Some sidenotes...

  1. Thanks to the anime The Rising of the Shield Hero/Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari.
  2. Sing for You (bonus track from their CIRCUS album) was composed by their fellow agency artist, songwriter Yumemi Ikeda.
  3. namely boy group NONAME (their debut single was composed by LIN) and sister group GeeSLY (their debut single was composed by YUKI).
  4. For safety/security reasons, of course.
  5. Goth Lolita, gyaru, etc.
  6. wigs and dyes
  7. Anime music and soundtracks.
  8. Doraemon, Anpanman, Sazae-san, etc.
  9. Although it be an honor if they do consider me as one…
  10. Except LIN, because he comes on at the times I’m not available – my work hours.
  11. namely KAZUKI, SHIN, and YUKI
  12. Sometimes, SHIN can get a bit “intimate” with the fan, by asking that fan a few curious personal questions (not too personal though). For example, he knows my birthday, he knows what I do for a living, he also knows my baby nephew’s name too…
  13. except LIN