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The Origin of MADKID

The group’s name MADKID stands for those, particularly the young, who want to defy or resist the norms. Many people, conservatives if we have to call them, often see those who want to be different and those who want changes to the “ages-old” trends and the familiar norms in lifestyles and society as being liberal and as being rebels, in which they can be also be seen as those who are under bad influence. However, on the side of the liberated rebels, they want to see changes and defy the norms for a better reason. It always happens in real life, where those who are so used to the ways everyone lives see everything that’s different or unorthodox as something negative.

The term that the Japanese use to call these young rebels as warugaki, 1 or “bad kid,” “bratty kid,” or a bit more insane “mad kid.” If you look at the five-member unit and have been familiar with the J-Pop industry long enough, they are unlike any other male dance and vocal group, idol groups, or anything similar. It’s not because of the colored hair or the flashy fashion or the number of accessories they don, but the music they produce and perform, at least to J-Pop standards, is quite out of the ordinary.

Rebels on the outside, humble and kind on the inside. That is who MADKID is.

What… or who… is SLYKY?

SLYKY 2 is the five-member character mascot unit created and illustrated by YUKI. This five-member “baby” unit is the official mascot of MADKID. The character designs represent the meaning behind the name MADKID: babies with pacifiers donning outfits you most definitely not going to see with most children you’d see down the street.

In every concert goods they release, you’ll always see these five in different outfits. The image you see above is the Never going back (Jan. 2018) version of SLYKY.

The name SLYKY also came from the first initial of each member’s first name. Here it is as follows:

  • SHIN
  • LIN
  • YOU-TA
  • YUKI

Not only that SLYKY is just the group’s mascot unit, but it is also the official order of the member’s placement. For instance, in every group photo you’ll see from their CD covers to live event shots, the members will always stand next to each other in this exact SLYKY order… usually.

A few examples below…

Now that we’ve got out of the way, you can make a guess what this section is all about.

The catchphrase is “PLAY WITH ME!” 3

MADKID with arms raised

Welcome to the SLYKY section, where this entire section will be all about the members as individuals and the roles they play that make MADKID the badass awesome group that they are today. Some of the information mentioned below are not mentioned in their official site as part of their vital profiles, however, many of the details about them were all given through various sources including their official LINE Blog and their personal social media accounts.

Please use this as a guide for you to learn more a bit about the members.


SHIN and a friend's friendStreamer? LINE LIVE 4

  • DOB: October 2, 1993
  • POB: Miyazaki Prefecture
  • Position: Vocalist5


SHIN was first exposed to performing arts when began dancing since his toddler days. 6 After going through a heartbreaking family tragedy years ago, he found his inspiration from watching one of his sister’s videos of her favorite (J-Pop) idol groups that he decided to pursue the (J-Pop) music industry to share his smiles, charms, and talent to the masses. One of his hopes as an artist is to spread happiness and motivation to the masses through his smiles and influence everyone to strive their best in life.

He was in a number of previous units, most notably in a trio called Original Quest. He became a soloist for several months right after. It was during his budding solo career that he was approached by YOU-TA and invited him to join MADKID. About a year later, SHIN officially joined MADKID and is now happy and content with where he is today. He believes that life can become fulfilling and treasured if you focus more on the present and with the things you have right now, rather than dwelling on the painful past and worry about the things you don’t have or no longer have.

Although he is an accomplished vocalist, he is more well-known and noted for his very sharp, intricate, and powerful dances on stage. But whatever he does on stage, singing, dancing, bringing smiles to the audience, that is where his true passion lies. Never let his fresh, youthful, androgynous baby face fool you. The outside is only the icing of the cake. He can do a 360 turn smoothly once he steps on stage from sweet to sexy to seductive to badass. His interior from personality, drive, and wisdom is what defines him the most. It’s because of his interior that earned him the title of “Everybody’s PRINCE CHARMING” by his fellow members, his staff, and his fans.

