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For the month of September, Lin and Hylen present a brand-new track: Palace.

… except, the single was released on all audio streaming platforms yesterday, October 5. Originally, this was supposed to be released back on September 29 (or 30?), but because of a delay 2, it was pushed back to the first weekend of October. I don’t think the release delay will affect the monthly flow that Lin and Hylen are going through with these tracks, so in the meantime, there’ll be another fresh single coming soon near the end of the month.

Palace is the second single that Lin and Hylen introduced another third collaborator. XYLOZ is an indie R&B pop duo consisting of vocalist China 3 and producer/DJ KOHD. After listening to a few of XYLOZ’s tracks on YouTube, I somewhat had an idea on how Palace was going to sound like. Their musicality would definitely be fitting for a Lin and Hylen joint, in my opinion, and the collaboration for Palace really worked well.

Lin usually would post the lyrics to his songs on his lyrics blog, but the one for Palace isn’t up (yet?). Until I see the lyrics, this review would be a little shorter than my Usotsuki review. 4 I guess you can say that I’m a bit old-fashioned when it comes to music, as distorted vocals due to autotune and other effects can make the melodic words blurred to the ears, so it’s easier for me to analyze the lyrics itself just by reading them.

Anyway, on with the quick review.

The first few seconds of the song already gave you the sultry vibe to this song. In short? It’s a slow jam ballad. My Japanese listening skills are still beginner level so it’s quite difficult for me to make up the words just by listening. On the other hand, that’s just how I am with songs in general regardless of the language. I still yet to read the written lyrics for me to understand.

Listening to China’s smooth vocals gives a nice touch to the melody, plus her voice becomes seductive while she raps. It does give a compliment and an “answer” to Lin’s rapping right after. But as you listen carefully, the song is more of China’s song rather than Lin’s, which makes this experimental in a way compared to the others. In other words, Usotsuki‘s LIL’B is more of a guest performer, while with Palace, Lin takes a back seat by letting China take over the main vocals.

But, I would say that this song is perfect to listen to when you’re “in the mood.” On the other hand, it still is a song well worth listening if you want to relax, kick back, and just enjoy the music in its pure form. My only small comment here is that it’s too short 😅 5 and that I only got to hear Lin ONCE on the song. (No offense to China-san of course, but maybe I’ve gotten used to hearing a lot of Lin in all his tracks after all. 😅)

That’s it for the review. I’m still waiting for the lyrics… if Lin plans on posting them. You can now purchase and download Palace in your favorite audio streaming service right here.

Till next time, Axcels and music lovers!

Some sidenotes...

  1. will update when Lin posts the lyrics to the song on his lyrics blog…
  2. probably bad weather conditions that can affect wifi/internet connections because of it, but it can also be something else…
  3. pronounced “chee-na.”
  4. As mentioned, the review will be updated when the lyrics are posted.
  5. NOTE: Lin & Hylen’s songs are a little over 3 minutes, but less than 4 minutes.
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