On the day before this entry, I wrote a full post about the once in a lifetime (?) SWISH TOUR 2018 Autumn Edition live concert event that took place yesterday (JST), October 13, 2018. Because this is more of a recap than a review, everything will all be from my personal point of view, as this would be the very first SWISH Live event that I’ve ever watched, even if it was on the SHOWROOM livestream app. Unless I finally have a chance to go to Japan one day, just watching a major weekend live tour like SWISH on livestream would be the closest way for me to watch MADKID, a few other groups I listen closely, and new groups I recently discovered altogether.

Sadly on my end, I’ve had so much wifi issues and throughout all five hours 1 but I was able to go through each of the included acts with no problems. If this were on daytime on my side of the world, I would have been bopping my head here and there while cheering them on loudly all at once. But, I don’t live alone and my parents can be light sleepers, so I decided to scream out loud in the silence. I actually recorded most of the parts of the livestream (including MADKID’s act) so I can rewatch them for the recap report, but I will not upload them on YouTube for obvious reasons. 2

While I was watching, I was also taking some notes on the acts in order, and if I’m familiar with the songs, I would list them down also. But, for this recap, because there were a lot of groups participating in this event, I’m only focusing on MADKID and the members who were also part of the special collab groups specifically for the SWISH tour series.

Okay, let’s begin!

The Lineup Program

In order, the artists and groups who participated are the following:

  • OPENING ACT: DA Tokyo Dancers 3
  • BUZZ-ER.
  • IVVY
  • lol
  • FlowBack


You’ve seen my past posts about SWISH HEYLAS several times, and so, I’m going to talk about this collaboration group of rappers taking the stage, taking their mics, and spit out fire on a fresh, original track simply titled HEYLAS.

Their single act came right after WHITE JAM, which makes sense. HEYLAS was formed by WHITE JAM member SHIROSE, who also wrote and composed the song. Each member of the group spit out their own verses written with their own words, which make up the entire song. The song and the act was specific to that particular event, maybe there are hopes that they will have more acts together as a group on future SWISH tour lives.

In order, the rappers take their mics and take center stage:

  • JUDAI (FlowBack)
  • KENTO.i (IVVY)
  • Honoka (lol)

Just sometime later after the show, Yuki tweeted his lyrics from the HEYLAS track:

When I have time, I’ll rewrite this in romaji and probably translate it.

MADKID on stage

Our boys finally took the stage right after COLOR CREATION. MADKID was the tenth group (out of twelve groups) to give their voices, dances, and hype to the audience, near and far. Like the other groups, the boys performed five tracks:

  • Get Started
  • Going Around
  • Never Going Back

The boys wore their red, blue, and black attire from their Never Going Back period earlier this year and still delivered a powerhouse performance that would really lift spirits. It may be a very late night for me when they performed, 8 but this was definitely quite an exhilarating ride. I finally saw them live (well, on real-time livestream) before my eyes, especially with the three members whom I normally see completely chill on Pococha and 17 (Shin, Kazuki, and Yuki) going full force on work mode.

A special treat for me and many of us global Axcels who joined in was that we finally saw the dance performance to the Summer Time third track, OVERAGAIN. The song became one of my favorite songs so far and I got nothing else but praises and thanks to LIN for writing such a wonderful track. If only the SHOWROOM app would have an archives section that we can rewatch the show over and over again 9 and capture all our favorite moments for our own personal entertainment.

I want to see more, of course. I hoped that SWISH, and many other similar live tours like it, would do more livestreams such as this to delight fans around the world and those who live outside the area the venue took place at. 10

My thoughts

I live in the U.S., but I was born in Asia (Philippines). So in other words, this livestream of their SWISH live tour is a wonderful birthday present for me. Two things are happening for MADKID on my birthday (10/14): 3rd AXCEL MEETING and Shin’s Produce Live #2 with the theme of “Trust.” That can only mean one thing – Shin or any of the guys won’t be coming on livestream. 11 Ehem.

But, watching a livestream in real time and seeing MADKID and all these amazing groups and artists in the lineup has really convinced me that one of these days that I should attend at least one of their lives. It’d be so awesome if it was one of their one-man lives, but I heard it’s a lot easier to reach out and talk to them right after the show, since not everyone on the audience are Axcels, you know?

I still wait for the day I can finally meet MADKID in the flesh and not just them reading my words typed on the comments section. Once I finally get my life together 12, I’ll definitely have my chance.

On Friday (10/19), MADKID will have another live event: MAD MUSIC #12: Singing to the Sky acoustic event. Can’t wait to watch and listen to their voices on acoustic.

And that would be it for my recap. Till next time, Axcels!

Some sidenotes...

  1. The event began at 4:30 p.m. JST (12:30 a.m. PDT) and ended at 9:30 p.m. JST (5:30 a.m. PDT)
  2. I know J-Pop really well— they’re very careful and touchy with copyrights… plus I had plenty of audio issues too, so it’s not really worth showing it off in public…
  3. Dancers who are students from DA Tokyo, a renowned dance and acting vocational school. The dancers showcased their styles from lyrical jazz to lyrical hip-hop to your usual hard hip-hop styles.
  4. A young 7-member all-male dance and vocal group who is one of the rookie acts. One fun fact: exactly a year ago, MADKID was the opening act of one of the SWISH Tour events, and just barely making it into the wider public scene right after their major debut was announced.
  5. collaborative group of rappers representing the groups participating in today’s event.
  6. collaborative group of select vocalists representing groups participating in today’s event.
  7. collaborative group of main vocalists representing groups participating in today’s event.
  8. 4:00 a.m. PDT
  9. Come on, DeNA, if you added an archives feature on Pococha, why not SHOWROOM?
  10. In this case, it was in Shibuya, Tokyo.
  11. Shin is known to sing happy birthday to the fans and viewers who had birthdays on his livestream.
  12. still on a job hunt
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