Off the Stage

Off the stage and behind the scenes, SHIN is your everyday boy-next-door kind of guy. He is described as a naturally kindhearted and very sweet person who appreciates everything that he has and the things he receives, no matter how small or big they may be. He also treats his fans as if they were his closest friends and at times, his own influencers into becoming a better person and a better performer. He has his own quirks and imperfections, but that’s what makes him a lot more lovable. He doesn’t hesitate to pry on some fans when they have troubles and see if he can help in any way, even if it’s just with words of advice or simply lending an ear. 7 His fan service can be off the charts and seem very natural as if they weren’t really intentional in the first place. He knows his smile and his humility are his strongest points and can easily win the hearts of everyone naturally.

A few more bits of him…

  • Aliases: Shin-chan, Shin-kun, Ouji-sama, 8 Shin-Oujisama 9
  • He has two sisters with him being the oldest. 10
  • He calls his fangirls Cinderellas. 11
  • A self-proclaimed purveyor of bubble/boba teas. He is a die-hard Gong Cha enthusiast among all the bubble teas he’s consumed. There are other bubble tea shops out there in Japan and outside, but his undying love for Gong Cha is never ending.
  • Besides delving into music and be in his own euphoric world, he also likes to get himself lost in a fictional world by reading novels or watch American/Hollywood movies on Hulu.
  • He enjoys visiting art museums and other museums in general.
  • (Un)official ambassador of Miyazaki Prefecture. His love for his hometown will make you love his hometown too.
  • Music is his life. He loves listening to American/Western Pop, (some) K-Pop, and (some) J-Pop. Music suggestions are always open.
  • He is NOT diabetic-friendly… if you know what I mean. 12
  • He can don all characters and concepts and fans won’t believe that they’re all the same person.
  • He is one of the two members 13 who does occasional modeling for a number of clothing brands. He is currently a model for the newly-established Jamie AnK upscale Harajuku fashion clothing brand.

On social media

  • He is always on social media (Twitter and Instagram) every day. Even when he’s not going to tweet or post a new photo on Instagram on that day, you’ll know when he’s active when you take the time to say hi to him by tweeting him or replying to one of his tweets or posts. 😉 14
  • Among the members, he has the most number of selfies and solo shots. If you search for “MADKID member solo pics,” he will pop up on the search results the most. If SHIN is your bias among MADKID, you won’t have trouble finding pics of him, as he posts them in all of his social media channels and in every blog post he writes on LINE Blog, he’ll always have a selfie or a solo shot of himself in the beginning. 15
  • Be careful when you tag him about something unrelated or something that’s supposed to be a joke. He actually reads all of your tweets and posts, sometimes in a matter of seconds after you post them.
  • He uses LINE LIVE 16 as his livestreaming platform. You will have to follow his Twitter because he will let everyone know when he’ll come on.
  • When he does his livestreams, he reads everyone’s comments one by one. 17 Your patience is required.
  • If you can’t speak/write Japanese, English 18 is okay. He’s had a few Korean and Chinese fans who come online too and does his best to respond in basic Korean and Mandarin when he can. If he doesn’t understand what you’re trying to say in English, he’ll let you know if he doesn’t understand instead of ignoring you and move on to the next comment.
  • In addition to the item above, he (along with every other Japanese out there) can tell if you’re a foreigner or not with the way you comment in Japanese. 19 He’s not even going to tell you that he knows you’re a foreigner, but he will reply to you in whatever English he knows as a sign that he knows.
  • You can ask him anything except for the very personal ones or any work-related subjects that they’re not allowed to announce yet. 20
  • Please be courteous and respectful to him and to the other fans joining in. The last thing you want to do is to show your impatience and unruly behavior and annoying the rest of the party (including the host SHIN himself), therefore embarrassing yourself.
  • Never ask him when he’s coming on livestreams because of the nature of his work and he also needs some time to himself and his life outside social media. He’ll tweet everyone when he’ll be coming on.



