MADKID Official Fan Club


Version 2

The previous instructions on joining the MADKID FC posted in 2018 is no longer valid. The FC website has been completely revamped with a whole different look and a whole different platform. The FC site is now using the same system platform as AXCEL STYLE, 1 so I can finally do a bit of “troubleshooting” for int’l Axcels who may be having trouble joining the FC. 2

If you want to check out the legacy version just for the memories, you can still access it here.

Do you consider yourself a full-pledged Axcel now? Whether you became an Axcel just a few weeks ago or have been an Axcel for several months to a year and are ready to go on the next level, you can join the MADKID OFFICIAL FAN CLUB. 3

The previous instructions that I had before I was just going through it briefly because there was already complete instructions already posted on J-Pop Amino. But even then, even those instructions are no longer valid.

Also, take note that the screenshots below are clickable so you can see the images a lot more clearly. The site automatically compresses the size of these images, so they may be a little blurry to some.

Before we begin, here are the benefits of being a legit FC Axcel.

FC Membership Benefits

For an annual membership of ¥4300, 4 you get the following:

  • Digital membership card. You won’t have to worry about losing your membership card to attend fan club-only events and venues, but you would have to bookmark and memorize a particular URL only assigned to you. Be sure to have your mobile device in handy when your membership card is needed for these events because the membership card also contains your membership ID number.
  • MADKID TV. A series of periodical episodes that take you behind the scenes of their latest projects, events, shows, group trips, and even just random fun.
  • Birthday video. Once a month, you and the rest of your fellow fan club member Axcels will be receiving a birthday video from the guys with your name mentioned. 5
  • MADKID Magazine. Like the membership card, you will be also receiving the periodical magazine in digital e-book format, filled with eye-candy goodness and information you won’t find anywhere else in public.
  • Fan club-member only meetings, gatherings, and events. If you’re currently in Japan, keep an eye out for FC-only emails for these events. One example:
    • Monthly AXCEL MEETING: This could be anything, a short acoustic live, MADKID member birthday celebration, MADKID member-produced mini-stages, up close and personal hangout with MADKID and your favorite member(s), etc. The AXCEL meetings typically occur from the middle to near the end of the month. Be sure to follow the official Twitter for these announcements.
  • Photoshoots – If you notice, MADKID Twitter and Instagram, as well as the members’ personal accounts, release plenty of photos of the group and sometimes solo photos of the members almost on a daily basis. What you’ll be seeing in the fan club module is a lot more of those but will never be released in public. 6
  • Monthly freebies – these include digital photo books (as mentioned in the above item) and some other good stuff you’d never find anywhere else.
  • First come, first serve advantage – for major events coming up, fan club members get first priority, such as registering and purchasing tickets in advance for an upcoming concert, from One-Man live events to live tours.

Version 2 New Benefits

The ones mentioned above were the original benefits from the time the MADKID FC was first launched in 2017. Along with the complete revamp of the FC site’s “Version 2,” there are also new benefits to be added to the list above:

  • FC-only Blog and MADKID Member Vlogs – Every weekday (Monday – Friday), we would always get to read the members’ blog entries in their official LINE Blog. But on the FC version, there is also an FC-members only blog section. The FC staff will post news and updates that are only available for FC members. As for the MADKID members, they will post vlogs 7 about anything they’d like to share with FC members. 8
  • Events Calendar – Actually, this is probably the only section that’s also open to non-members. This is simply a complete list of upcoming events that MADKID (or one of the members) will appear, so if you plan on going to Japan to see MADKID, this section will be very handy.
  • (Coming Soon?) Internal Messaging System – This was actually announced sometime the last year before the planned site renewal/revamping. It was supposed to be an internal messaging system that FC members could use to contact other FC members about anything FC-related. I don’t know if this was delayed or they scrapped this idea, but I added this here, just in case that we get some developments. 9

Membership Signup

Unlike my previous version of the membership signup instructions, this will be much more detailed, because there are a lot of changes since the site revamp. Alright, let’s proceed.

