episode?

There’s no confirmed date as of yet, but if this is the first time you’re reading this summary and would like to join next time, be sure to scan the QR code at the right sidebar.

This concludes Episode 11 of MAD MUSIC. Till next time!

Some sidenotes...

  1. … you do know that a standard chewing gum and a standard bubble gum are different from each other, right?
  2. … or rather which one of the members are able to create a bubble visible enough…
  3. It would be unfair of course, since the guys are the only contestants present…
  4. Sazae-san was listed in the Guinness World Record for the longest running animated series in the world in 2013. It still holds that record up till today with over 7000 episodes as of 2015.
  5. It’s the creepy-looking sketch in the image slide above…
  6. … though it’s also the most accurate in my opinion… just not very detailed…
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