Streamer? Instagram Live 21

  • DOB: April 12, 1994
  • POB: Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Position: Rapper 22


During childhood, LIN was a child stage actor, which gave him exposure to the entertainment business. He eventually got himself exposed to music and became particularly interested in the Urban R&B/Hip-Hop genre. He became interested in songwriting, composing, and producing, and eventually, he found his hidden talent in beats-rhyming. 23

He is also a person of very little words and unlike the rest of the group, has the least public exposure in social media. In short, he is the only member with the least amount of selfies or solo shots of himself. He doesn’t see himself as the “idol” type of artist unlike many of the more popular J-Pop male artists and groups and doesn’t want to be treated as one. Those who became fans appreciate more of his work and the tracks and projects he’s created, and enjoy his track making process and sharing samples of his current tracks when he goes on livestreams on Instagram. He leaves the fan servicing, the visuals, and the intimate interactions to the other four of the group.

Besides MADKID, LIN also composes for other groups 24 and also has a side solo project with his friend and fellow DJ and trackmaster, Hylen. You can check out more of his work on his SoundCloud account and you can find his side solo project tracks under then name LIN & Hylen or Hylen & LIN.

Off the Stage

Earning the role of The MASTERMIND of MADKID, that’s exactly what he is off the stage. Besides the occasional group photos, the only thing you’ll hear of him is that he would be somewhere in the shadows at work with the songs, writing rap lyrics, or even attend underground rap battle shows doing his own battling. Some say that he’s antisocial or a loner because no one 25 really knows who he is as a person. In fact, he doesn’t want anyone else ouside the biz to know who he is as a person and he just prefers his privacy untouched. Even on the group photos that he likes to hide behind SHIN or YOU-TA or simply covers his face. It’s just a part of who he is, maybe.

A few more bits of him…

  • Aliases: L-BOY, 26 LIN Froggy Boy 27
  • He is a proud big bro to two cuddly toy pups, Ranmaru and Maron. He would often post photos of his two little babies on his Twitter.
  • I’ve read or heard somewhere that he is the middle child. I don’t know if he has an older brother or an older sister, but I do know that he has a younger brother.
  • He calls his fangirls LIN Gals.
  • The only member of MADKID who sports tattoos: one on his neck, one per arm, and others on his body.
  • Ramen is his joint… and he’s got other joints as well. 28
  • Among the group, he is the otaku. He loves anime, manga, and idol video games such as Love Live. 29
  • Music is his life. Music suggestions are always open.
  • If he were mingling with fans and new people, he prefers talking about anything in general except for himself or his personal life. Let’s all just respect that.

On social media

  • He is often on Twitter, tweeting about random things besides MADKID, his music, side projects, or even replies to the people close to him from his brother to the people he worked with.
  • Contrary to his “behind the shadows” personality, he livestreams almost everyday on Instagram Live. The only thing is, he would normally not show himself and instead, encourages fans and those who came to his stream to listen to his samples instead.
  • He is known to be some kind of an insomniac, so if you live somewhere in Asia or if you live in the other side of the world, in this case, North and South America, it would be difficult to catch him. He comes online on weekdays at the strangest times where there are less (Japanese) fans awake at that hour and less (North/South American) fans because of work and school.
  • He is not very known to sugarcoat. If he’s annoyed, he will tell you straight out. If you’re a foreigner and you annoyed the heck out of him, he’ll curse you out in Japanese. Brutal, but in some ways justifiable.
  • If you can’t speak/write Japanese, English 30 is okay. But don’t expect him to read every single comment, as he would be reading some comments at random.
  • Please be courteous and respectful to him and to the other fans joining in. The last thing you want to do is to show your impatience and unruly behavior and annoying the rest of the party, therefore embarrassing yourself.
  • Never ask him when he’s coming on Instagram Live because of the nature of his work and he also needs some time to himself and his life outside social media. He’ll come on when he’ll come on.
  • If you noticed, he set up both his Twitter and Instagram account in private when it comes to image/photo tagging. The only image he’d like to be tagged are fanart, but everything else including MADKID group pictures, don’t bother. You won’t be able to tag him anyway.