Type the URI to your web browser: 10

Scroll down past the main banner at the top and you will see this section:

That white button that you see is where you want to click. The message you see on the left simply mentions the following:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

Office Hours: Weekdays (Monday – Friday) 10:00 – 17:00 (10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) JST

Your reply may be delayed. Please understand.

Be sure you add to your Contacts list. They also send email newsletters with news and updates that only apply to FC members periodically.

Next, you will see this page:

The three blue links that you see are required reading. There’s a lot to cover, but I’ll provide the points that are relevant to international Axcels. This is very important to take note or you will lose your membership without having a chance to renew!

Membership Agreement

The Membership Agreement is pretty much the same as the Terms of Use that you would normally see and require to read whenever you sign up for an online service. Here are the main points:

  • All contents provided to FC members will remain within the FC. Any FC-only content shared or posted in public, whether through SMS or other places, will have its membership terminated. This includes information about an FC-only event, FC-only content, merchandise, etc.
  • FC membership requires payment of the annual fee of ¥4300 and it will automatically be renewed once your one-year membership term reaches expiration. If you plan on canceling your membership, please contact the FC staff (

Just to make this short, don’t give away paid goods to anyone for free. Don’t think that just because you don’t live in Japan, doesn’t mean that you won’t get caught breaking any regulations mentioned in the membership agreement. In other words, please show some respect to MADKID, the entire Axcel fanbase, and the staff supporting MADKID.

Handling of Personal Information

The information you provide upon joining the FC is your private personal information: your name, address, 11 phone number, date of birth, email address, etc. Each of the vital info per member are stored within the FC’s database.

The FC will comply with Japan’s privacy laws and will use your information according to these said laws. They will not share any of your personal info to any third parties and will only use them primarily for contact purposes. Be sure to make your decision wisely in joining the FC if you’re uncomfortable with providing any of the required information needed to join.

System Requirements

These are the recommended system requirements for this site to run in its best shape. Pretty straightforward:

Windows PC: IE 9.0, Mozilla Firefox (latest version), Google Chrome (latest version)
macOS: Safari 5.0+, Mozilla Firefox (latest version), Google Chrome (latest version)

Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher

Internet connection

If you don’t use a Windows OS or macOS (ex. – Linux), you can just use Firefox or Chrome. If you don’t use any of those browsers and prefer to use a browser of your choice, you can test the FC site here and you’re able to view the site in different types of browsers which may include yours.

If you are viewing the site using a mobile device, you can probably use the default browsers already installed, but it’s still recommended you download the mobile version of Firefox or Chrome.

Once you go through all three, you can scroll down to the next section.

Click that shiny red button and it will take you to the next screen.

Membership Fee Payment

The FC offers two options for fee payment: PayPal and Stores JP credit. Since you don’t live in Japan, the Stores JP credit won’t really apply to you, plus you only use this if you don’t have a credit card. If you do have a credit card, you still have to use PayPal.

Just click on the PayPal link and process your payment. When you check your statement, you will see SLOW JAM PRODUCTION as the recipient. 12

There is probably going to be a transaction number or an order number of some sort. Keep this handy, as well as the date of your transaction and the name of the PayPal account that you used. 13 Once you’ve got all of them noted down, you can scroll down this same page for the next step.

Membership Form

Paying the membership fee is not the hard part. It’s filling out this membership form that’s going to give some people a bit of a headache for an obvious reason. You’re going to have to fill this form in Japanese text. Just keep reading.

Following down the screenshot of the membership form above, all of the fields are pretty much required. The two things that would make this difficult are:

  • Name: You have to write in most of the fields in Japanese text. That includes your name (both first and last name) in Katakana. 14 If you need help with the Japanese text, make a friend who knows Japanese or you can just contact me directly.

