MADKID with arms raised

The catchphrase is “Play with me!” 1

Welcome to the SLYKY 2 Guide. What exactly is this guide about?

While this entire site is completely dedicated to providing tips and guides for a more enhanced experience as a new and current Axcel outside Japan, this section will be completely all about the members: SHIN, LIN, YOU-TA, KAZUKI, and YUKI (SLYKY).

The details of the group’s history can be found on the MADKID Amino Wiki or at the Throwback Timeline section. The SLYKY section is more of who the members are not mentioned on their official sites, as well as their habits when you try to reach them on social media or livestream. You can call this the unhelpful guide to the members of MADKID version. Maybe.

Alright, let’s get started in SLYKY order!


Shin’s peace sign


“Everybody’s PRINCE” 3

Twitter :: Instagram
Streamer? LINE LIVE. 4 Be sure to check your notifications.

  • Position: Vocalist
  • Birthday: October 2, 1993
  • Blood Type: A
  • Reppin’ Day:5 Monday
  • Languages besides Japanese? decent English, some Korean6
  • The least intimidating member of MADKID
  • The third fifth member of MADKID 7
  • Possesses several personas that make you wonder which one of them is the real him: Cute and Cuddly Shin, Prince Shin, Sweet Shin, Swag Shin, Sexy Shin, Seductive Shin, and… 8
  • Swaggin’ moves since the toddler days
  • Loves his hometown (Miyazaki) and a proud real deal country boy
  • One of the very few men who can rock the pink. 9
  • Notices everybody, including you before you can even say “notice me senpai!” 10
  • Has a habit of stalking random Axcels on social media (Twitter and Instagram) without actually following them… 11
  • Will show up to do live stream wherever. 12
  • Has the most eclectic iTunes playlist among all the members: the oldies and the contemporary, J-Pop, K-Pop, mainstream Western pop, musical soundtracks such as The Greatest Showman, Disney soundtracks
  • Holds a Hulu subscription 13 so he can watch his favorite American/overseas dramas and movies
  • Purveyor of Gong Cha bubble teas and healthy green smoothies
  • The only member of MADKID who will do voluntary fan service without anyone asking for them
  • Will pose for screenshots 14
  • Loves to read good books, tweets, and Instagram comments
  • Will kill you faster than your diabetes
  • Has unexplainable superpowers that can bring rain just by being outside alone. Because of this, he calls himself 「雨男」 15

Notes regarding Shin’s live stream sessions

Platform: LINE LIVE
Online Time/Hours: 
Most of the time, about 2-3 hours before midnight JST. Sometimes, early night JST. The rarest times, past midnight JST.
Average time duration:
 30 mins – 2.5 hrs. If he comes on some 3 or so hours before midnight JST, he would be online longer to almost 3 hours. If he comes on 30 minutes to an hour before midnight, he will be only online for 30 mins to an hour.

Be sure you create your profile on the app first as a recommendation after you install the app. When you first enter Shin’s live stream, the best thing you can do is introduce yourself. He also has a habit of looking at your profile first if he sees a name/username he’s unfamiliar with. He prefers calling viewers/commenters by their first name rather than your username, 16 so you can start off with your comments by introducing yourself and where you’re from.

Or, if you’re one of those shy types, another recommendation is to meet and be friends with another global Axcel who is a regular in Shin’s live streams. 17 This friend will do the introductions for you. He’s got a very keen memory with names, especially global Axcels, which is something really mutual, don’t you think?

You will need one single requirement: Patience. A LOT of patience. He reads every single comment, word for word, and will not skim through and be picky. And because he reads every single word of all the comments he reads, you may have to wait some 10-15 minutes until he gets to yours. So, in short, you will be doing a lot of waiting if you want to talk to him.

That also includes English comments because he’s actually studying English himself, and if you want to have a quick answer (as a non-Japanese speaking Axcel), be sure to make your comment simple enough for him to understand and reply to you (in English). If he doesn’t understand, depending on how many people are online, he’ll sometimes look up the translation on his phone so that he can properly answer you. 18

If you know basic to proficient Japanese, he’d appreciate it very much if you write your comments in both English with Japanese translations together. This is actually how I communicate with him and it helps him to learn as well. Sometimes he’ll test himself by translating your English comment himself without reading your Japanese translation before he replies to you. If you only comment in Japanese, he’ll still answer you in English.


Lin by the sea



Twitter 19 :: Instagram 20 :: SoundCloud 21 :: 22 :: LIN LIN LIN LYRICS BABY 23

Streamer? If you’re lucky, he will do some short live streams on Instagram Live. But even this is a very rare moment for everyone, his fellow members included. Otherwise, don’t bother him.