YOU-TA and his boy, Komugi

Streamer? Instagram Live 31

  • DOB: June 15, 1993
  • POB: Chiba Prefecture
  • Position: Leader/Main vocalist


YOU-TA’S signature red hair isn’t just a fad he’s been holding on to for the last three years. 32 The red simply signifies who he is as an individual and the determined leader of MADKID. He is the type of leader with the in your face attitude and once he sets his eyes on something, he does not hesitate to reach for that something by all means. He may have that tendency, you can see it through his fiery eyes, but behind all that is your humble man with big dreams to fulfill.

Originally aiming for a pro baseball career after high school, his first attempt at singing karaoke touched the hearts of some of his friends that made him switch his paths to a career in the music biz. His melodious, thick, and deep voice not only captures the eyes and ears of music lovers, but also inspires those who are in their down times soulfully.

Though he is not one of the original founders of MADKID, 33 but the replacement of their original founder/leader, he made sure that he leads MADKID to the right direction from being small-time Shibuya indies scene performers to being a notable mainstream J-Pop dance and vocal group. So far, 34 he has lead MADKID to becoming one of the most hyped J-Pop groups by introducing two opening themes to the hit anime series The Rising of the Shield Hero. His next goal is to set MADKID on a higher level by invading the worlds outside their country with their music, dance, and their overall charm for their all-ages growing Axcel Fam.

Off the Stage

He is always at work, searching around possible opportunities for MADKID to tackle the challenge and conquering them. He is in charge of assisting the management of the group, making connections with the big whigs within the biz, and also oversees production of their work in progress. He may have that in your face attitude, but overall he has a gentle and down to earth soul to those who meet him.

A few more bits of him…

  • Aliases: Leader, President YOU-TA
  • He is a proud big bro to a toy pup named Komugi. 35 At times, he and LIN would hang out together at a dog park and let their baby boys play together out in the field.
  • He has an older sister whom he loves to brag and a niece whom he also loves to brag on social media.
  • He is one of the members who are often mistaken for being Korean, primarily because of the red hair. He even explained on his Twitter that he doesn’t even listen to K-Pop or even pay attention to K-Pop idols and artists.
  • He loves any yellow-colored characters: Minions and Spongebob Squarepants, most notably.
  • He may probably be one of the most random people you’ll ever meet online. He has a habit of hanging out in Instagram and finding and liking the most random photos, which in turn may surprise a number of IG users who are both J-Pop and/or K-Pop fans.
  • Early 2019, he opened his own Twitch account and recorded all his Let’s Play videos of Resident Evil 2 Remake on the PS4. He hasn’t been playing for a while now, so you probably won’t see much on his Twitch at the moment.
  • In September 2019, after traveling out to three countries for the first time, 36 he started his new travel vlog series. 37 His first travel vlog was about his trip to Thailand.

On social media

  • He will only become active on Twitter and Instagram at the most random times. In short, he’s not always on his social media often.
  • When he does become active on Twitter and Instagram, he has a habit of posting random memes that has nothing to do with MADKID or any of their MADKID-related activities. Of course, he does tweet/post about their related activities, but because he comes on at random times, he will also tweet/post anything at random also.
  • He also comes on Instagram Live at the most random times also. Lately, he has been streaming in the dark when he’s driving in his vehicle heading off somewhere during late-night hours. Most of the time, it’s the gym for his late-night workouts.
  • If you can’t speak/write Japanese, English 38 is okay. He has mentioned a few times on his social media channels that he has been studying conversational English for months so this may help him in a way. But don’t expect him to read every single comment, as he would be reading some comments at random. In fact, he doesn’t read that much fan comments at all.
  • When he has time, he also does Let’s Play video game livestreams on Twitch. If you’re a gamer or a fan of Let’s Play livestreams and videos, you can stop by and watch him play. 39
  • Please be courteous and respectful to him and to the other fans joining in. The last thing you want to do is to show your impatience and unruly behavior and annoying the rest of the party, therefore embarrassing yourself.
  • Never ask him when he’s coming on Instagram Live because of the nature of his work and he also needs some time to himself and his life outside social media. He’ll come on when he’ll come on.