    When I joined the FC last year, my last name was required to go first, rather than the Western first name-last name format. In this case, you’ll use the last name-first name format.
  • Email Address: The email address you regularly use. Please don’t use a secondary/non-active email address, please.
  • Phone Number: A Japanese phone number. Just keep reading.
  • Postal Code/Prefecture/City/Street Address: The second hard part of this form is providing them a Japanese address. Because you don’t live in Japan, you still have to provide a Japanese address. You won’t have to worry much about this one because you only need this when you join. Everything after that will all be delivered digitally through email and other online means. You can use any one of the tips below:
    • If you know anyone who lives in Japan, ask them if you can use their address. Or, make a Japanese friend and ask the same thing.
    • You can use a college/university address from this directory. But again, the address is in Japanese. Just keep reading and I’ll break it down by using an example.
    • You can use the SJP address. It’s the same address when you send fan mail and gifts to your favorite member.

Dissecting the Japanese Address

For this example, I will be using the SJP address: 15


桜ヶ丘レシデンス#315 PARADOX内

The Western-style address is this:

Sakuragaoka Residence
Sakuragaoka-cho 29-24
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Phone Number: 03-6427-8708

Enter the phone number on the 電話番号 field: 03-6427-8708

For the Postal Code, Prefecture, City, and Street Address, this will be broken down like this. Just copy and paste to the following fields.

  • Postal Code: 150-0031
  • Prefecture: 東京都 (Tokyo)
  • City: 渋谷区 (Shibuya)
  • Street Address: 桜丘町29-24
    桜ヶ丘レシデンス#315 PARADOX内

    PARADOX #315
    Sakuragaoka Residence
    Sakuragaoka-cho 29-24

Finishing the rest of the form

  • Birthday: Enter your birthday. The format will be like this: Year/Month/Day. You can use any of the two formats:
    • Let’s use today’s date, for example, October 26, 2019.
    • Format 1: 2019年 10月 26日
    • Format 2: 2019/10/26
  • Desired user ID: Your username when you log in. They require alphanumeric characters with the minimum of 4 characters.
  • User ID password: Be sure you use a password that’s both secure and something you can remember or have in handy. If you have a password saver in your browser, add this to your password saver too. I recommend just write it down somewhere so you won’t lose it.
  • Transfer Name and Date: This is where you’re going to need your PayPal transaction info. Just add the sender’s name (if you’re using someone else’s PayPal account, otherwise, use your name if you own the PayPal account), transaction date (the date you paid the fee), and just to be safe, the transaction/order number if PayPal provides you with one. Otherwise, your name and your transaction date is fine.

Finally, press the Submit button and you’re good to go. You will be receiving an email from the MADKID FC confirming your admission and your payment. If it provides you some kind of link, just click on it, so you can confirm the site that this is your legit email address.

You can log in to the site and enjoy the goodies! Welcome to the MADKID FC! 🥰

Questions? Contact me when you run into troubles, or if you need some minimal translation help.

Some sidenotes...

  1. WordPress
  2. … and even provide you the Japanese text of the email you want to send to the staff…
  3. I will now refer to the fan club as “FC” now…
  4. Convert this fee to your local currency so you’ll know how much this is in your country’s currency. You can head over to XE to convert. As of this writing, the cost is $40-$41 USD.
  5. As of this writing (late October 2019), I still haven’t received my birthday video. Maybe it’ll be released at the end of the month, we’ll see.
  6. And you shouldn’t either. This is part of the membership terms and conditions and if you get caught, your membership will be terminated without any chance of re-joining again. More on this later.
  7. video blogs
  8. As of this writing, SHIN was the only one who posted his first vlog, and if you’re not a SHIN-bias Axcel, you haven’t missed much.
  9. To be honest, I don’t know how helpful this would be, but I guess this would be a lot more convenient to contact any particular FC member because not everyone is on SMS, especially Twitter or Instagram. That would be my guess…
  10. Unfortunately, they still don’t have SSL security on their site… and I’m worried, not just as an FC member, but also as a web dev.
  11. if you decide to use a Japanese friend’s/contact’s address… more on this later…
  12. If you’re new to MADKID, SLOW JAM PRODUCTION (SJP) is the management agency MADKID is signed under.
  13. For example, if you are underaged and you used your parent’s or some adult’s PayPal account, you’re going to need that person’s name too.
  14. My name is Adrianne. The Katakana text of my name is エイドリアン
  15. Or you can use this address instead of going to the trouble of asking for someone’s address…