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This guide was originally posted in J-Pop Amino focusing only on some of the few updates in joining the MADKID Fan Club process. Everything is now digital, meaning that global/outside Japan Axcels are now able to join the fan club much easier. This guide should give some guidance to everyone, especially those who know very little to no Japanese.

ORIGINAL POST: How to Join the MADKID Fan Club for Overseas Fans by Karu-chan (c. 2017)

Have you been an Axcel for quite a while now and want to take your fandom to the next level? You’ve come to the right section! 😊

As mentioned a few times throughout this site, MADKID has announced the new official fandom name of AXCEL 1 on June 7, 2018. 2 Because there have been some changes made in the fan club website and its membership system, it was time to touch base again with the guidelines and the process. That’s why I wrote this updated guide on J-Pop Amino earlier before establishing the AXCEL STYLE site.

Fan Club Fee and Goodies

For only 4300 a year,3 you get the following:

  • Digital membership card. You won’t have to worry about losing your membership card to attend fan club-only events and venues, but you would have to bookmark and memorize a particular URL only assigned to you.
  • MADKID TV. A series of periodical episodes that take you behind the scenes of their latest projects, events, shows, and even just random fun. This series is completely different from the MAD MUSIC series on LINE LIVE.
  • Birthday video. Once a month, you and the rest of your fellow fan club member Axcels will be receiving a birthday video from the guys with your name mentioned.
  • MADKID Magazine. Like the membership card, you will be also receiving the periodical magazine in digital e-book format, filled with eye-candy goodness and information you won’t find anywhere else in public.
  • Fan club-member only meetings, gatherings, and events. If you’re currently in Japan, keep an eye out for FC-only emails for these events. A few examples of these gatherings:
    • MADKID member’s birthday parties – for example, KAZUKI’s birthday is on 7/21. A few days before that date, there will be a birthdy party invitation for fan club members only.
    • Member solo events – for example, SHIN-derella Night, held back in April 2018, was a Shin solo live event in which some 30 lucky SHIN-derellas (Shin-biased fan club members) or anyone who want to attend will be drawn in a lottery raffle, and if picked, will have an invitation to attend for free. There are plans of having another solo member live event sometime this year, so check out the fan club site or the MADKID Twitter for more info.
  • Photo shoots – If you notice, MADKID Twitter and Instagram, as well as the members’ personal accounts, release plenty of photos of the group and sometimes solo photos of the members almost on a daily basis. What you’ll be seeing in the fan club module are a lot more of those but will never be released in public. 4 These are behind the scene/BTS photos, special event photos, and digital photo books of the group and/or a member.
  • Monthly freebies – these include digital photo books (as mentioned in the above item) and some other good stuff you’d never find anywhere else. 5
  • First come, first serve advantage – for major events coming up, fan club members get first priority, such as registering and purchasing tickets in advance for an upcoming concert, from One-Man live events to live tours.

I also included my friend Karu-chan’s original post 6 as the steps are more comprehensive. This guide will only focus on the updated parts.

While a lot still remains the same on the original post, the following below are the updates:

  1. Head over to the fan club website. You can take the time to explore around the site’s content before you join, as indicated by the English translations above. Once you’re ready, you can press the Signup red button.You’ll see this page below:
    The image above provides you with the terms and conditions. I’ll get to that later in this same post. Go ahead and click the red button.
  2. You will see the screen below next:

    The buttons you see there are your payment options: Credit Card (Paypal) magenta button and Store Credit blue button. You would want to click the magenta button obviously 😅

Once you see the form page, follow the instructions on Karu-chan’s original post as I linked above, but do note the following as you go through:

  • It is advisable to make friends with anyone who is proficient in Japanese. If you are part of the J-Pop Amino community, there are several Amino members here who know how to write names in Japanese, so you can ask around. I can help you out also, just contact me.
  • You do not need to enter the agency address. All you need is the postal code and the address fields will be populated automatically. If you want to use a different postal code other than Tokyo (as originally posted in Karu-chan’s post), you can refer to this public university list of all the postal codes in Japan.
  • Once you complete your form and submit your payment, that’s it. You do not need to email the MADKID fan club email your original address.
  • You will be receiving a confirmation email along with a unique URL that belongs to you ONLY. Everything including your membership card is all in digital format. DO NOT SHARE THIS URL AND DO NOT LOSE THIS EMAIL. When you happen to attend one of the fan club-only events, you will need this URL.

Quick Summary of the Terms & Conditions

  1. As mentioned above, do not share your URL to anyone. Your URL is also your personal membership card.
  2. All digital goods (fan club-only photos, movie clips, etc.) stays with you and that URL at all times. Please don’t share/distribute them or use them for graphics, etc. for your banners, memes, or websites. I know it’s tempting, but come on now. 😄 You paid for all of this, you know? Can’t have everything for free. 😏
  3. This is an automatic subscription system and it’ll automatically renew every year. If you wish to cancel, you can cancel it by going through your link. Ask your friends, fellow Amino members, or you can contact me for assistance if you need help with the Japanese.

Congratulations on becoming an official Axcel. May you speed your way to your dreams with MADKID! ❤🏎💨💨💨

Some sidenotes...

  1. … “accel”? Katakana spelling is アクセル.
  2. June 7, 2018 is a day to remember for me personally. The announcement of the official fandom name Axcel was declared and it is also the date that I finally became a “legit” MADKID Axcel by joining the official fan club. Most of all, it was also my dad’s 70th birthday.
  3. Check out to find the currency exchange cost equivalent to the membership fee. In USD (as of July 2018), this is around $37-$38 USD. Keep in mind also that this is an automatic subscription, meaning by the time your year ends, it will automatically charge you for your renewal.
  4. … and you shouldn’t either, it’s part of the terms & conditions…
  5. There already is one particular freebie that I was happy about, but I can’t really disclose it. Sorry!
  6. You all would wanna follow Karu-chan on Twitter. She’s the longest MADKID Axcel coming from the overseas— 3 years!