KAZUKI and Vacuum Cleaner

Streamer? 17 LiveAF 40

  • DOB: July 21, 1994
  • POB: Saitama Prefecture
  • Position: Vocalist41



KAZUKI was born to a family of musicians and stage actors, which is why performing and entertaining in front of an audience with anything is in his DNA. He began learning how to play piano during childhood and also began participating in stage acting in the coming years. In turn, he discovered the beauty of music and decided to concentrate more on the music. Along with his natural performing abilities, he also gained a high reputation of being an effective spokesperson and an engaging communicator that catches everyone’s attention spot on.

Some say that he talks way too much that he was finally offered a chance to be a part-time YouTuber with his own YouTube talk show Tanabe-Ya on the official Nippon Columbia channel. You can check out all of the episodes so far on the AXCEL STYLE YouTube Channel’s playlist here. Still, even though he finally has his own talk show that all he does is talk and include fun segments, he’s always backed up with the best people he’s ever chosen to co-host his show. 42

He is one of the reasons why a new Axcel can’t just be a solo member stan, so to speak. He adds the flavor of MADKID’s entertainment value that attracts many new Axcels far and wide. His sometimes questionable randomness and humor can make anyone curious that this small factor also helps in building his own solo fanbase, but he is one of the strongest members who can bring everyone together with the group, laughing, having fun, and just chill.

Off the Stage

He is probably the quirkiest member you’ll ever meet, and everyone, including himself, knows that. But who cares about his questionable quirkiness, right? Every dance and vocal unit needs someone like him, right? MADKID may be the type of unit who goes against the “norms” of J-Pop, but Kazuki makes their unit a bit more family-friendly. He is also usually one of the people who likes to update and inform Axcels of anything involving social media including their usual livestreaming. Like the rest of the members, he also contributes to the entertainment factors of MADKID, sometimes aiding LIN and YUKI with the songwriting, but mostly, presenting themselves during their talk breaks at a live performance, engaging the audience into the chit-chatting.

However, it’s a different story when it comes to social media. Like YOU-TA, he will be active on Twitter at the most random times, doing the same thing: RTing upcoming events or RTing some weird memes and random tweets that some may wonder “What on earth is he tweeting about?” But, randomness is just a part of his charm.

A few more bits of him…

  • Aliases: KazuKING, The KING 43
  • He has an older sister whom he loves to brag and a nephew whom he loves to play with. He is the first member of MADKID to become an uncle.
  • The only member of MADKID who does not have any piercings. 44 That thing he was wearing on his ear for his Never going back getup is a clip-on earring.
  • He is a huge fanboy of home appliances, most notably Dyson vacuum cleaners. 45 He can take on a side gig as a home appliance salesman if he wanted to.
  • Huge fanboy of TVXQ since his youth till today. He sometimes would perform covers of TVXQ’s Japanese releases and attends their concerts (including solo concerts of former members).
  • He is known among MADKID, staff, and (Japanese) Axcels as the only member with the worst English ability. In the past MAD MUSIC LINE LIVE episodes and just in public events in general, the members would often clown him for his lack of basic English aptitude. Even the general Japanese Axcel base, who aren’t any better in English themselves, even know that Kazuki can’t do English to save his life.
  • He is The Resident YouTuber of MADKID. His ongoing YouTube talk show Tanabe-Ya 46 gave him a start on video creation and editing. Because of busy schedules, he hasn’t aired any new episodes as of late. Utilizing with equipment and his smartphone, he had been creating a lot more videos and vlogs and posts them on his Twitter and on his Instagram/IGTV. On September 20, 2019, he made an experimental blog post on their official LINE BLOG by posting a vlog of himself talking about what he was supposed to write for that day’s blog post.

