MAD MUSIC #10 (July 2018)

For global Axcels, even though tuning in and participating in the monthly MAD MUSIC live stream show is an option, you may be missing out on some of the group’s moments, regardless of how small or big they may be. For instance, the boys went through two contests against each other instead of just one in the beginning, and of course, the most important part for all Axcels, Japan and abroad— major announcements of what’s to come for MADKID and for all Axcels near and far.

But, the best thing about streaming on LINE is that if you missed this episode (or all the other episodes before), you can always check out the MADKID LINE account and watch the archived replays. 😊

I’ll post up about MAD MUSIC at another time, but for this post, I’m going to cover their announcement: MM6 FINAL MISSION.

What is MM6?


MADKID MISSION 6 (MM6) is the official promotional campaign for the upcoming 2nd major single release “Summer Time” that was first introduced on May 1st, the day after the group’s fourth One-Man Live. 1  The MM6 campaign is a series of campaigning missions that the management and their record label, Nippon Columbia, have compiled to challenge MADKID and the Axcel Fandom in completing each of these missions with an incentive waiting for them (and us) as the rewards, as we count down to the release date of the single (7/4/2018).

For global Axcels, among the six missions mentioned above, we were able to participate in two of them:

  • MM6 MISSION 1 – Regional Dialect Promo Video RTs: Each member will have a short video promoting “Summer Time” in different regional dialects based on the region each member represents, in which they will be released at the same day as the “Summer Time” music video (5/23/2018). The promo videos need to have 5000 RTs total (1000 RTs per member/video) before 23:59 (11:59 p.m.) JST on 5/31/2018. The incentive reward: giant ads to be posted in select subway train stations throughout the entire nation.As you can see, we have succeeded in completing this mission and now on the MADKID Twitter, you see a lot of these ads posted…MADKID "Summer Time" train station billboard ad
  • MM6 MISSION 5 – 50,000 views: On the same day as the dialect promo videos, the “Summer Time” music video was also released on YouTube. The goal of this music video is to earn 50,000 views before 23:59 (11:59 p.m.) JST on 5/30/2018. You all know what this meant then: watch and re-watch and share with your friends and watch the video over and over again, it’s easier to just add it to your custom YouTube playlist and play it on a loop periodically in order to make your views count. The incentive reward for completing this mission is this below: me, this was the hardest campaigning that we had to do, and if we failed to reach 50K views before the deadline date (plus we only had a week to do this also), we wouldn’t be able to see the awesome “Forever Young” music video ever.

Earlier today on MAD MUSIC comes another surprise drop that should conclude MM6. Read on.

The Final Mission

MM6 Final Mission
Let me try to break this down…

This Sunday (7/8) at 19:30-20:30 (7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.) JST, there will be a “Where’s Waldo”-style event for an hour taking place somewhere in Shibuya, in which Axcels (living near that area) will have a chance to search for the members based on the clues that will be provided via live stream on their LINE LIVE 2 channel. If you are able to download the Japanese version of LINE LIVE (just like how we download Pococha), you have the option of downloading this. But all you really need is the LINE messenger app, which is available everywhere on the App Store or Google Play, and follow the MADKID LINE account by searching for it in your LINE app or scan the QR code below:

If you are not anywhere in the Shibuya area (obviously that would be us global Axcels and Japanese Axcels who don’t live near Shibuya), there is only one thing that we are asked to do: trend the Final Mission on Twitter using the hashtag #MADKID on that particular hour (19:30 – 20:30 (7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.)) in the Japan regional trending topics list. For many of us, this is optional, however, if you would like to participate, be sure to line up the hour with your time zone and you will need to do some set up on your Twitter.

Requirements to participate:

  • Twitter
  • The direct URL of the live stream from the MADKID LINE LIVE channel, which will be provided on Sunday.

How to change your Twitter trending topic region?

Depending on the device you plan on using your Twitter (desktop, iOS, Android), the specific instructions on how to change them are all in the Twitter Trending Topics FAQ. Follow the instructions there and change your default region to Japan. You don’t need to set this up today. You can wait until Sunday.

It’s suggested that we do this so at least we can keep track to make sure that #MADKID really is trending. It doesn’t have to be at the top list, but what matters the most is that #MADKID does land in the Japan trending topics list during the 19:30-20:30 JST hour.

What are the contents of the tweet while we try to trend #MADKID?

Even though it was not specified on what the content of the tweet should be, be sure that it follows Twitter Rules and that you are not using the #MADKID hashtag for something else that can cause Twitter to suspend your account. But from the looks of it, both the #MADKID hashtag and the LINE LIVE URL (will be provided Sunday, just keep an eye on the MADKID Twitter account) should be included in these tweets somewhere.

You can (probably) just tweet about what you love about MADKID, who your favorite member is, post a photo of your favorite member, etc., as long as #MADKID is included somewhere in there.

The incentive?

This is more of a “let’s finish this MM6 campaign with something fun!” type of mission. MADKID Twitter will randomly pick a few lucky Twitter accounts who helped trend #MADKID with a poster of one of the sleek train station billboard ads (probably signed too, who knows). What we don’t know is if global Axcels count on this random picking. We’ll just see what happens, but if we don’t count, don’t feel bad about it. The reward is more of you being able to participate and being able to help MADKID reach their goals even though you’re far away from Japan. I think this is a good ending to this major event chapter for MADKID, don’t you think?

What’s next after this?

The boys will be having plenty of live events and concerts to commemorate their second major single release, plus all other events not yet announced just yet. Be sure to follow MADKID Twitter for all the latest news and updates about MADKID and the members. 3

Also, don’t forget to follow the members’ individual accounts too. They’re all linked in the SLYKY Guide.

Thank you for reading and see you next time!

Some sidenotes...

  1. A one-man live is a small-scale standing-only concert, in which the featured artist/group is the only one present with occasional special guests. Let’s call it a mini-version of a full blown-out concert. For artists and groups that are just starting out, having a one-man live is a huge big deal for them and a huge step towards stardom in the mainstream scene. One-man lives are so small that there is no seating for the audience, as everyone remains standing throughout the duration of the show. As the fans increase, the group/artist will be “upgrading” from a one-man live to a real deal concert in a bigger venue.
  2. The Japanese version, not this other one… there’s two versions of this app, but are created by the same company.
  3. if you know Japanese, but if you don’t, follow them anyway. They could use the increain of followers. Or just keep an eye out on AXCEL STYLE too, as I would try to announce everything here as well.
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