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For the month of August, Lin and Hylen drop their fourth collaborated joint that goes by the name of Usotsuki. If you missed out on their previous releases, I wrote a review on all three of them. All three tracks are available on your favorite streaming platforms such as iTunes and Spotify.

This particular track is completely different from the previous three. A few of the differences are below:

  • They have a third collaborator who goes by the name of LIL’B of the hip-hop trio BCCNo.
  • The sound is a little bit more classic than the usual glitch-hop styles that we’re so used to hearing from a Lin & Hylen joint.
  • And tying from the latter, this is also the first song from a Lin & Hylen collab with that rather melancholic vibe to it.

If you are familiar with the Japanese language and know that the title song is translated as liar, then you can somewhat get the idea of what the song is about. The only thing that needed to determine is whether the song is an angry one or a melancholic one. Just by the somber guitar riff at the beginning of the song already implies to me that this will be a melancholic, heartbreaking song.

The somber theme was implied even more when we hear Lin singing his words, rather than his usual rapping. For long-time MADKID Axcels, the rap lineup is also responsible for writing, composing, and producing all of their tracks, meaning they can swap and take roles as vocalists. 1 Because Lin and Yuki are the ones behind the songwriting and composing all of MADKID’s tracks, it’s only given that they have to sing the notes written on the page. This could also be the reason why they have a guest rapper LIL’B to join in this particular joint. Lin was not going to rap in Usotsuki.

Not all of us appreciate liars. But then again, all of us have lied at many points that show how imperfect we are as humans. Sometimes we would have to commit a particular sin in order to do something good, but it can also backfire on those affected by these lies. The saddest part in meeting these lies are those coming from the ones who spoke of these lies. Sometimes, we discover the ones we see in front of us as lies, but the difference between the two is that the ones fed to us hurt the most than the ones we discover ourselves.

At the start of the song, you could hear a familiar modern rock-style strumming, which almost would make you think that this would be an alternative rock-style song. However, the beat starts playing and now it sounds like it’s your typical R&B/Hip-Hop track. Being a fan of the genre myself, guitar strumming is a common element in early R&B/Hip-hop from the late ’80s and all the way through the 2000s. Because of the repetitive notes on the strumming played out, it’s almost easy for any general music fan to judge that this would be an alternative rock-style track.

On the other hand, this is Lin and Hylen that we’re talking about here, and if you’ve been following the both of them (and their SoundCloud accounts), you should be familiar with their signature styles. Usotsuki is what you call a type of produced track that is really experimental for those familiar with them, and in some ways, I agree with this.

The only thing that I’m a bit critical of this song is LIL’B’s part of the song. In all honesty, I’m not a huge fan of excessive autotuning in today’s music as of late, and the song would’ve been a lot more effective if LIL’B’s part was given a chance to hear his voice naturally like in his other music videos. 2 I’ve gotten used to hearing autotuning in today’s music, if only used properly. Too much autotuning can (sometimes) lose the intended effect of the song to the average listener.

It’s really good and refreshing for Lin and Hylen to branch out of their comforting styles and introduce something new while still keeping their personal imprints in them. For some, the song can be an eye-opener (and I’m not referring to the lyrics here) that something modern created to sound classy still works. Personally, I really like this approach, though I can’t really say that it’s my favorite. In fact, I love all of Lin and Hylen’s tracks so far that it’s really difficult to pick a favorite. After all, with music, I change my favorites all the time.

Check out Usotsuki here. Be sure to purchase, download, add to your playlist, and when you have the time, share your thoughts about the song with both Lin and Hylen on Twitter. At the same time, let’s take a short moment to appreciate both Lin and Hylen as musicians and creators of music anyone can relate to.

It’s September now, and I look forward to their next release this month.

MADKID and Hylen
See that dude in the white shirt curled up and shadowed by a bunch of hot guys? That’s Hylen, by the way. (CREDS: Hylen’s Twitter)

Some sidenotes...

  1. Yuki can also sing.
  2. You can find them on YouTube. Check out “Ink Girl.”
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