On social media

  • He will only become active on Twitter and Instagram at the most random times. In short, he’s not always on his social media often.
  • When he does become active on Twitter and Instagram, he has a habit of posting random memes that has nothing to do with MADKID or any of their MADKID-related activities. Of course, he does tweet/post about their related activities, but because he comes on at random times, he will also tweet/post anything at random also.
  • He and the rest of MADKID (except Lin) began their livestreaming on 17 LiveAF early last year, but Kazuki is the only one who remained on 17 to do his livestreams. In turn, his 17 livestreams became popular within the 17 community that he gained his own solo fanbase as a livestreamer, rather than a member of MADKID. He was also awarded as one of the Top 100 17 Streamers 47 late of last year for turning his own livestreaming into a live entertainment show, 48 rather than just a straight-up Q&A session with Axcels.
  • If you can’t speak/write Japanese and would like to get to know him, pray that there is someone among the audience who knows English to translate for you. Besides the very basics of “hello,” “how are you,” “long time no see,” “thank you,” and “goodnight,” the only other English that he knows is “First to the egg!” 49
  • Please be courteous and respectful to him and to the other fans joining in. The last thing you want to do is to show your impatience and unruly behavior and annoying the rest of the party, therefore embarrassing yourself.
  • Never ask him when he’s coming on 17 LiveAF because of the nature of his work and he also needs some time to himself and his life outside social media. He’ll come on when he’ll come on.


Streamer? Instagram Live 50

  • DOB: July 27, 1994
  • POB: Tokyo
  • Position: Rapper51


SWAG + Fashionista = SWAGGANISTA. It’s how many Axcels describe YUKI overall as an individual and as a member of MADKID.

He began his interest in dance as a middle school student when he first laid his eyes on the legendary King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, perform his thing on TV. Along with Michael Jackson comes his love for R&B and Hip-Hop. Along with R&B and Hip-Hop comes his hidden niche and love for spitting rhymes. The rest is history.

He and LIN met at a dance workshop and discovered that both have a deep love of music, songwriting, composing, and most of all, rapping. It was then that YUKI became part of MADKID during their earlier days. Ever since the beginning, he has served not only another vital part of MADKID musical-wise, but also became the visual of the group that can easily attract many to them. 52

Besides spitting fire in his rapping, he is also known for his eclectically high end street fashion style. He does not hesitate to stand out from the group (or the crowd for the matter) and is not afraid to strut out what he’s got because he knows he’s got it. Naturally, he has his own “lookbook” account to show off his various styles and is also one of the two members 53 who does occasional modeling. Currently, he is a model for one of Japan’s top high-end streetwear brands, Hysteric Glamour.

Another thing to note about YUKI isn’t just his rapping, but also his dancing. While SHIN is known for his passionately powerful dancing, YUKI is known for his seductively alluring dance. 54 His tall height and his slender figure truly defines his presence on stage.

With the right amount of swag and his fashion coordination skills enhancing his musicality and his rhyming skills, he is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Off the Stage

Behind all that high-end exterior is your normal, average guy with his own brand of quirks. Maybe he’s not as quirky as KAZUKI, but his abilities of mimicking and imitating different characters and real-life public figures is one of his charm to make people laugh. On the MADKID LINE Blog, he seems to be the one who writes the longest blog posts, simply because he loves to share what he truly loves to Axcels and everyone: music. Because of this, he can even take an occasional side hobby as a blogger and an influencer of pretty much everything, from fashion to music to even some bits of history researching from Japanese history to world history and other different tropes not quite common in Japan.

Along with SHIN, YUKI is very active on Twitter. He likes to ego-surf, stalk some peeps who mention MADKID, himself, or any of the other members, and reward them with likes. He even ends up liking auto-notifications from other platforms like YouTube. If you’re lucky, sometimes he would reply to fan tweets as well.

