How’s it going, Axcels?  Happy Monday/Sunday to you all! ☀✌

As mentioned in the previous post, MADKID held the Final Mission event for the “Summer Time” MM6 promotion campaign at exactly 19:30 (7:30 p.m.) JST. Because of time zones, plus it’s Sunday and I slept the entire early night after arriving home from work, I stayed up and was working on an upcoming new guide here on AXCEL STYLE until the Twitter trending event began. I’m happy that some of my friends from around the world were also anticipating for this event and were having their Twitter accounts ready for an almost impossible task: Get #MADKID to trend under the Japan Trends during the 19:30 – 20:30 (7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.) JST hour, regardless of the trending ranking spot, as long as it appears on the Japan trends list.

While we continue on tweeting with the #MADKID hashtag, we were also watching the boys on LINE/LINE LIVE, whether you’re watching it on your LINE app, LINE LIVE app, or even on the browser. Here are some highlights that I wanted to point out the duration of the live stream:

  • MADKID members are driving Mario Karts… 🏎💨💨
  • … while the PRINCE and the SWAGGA-nista 1 get to sit in the back seat of an open jeep like kings… 2
  • If you’re a You-ta, Kazuki, or Lin-biased Axcel, you don’t get to see much of them in this live stream…
  • … because Shin and Yuki are kings are the ones who have the phone with Shin holding onto the selfie stick right at them and Yuki holding onto the sign cards reminding everyone who spot them to start trending #MADKID on their Twitter accounts.
  • Shin and Yuki reading a few comments here and there while they’re on the red light.
  • Shin greeting Korean tourists in Korean just passing by them. 3
  • Shin and You-ta greeting each other in English when they reach another red light. 4
  • Axcels in Shibuya who spot them on the streets will take a shot of them, post them on Twitter with the #MADKID hashtag. Those who do that will be entered in a random raffle, in which they will be receiving a (signed?) poster if picked. 5
  • Axcels and (probably) random fangirls screaming Shin’s and Yuki’s name at the sidewalks as they pass by because they’re kings while the two greet and wave at them in return.
  • At around 20:00 (8:00 p.m.), #MADKID has landed in the Japan Trends list at the 17th spot.
  • … now that #MADKID landed in the Japan trends list, the guys and Axcels now want to aim the top spot for the last 30 minutes.
  • Some fans who were watching through LINE LIVE began registering for a Twitter account. 6
  • Shin spotted more Korean tourists who actually did recognize them and introduced himself, Yuki, and MADKID in Korean. 7
  • Shin and Yuki started conversing in random Korean to each other after the short greetings. Yuki started screaming out in Korean up in the air. 8
  • Few minutes after the Korean scenario, #MADKID reached the Top 10.
  • More lucky Korean tourists! One of them complimented Shin’s cuteness in Japanese, and once they stopped at the red light, he and Yuki began conversing with them, but in Japanese this time (the tourists knew Japanese). Yuki asked if they listened to K-Pop and who their favorite artist/group was, he and Shin began singing a verse in Korean from that said artist/group. 9
  • During the last 15 minutes of the hour, #MADKID started to fluctuate between 7th place and 2nd place, back and forth.
  • At the end of the hour, #MADKID finally ended up in 2nd place:
    #MADKID 2nd Place


According to my dear friend, this isn’t the first time that MADKID had this kind of event (including the Mario Karts). However, this is also the first time that I’ve participated in a massive Twitter hashtag event of any kind. Even though I wasn’t present in Shibuya or just anywhere in Japan, I do hope that the next time they see this, that I’ll be present this time and find them on the streets when I can.

I also learned that MADKID will always end their release campaigns with something fun and awesome such as this. In addition to that, Shin and Yuki (on live stream) mentioned that seeing their hashtag reaching the 2nd spot in the Japan trending topics list is also the first time that’s happened. So, congratulations to MADKID and all of us Axcels who participated in the event that we succeeded in completing the Final Mission.

Missed out?

Not to worry. You can watch the replay here:

Random Extras

I wasn’t the only one who was excited to write about this awesome event on AXCEL STYLE. 😏

Some sidenotes...

  1. Shin and Yuki – the two Axcel/fan favorites of MADKID
  2. Shin also has a not-too-serious foot injury since mid-June, which probably may have an impact of him not being able to drive a Mario Kart, so it’d only make sense he’d sit at the back of an open jeep…
  3. Shin: “Annyeong!”
  4. Shin: “Hey! Hey, what’s up?” / You-ta: “Hey, what’s up? Having a good night?”
  5. MADKID Official Twitter will send the lucky winner a DM.
  6. Maybe they didn’t know what “trending” means and finally figured out that they need Twitter to do it…
  7. Shin: “A lot of Koreans in Shibuya today!”
  8. Yuki: “Mashisoyooooo~!!!” (“delicious” in Korean)
  9. Dang lucky Korean tourists…
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