Welcome, November! It’s almost the end of the year, and why not end it with a bang?

As we enter YOU-TA’s 30-something-day hiatus period as he recovers from his recent polyps removal surgery two weekends ago, the remaining four are taking strides to continue without their leader. One of these happens to be a prelude to their upcoming one-man live nationwide tour this coming December. That prelude is revealed in a digital-only format single sharing the same name as their tour, GIANT KILLING.

The single is now available for purchase and download in your favorite audio streaming services, such as iTunesApple Music, Google Play Music, and Spotify.

When we first heard of their newest single from last month’s MAD MUSIC, the members already gave us a hint that GIANT KILLING will be a “mashup remix” of two singles, I Don’t Care and Never going back. I have to say that upon hearing the teaser of the song, 1 the boys were not joking.

Just transitioning slowly from the smooth and relaxing period of Summer Time, fall is almost nearing its end and Winter will be creeping in soon. This can also mean that we need the hard push and the adrenaline rush that we need to stay warm and on fire to our daily lives or goals that we are about to enter and take the chance while opportunities are available. When the weather begins to cool, we need an accelerator 2 to battle the cold and keep us moving through all obstacles and reach for our goals.

The lyrics of GIANT KILLING is exactly what that is about.

The meaning behind “GIANT KILLING”

What do the words GIANT KILLING mean?

If you happen to be a native English speaker, we don’t normally put the words “giant” and “killing” together in the everyday spoken language. Let’s ignore the “killing” from the title for now and focus on the first word, “giant.”

Since revealing the end of the year one-man live tour back in the Summer, I pondered about the name of their tour, because “giant killing” can mean anything, whether if it was a direct meaning or a deeper meaning behind it. Along with the release of the single earlier today (in America), a short interview article of MADKID from Billboard Japan was also released. Other than the relatable chorus (which is mostly in English), it’s now clear what the message of this song is about.

I say it’s relatable because this is what we all face every single day. We always wanted to recluse ourselves in our comfort shells, comfort zones, comfort walls, whatever you may call it. Comfort shells, our very own spot for comfort and safety, are built with these invisible walls. We can’t always break through them because we don’t want to break through them. And as we continue having that same mindset, these walls continue to grow taller and larger, eventually becoming giant walls.

Then somewhere out there, we see a good opportunity for us to grasp and claim. However, each opportunity always has requirements in exchange for you to claim it as yours. Requirements such as experience, knowledge, solid backgrounds related to that opportunity, in which these can also be some of the materials that make up our personal walls. But what makes these walls continue to grow faster is our lack of confidence in ourselves.

And then, we see this opportunity that’s right outside our shell. We need to get to it. How can we do it? We break down our giant shell. We demolish our giant shell. We kill the giant shell.

Not only that the lyrics resonate in us, but it also resonates MADKID from Day One until today. The story is in that Billboard Japan article that I just linked. It will be translated and posted on the Letters @ AXCEL STYLE blog.

The sounds

As the members mentioned before, the song has a mashup remix feel of I Don’t Care and Never going back. In other words, this is going to be a very upbeat, high-adrenaline rush rhythmed track. As seen on the teaser tweeted by the MADKID staff, the song is what we all expected.

The echoing chorus of “Don’t be afraid and just take your chance now… take your chance now… no one can stop me…” pretty much sums up the entire message of the song. The message matches the high-energy uptempo beat. After all, it won’t do any good if you utter these words in a slow and normal tone because it doesn’t have its accelerator. Not only that those words echo and become a highlight of the song, but the fast rhythm itself is more than enough to push you out of your shell and break yourself out and grasp that opportunity waiting for you.

A personal tidbit about myself that I’d like to share right now: I want to be a better web developer (or a web engineer) that is focused and able to build things with clean, efficient code. The only way for me to reach my goal is to apply for a coding bootcamp. But, applying in a thorough bootcamp has its own requirements. Without GIANT KILLING playing in my head, I would still be hiding in my comfort shell. After hearing the song many times, it has become my personal anthem.

The song is about 3:30 long, so it’s not a very long song. However, the song itself isn’t just a prelude to their upcoming tour next month, but it has also become MADKID’s open testament to the Axcels and to everyone else. They’ve gone through several obstacles from the group’s formation and now they are a major mainstream artist. 2018 has become a huge year for MADKID, and they’ve only just begun.

This is it? Just the digital single?

If there was an accompanying MV 3 to this song, that would have been released first before the single itself.

There won’t be any CDs for this song either. That would also mean that you would have to play the song by your ear if you want to write down the lyrics.

Releasing a digital-only single can also mean one thing. They are aiming to build something a lot bigger 4 sometime early next year. GIANT KILLING is their testament song. For sure, I feel that they’re creating something a lot more huge than this single.

Once again, GIANT KILLING is now available for purchase and download from iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play Music, and Spotify.

Some sidenotes...

  1. Keep in mind that this is a digital-only single, so there won’t be any CDs or even MVs to be released for this song.
  2. accelerator… accel…. axcel… right?
  3. music video
  4. full-length album?!
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