A few more bits of him…

  • Aliases: 2D 55
  • He has a younger sister, but that’s all we know so far about his family.
  • Michael Jackson is his ultimate role model that got him inspired to enter the music industry and even till today, credits him for his past and current successes in the biz.
  • Many of the global (and probably Japanese) K-Pop fans become Axcels because of him. Many of them also choose him as their bias. It’s mainly because he reminds them of (insert K-Pop idol’s name here), 56 but you all be the judge. He’s gotten compared to so many K-Pop idols that one time, he even made a list of all the K-Pop idol names he is often compared to for his own personal records.
  • … which in turn, also helps him discover some K-Pop artists and groups he hasn’t discovered or heard before. Among the MADKID members, he is also the ultimate K-Pop fanboy, who not only talks about the music and the members of notable K-Pop groups, but sometimes he also talks about the latest K-Pop gossip on his livestreams.
  • During their pre-debut period, YUKI and SHIN used to create dance covers of a number of K-Pop songs from iKON, Big Bang, to BTS. Wouldn’t it be nice to see them do dance covers again?

On social media

  • He, along with SHIN, is active on both Twitter and Instagram. The only difference is that he also takes the time to visit IG posts he was tagged with and also give them likes. 57
  • Lately on his livestreams (formerly 17 LiveAF, currently Instagram Live), he had been sharing his work-in-progress projects, mainly doing his own Japanese covers of certain songs. Before, he also made a livestream of him practicing some of his dance moves, namely, his signature aerial spin kick you’d normally seen in some MADKID singles. 58
  • If you can’t speak/write Japanese and would like to get to know him, you’re good. He’s very well-versed with the English language.
  • Please be courteous and respectful to him and to the other fans joining in. The last thing you want to do is to show your impatience and unruly behavior and annoying the rest of the party, therefore embarrassing yourself.
  • Never ask him when he’s coming on Instagram Live because of the nature of his work and he also needs some time to himself and his life outside social media. He’ll come on when he’ll come on.


  • The members’ official Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • The members’ livestream sessions.
  • FC-only e-magazines containing some background and history of MADKID.
  • Fellow Axcels who have been Axcels before the AXCEL name was even established. 59

Some sidenotes...

