Among all the members of MADKID, LIN is the hardest to obtain a solo photo of himself. You would have to crop group photos of him or even search for any solo pics of himself from someone else’s Twitter or Instagram. 1 So, instead, I’m using a photo of him with YOU-TA and KAZUKI during their final episode of MADKID FROM TOKYO radio show.

And, in the interwebs, Lin is also the least sociable among the five, in case you still aren’t aware. Maybe you may think he just doesn’t have time to mingle with his fans, but if that’s what you have in mind, first, place yourself in his shoes and the position he holds within the group. Those 2 who know him well have given a few characteristics about himself:

  • He’s a very shy person in real life. Even during the fan handshakes and even the after-event video clips that MADKID Twitter would always post after the end of every single live event they perform, he is also the most soft-spoken. He would say a few words, but other than that, you won’t get to hear much of him speak.
  • “… but he’s one of the most badass rappers around, don’t you think rappers would be the most outspoken?” Not all rappers are outspoken, and I’m not just talking about him. I’m also talking about rappers in general including here in the U.S.
  • Not only that he’s a soft-spoken individual, but he’s also busy at work with what he does best— making melodies and composing all the dope tracks you’re hearing from MADKID so far.

But, this entry isn’t about Lin as a person. This is about the latest three tracks he released as of 2018 in collaboration with a close friend of his, track master and producer Hylen. While you’re at it, be sure to check and follow Lin’s SoundCloud too for all of his previous tracks for the last 3-4 years in the biz.

The duo began their collab back in May with their first single together, Incurability. They followed with another track, the sultry I Need You in June, and this month, just a few days ago, released Struggle.

These track projects are completely unrelated to MADKID as a group, but these solo projects also showcase Lin’s other abilities as an artist of all sides. Either way, both as a MADKID fan and an enthusiast of the R&B/Hip-hop/Rap genre, there was no way I was going to miss Lin’s pieces to my iTunes playlist.

Incurability (May 2018)

Lyrics: Incurability

The first track released by Lin and Hylen, with Lin being the performer 3 and Hylen the track master and producer. If you have been following Lin’s Twitter closely, most of his tweets involve a lot of music recommendations that he currently listens or that he discovered through his iTunes/Apple Music account. 4 A lot of them come from artists and composers from the underground and/or indie scene, not just in Japan, but from all around the world as well. He often tweeted and promoted Hylen and his SoundCloud account that, as a music lover, got me curious to check it out.

I grew up listening to R&B/Hip-Hop/Rap, and I’ve heard how today, a lot of subgenres emerged from this major genre, listening to all types of rap styles to beat styles to even Hip-Hop instrumentals. All of Hylen’s mixes and compositions are instrumentals, and at that time I actually imagined how a particular joint would sound like if he and Lin would make a collab together.

Incurability became the result of the duo’s first collab together, and just as I thought from before, I imagined how it would sound like the way I imagined in my head. I also listened to all of Lin’s sounds on his SoundCloud also, and as I imagined, the track has a lot of his influences in it, fused with Hylen’s production style.

Reading through the lyrics Lin wrote on his lyrics blog, this is more of an introduction track of himself and Hylen. No BS, no hatin’, just doing what they both love to do and they do it their own way. The way Lin chose the words for the English lyrics fused with Japanese is pretty much crystal clear to me what the message he was trying to convey to the listener. In a way, you don’t even have to know Japanese just to understand the message he was trying to spread.

The song is available in both their SoundCloud accounts. However, it’s ideal to search for them on iTunes, Spotify, or your other favorite music streaming platform listed here and purchase them. Let’s give our support to Lin and Hylen by purchasing the tracks.

I Need You (June 2018)

Lyrics: I Need You

The second track released by the duo gives a slightly sultry, subtly sexy, but overall romantic vibe. The song showed its complete contrast from Incurability, in which the badass can also become tender, sweet, and… you know, seductive. It was from this song that I started seeing Lin for the first time referring to the Lin-biased fangirls 5 as LIN-gals. Regardless of his shyness and his non-sociable persona, I think it’s really sweet that he does think of his (female) fans this way, as long as those said fans are not groupies. 6

I’m not really surprised with the lyrics, as most R&B/Rap tracks we’re hearing nowadays are very explicit and graphic in terms of… you know. The ’90s already had those types of lyrics, but they were very subtle and not obvious unlike the ones I’ve been hearing on the radio sometimes today. Lin’s take on a love track like I Need You reminded me of the subtle, not obvious, but still suggestive theme, just like the ’90s before, which is something I like.

Even though it’s rap, you can imagine yourself at a club slow dancing to this track with the one you love… or some stranger you just met and find yourself get attracted to. 😅 Check out I Need You in your favorite digital streaming platforms here.

Struggle (July 2018)

Lyrics: Struggle

Their latest joint, released yesterday, is Struggle.

Looking through the lyrics he wrote, the theme here is about having an inner conflict with yourself, why things happen, or just in general, why life sucks. The words are in no way negative or anything because each of us does find our own personal struggles as we question ourselves why things unexpected just happen or why things run the way they do. Every day is a struggle, no matter how small or how large the obstacle may be. The only solution you can do to end it is to seek a solution that only you can find.

I know some friends, mostly fellow bloggers, who have one thing in common: suffering some sort of mental illness or anxiety. A lot of their blog entries deal a lot with self-struggles or simply explaining themselves how people in general just don’t understand the things they go through. I have to admit that there are certain aspects of mental illness and anxiety that I still don’t understand, but I do try to take the time and understand. Whenever I read these types of posts, whether if it’s in their blogs or even on their Facebook walls 7, I tend to stay away from them, not because I’m not interested or annoyed, but because of the lack of knowledge that I avoid commenting something stupid or insulting, even if they weren’t intended to be.

The message behind Struggle kind of reminds me of these posts, but only a bit different.

You can check out the joint yourself by downloading and purchasing it in any of the available streaming platforms listed here.


I’m really digging all of Lin and Hylen’s joints. They’re serious bops! Now I’m imagining MADKID’s future tracks sounding so dope as the above three. It already began, somewhat, with the third track in the Summer Time single release, OVERAGAIN. 8 I also like how Lin and Hylen experiment on various styles that can make up the next awesome jam right after the other.

So, once again, be sure you follow their Twitter accounts and their SoundCloud accounts for the latest news and updates about their next joint project. Looking forward to their August joint, should they ever release one. 👍

Some sidenotes...

  1. MADKID Twitter and (probably) Twitter accounts of people who worked with him or the group…
  2. fellow members, close friends, and others who worked with him in the industry…
  3. I’m not just gonna say “rapper” because Lin can sing as well…
  4. I don’t want to assume if he has Apple Music or not…
  5. They’re not necessarily Axcels, but it won’t be a surprise if many of the LIN-gals are indeed Axcels.
  6. I’m surprised that a lot of (American) Axcels and fans don’t know what the term groupie means. But err… just look it up yourself in the Urban Dictionary or something…
  7. Thank goodness no one does that on Twitter…
  8. Lin wrote and composed the entire track, with Yuki providing the lyrics for his own part.
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