  1. 悪ガキ
  2. pronounced “sly-key”
  3. 合い言葉は「PLAY WITH ME!」
  4. Follow the instructions here to download the Japanese version of LINE LIVE. The logo and overall interface should have green schemes.
  5. He also takes the “main dancer” position, but he doesn’t consider that as a position, so we’ll just stick to vocalist.
  6. Age 3.
  7. … or eyes on his livestreams.
  8. His Royal Highness The Prince
  9. His Royal Highness Prince Shin
  10. One living nearby, one living up in the sky.
  11. Pronounced “SHIN-derella.” It kind of makes sense, since he’s Prince Charming. I think it’s really cute. Get it?
  12. In short, he is naturally sweet. Sometimes, he’s a little too sweet, so sweet that sometimes your own personal sugar level just can’t take his overloading sweetness. He’ll win your heart in a short time even if he isn’t your bias member of MADKID.
  13. YUKI is the other member
  14. He has a habit of leaving ❤s on your tweets and comments to let you know that he’s read your tweet/comment and liking it as his way of saying thanks for saying hi.
  15. SHIN has four solo photo eBooks of himself available for free at the MADKID FC site, but he also gets some Axcels in trouble by posting “teaser” shots himself from those said photobooks. Really, Shin…?
  16. The original Japan version, not the pink/red one that you see on the App Store or Google Play, even if they’re from the same company…
  17. Unless if the comment isn’t directed at him or if he has to sign off soon – then he’ll read comments at random.
  18. standard English, not the slangy types you use on social media
  19. That is, if you’re using Google Translate a lot or may have used the wrong grammar, etc.
  20. For example, when they’re next single/album/live tour is going to be, etc.
  21. LIN is known to be some kind of an insomniac. He comes online at the oddest times when most Japanese are asleep (think 1:00 am – 4:00 am JST), so some global fans have an advantage of joining in. U.S.-based Axcels are also at a disadvantage because they will be at work or school during those hours.
  22. He is also the songwriter, composer, lyricist, and trackmaster of the group.
  23. My fancy way of saying rapping.
  24. Namely their fellow agency (SJP) brother group N0NAME
  25. except for the other members and the staff and crew he worked with
  26. When he composes songs for other artists/groups, this is the name he uses as credit. You’ll be able to tell that he’s behind the song when you hear the faint words of “L-BOY on the fly!” somewhere around the beginning of the song. You’ll hear this with MADKID’s “OVERAGAIN” and “Deteitteyo.” He also uses this name as his rapper name when he participates in underground rap battles.
  27. His username for his (old?) lyrics blog on
  28. Often, he would post Instagram Stories of him smoking. Now, if you’ve been a fan of Asian Pop, just seeing an idol/public figure smoking can disillusion similar fans as yourself. He’s had some fans telling him to quit smoking, but I guess that’s his life. Let’s not bother him with all of that.
  29. It may be somewhat normal outside Japan that one is a huge fan of anime/manga, but in Japan, the anime/manga/video games scene is another hobby niche for some people. In short, your average Japanese is less likely to be a serious otaku.
  30. standard English and some slangy English
  31. YOU-TA doesn’t read much comments. Lately he would be doing InstaLive when he’s driving at late night to go somewhere, such as the gym.
  32. When SHIN joined MADKID in 2017, YOU-TA had been sporting red hair since then.
  33. See the Throwback Timeline section
  34. as of early 2019 anyway…
  35. He has two more, but I don’t know their names yet…
  36. So far, Thailand, Philippines, U.S.
  37. Probably got influenced or was taught by KAZUKI to create videos.
  38. standard English and some slangy English
  39. See Twitch link above.
  40. In Japan, the streaming app Kazuki uses retains its original name, 17. But in the West, the app was changed to LiveAF. You can download LiveAF on the App Store/Google Play and search for MADKID. Kazuki’s name will pop up and you can follow him from there. I also have a guide here for you guys to check out if needed.
  41. He is also the spokesperson/MC of MADKID next to YOU-TA. If YOU-TA is not present, he does all the talking.
  42. Mori Grill Chicken as his co-host, a comedian and fellow 17 LiveAF livestreamer and fellow MADKID member SHIN, who has his own segment about the food and goodies from his hometown of Miyazaki.
  43. His LINE Blog posts are always titled The KING’s Journal
  44. or tattoos for the matter
  45. You guessed it, that screenshot of KAZUKI holding a vacuum cleaner is indeed a Dyson vacuum cleaner.
  46. On the Nippon Columbia YouTube channel.
  47. In Japanese, “17 Livers”
  48. He’s very good at engaging his audience from doing quick song covers with his keyboard, play number/comment games with the audience, and some occasional quick Q&A breaks.
  49. If you’re familiar with the Hollywood sci-fi novel/movie Ready Player One, then yes, that’s where Kazuki got this line from.
  50. He used to inform fans when he will be doing his livestreams before. Now, he’ll just come on whenever.
  51. He is also LIN’s partner-in-crime in songwriting and composing. While LIN handles the musical compositions, YUKI normally provides the lyrics along with the music. He is also in charge of the group’s choreography as well.
  52. … and then years later, SHIN joined the group. He still is the group’s face, but now he’s got SHIN to share that title and role with him.
  53. SHIN is the other member
  54. MADKID IG’s official English profile and even YUKI himself also mentions this fact. It may sound like he was showing off but when you do watch him on his performances in fancams, etc., this is an actual fact.
  55. Like LIN, he has his own SoundCloud, sharing his covers of Japanese versions of American/Western pop songs and K-Pop songs. While LIN goes by L-BOY, YUKI goes by 2D.
  56. If I’m making the list, so far, he has been compared to Jimin (BTS), Taehyung/V (BTS), Yuta (NCT 127), EDawn (former PENTAGON member), and probably other K-Pop idols I can’t remember the names of…
  57. SHIN used to give likes to IG posts a long time ago, but now he only limited himself to Twitter.
  58. Summer Time and FAITH, so far…
  59. In short, fellow fans who have been fans longer than me. どうもありがとうございました。