  • Position: rapper
  • Birthday: April 12, 1994
  • Blood Type: O
  • Reppin’ Day: Tuesday
  • Languages besides Japanese? A quarter of his tweets in his timeline are in English.  At the rarest times, he’ll reply to you in English too
  • Alias LBOY
  • Has the longest history in the entertainment biz, started off as a child actor at stage plays
  • The badass one among the two rappers
  • The most soft-spoken member of MADKID, and if he has to say something, sugarcoating doesn’t exist in his vocabulary
  • Unlike the rest of the MADKID members, he lurks in the shadows like a sniper assassin
  • The master songwriter, composer, and trackmaster of the group
  • He can belt out sweet vocals and has sweet moves, not limiting himself to being just a rapper
  • Speaks more of his passion for music and sound more than himself to the world
  • Will often tweet or write about his musical discoveries on iTunes and low-key promote them, as well as music produced and performed by many of his friends and colleagues in the business
  • … and that being said, he doesn’t want to be bothered with flooded comments of “notice me senpai!” or “omg you’re so hot!” or anything typical fan girl spamming.
  • Doesn’t like to be tagged in everything on social media unless you’ve got something creative and artistic (fan art, for example) to share or if you got some feedback or critique about the music he makes
  • Releases solo dope tracks almost once or twice a month that you can purchase on iTunes and other music streaming platforms
  • Purveyor of ramen and has a huge ramen pic collection on his Swarm account
  • Big brother to Ranmaru and Maron, two little pups
  • He refers his fangirls (the real ones, not the obsessive “notice me senpai!” types) as his LIN-gals
  • Appreciates life’s creations, like nature. You’ll be able to tell with the way he writes his blog entries on the official MADKID LINE Blog.
  • Cue Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode”…

Notes regarding Lin’s live stream sessions

Platform: Instagram Live
I have never seen or encountered Lin on Instagram Live, as I am not as active on Instagram myself. But if you are an active IG user, and if you happen to catch notifications of Lin being on IG Live, as long as you are aware of the notes mentioned above about him, you’re on your own. 😅


You-ta with a photo of MADKID


“Fiery LEADER”

Twitter :: Instagram :: Twitch 24
Streamer? Former 17 streamer, transitioned to Instagram Live. He doesn’t have a Pococha account. It’s better to just follow him on Twitter, as he will let everyone ahead of time when he will be streaming.

  • Position: leader of MADKID, main vocalist
  • Birthday: June 15, 1993
  • Blood Type: Unknown A 25
  • Reppin’ Day: Wednesday
  • Languages other than Japanese? When fellow artists and professionals in the industry would tweet or comment in English, he replies to them in English in return. In terms of fluency within the group, he would be the second most fluent (under Lin). He also captions his IG posts and LINE Blog entries in English from time to time. Back in his livestreams in the past, he seems to pay attention more quickly to English fan comments than Japanese fan comments.
  • The red of his hair is not a hair trend. The red actually represents himself. 🔥
  • Sidelines as a DJ creating remixes for parties, clubs, solo lives, and if you’re lucky, on livestream
  • When he sets on an unreachable goal, he sticks and aims for that goal 26
  • Second leader of MADKID, replacing the original founder and leader, KENTO.i (now the rapper of “brother boy group,” IVVY), during the group’s early days
  • Has an extensive knowledge and background in music and the industry as a whole
  • Is open about health awareness
  • Treasures family and the camaraderie of his friends. You can see his passion for his fellow members and the entire group as a whole through his tweets and IG posts alone. 27
  • Two of his favorite things start with the letter M: Minions and memes. 28

Notes regarding You-ta’s live stream sessions

Platform: Instagram Live
When You-ta goes online (both in recent Instagram Live and on 17 in the past), he usually would do some kind of an activity, such as being a live stream DJ, singing karaoke and would only read comments to those who have song requests, or anything else. The last time I was on his live stream (on IG Live), he would pick up English comments, however, I mostly commented in Japanese that he pretty much ignored me LOL. 😅

But just to be fair, just enjoy the good music and a bit of chit-chatting that he provides for you. It would be like being in a private party with him being the host and DJ.


Kazuki on the Playground


”Sunshine KING”

Twitter :: Instagram
Streamer? He is on Pococha 17 almost every day. Because of this, he is also the most popular member of MADKID when it comes to live streams. He will also be streaming on 17 Pococha once in a while, usually once a month or if there are any technical issues or connection issues with Pococha.

  • Position: vocalist
  • Birthday: July 21, 1994
  • Blood Type: A
  • Reppin’ Day: Thursday
  • Languages other than Japanese? 😅 … before I mention his English ability, I have recommendations: Find a fellow Axcel who knows (basic) Japanese, especially if this said Axcel is a regular live stream viewer or a Kazuki bias. Or, find a veteran global fan who is a regular on Kazuki’s live streams. 29 Or, join the J-Pop Amino 30 and meet up with the active Axcels (I’m one of them) by joining in the MADKID Amino chat. If you are unable to be able to do any of the ones listed, reach out for me and I’ll do what I can to help you out. That being said, even though Kazuki is the official MC of MADKID, his English ability is very little to almost non-existent. He does know basic greetings like hello, good morning, good evening, etc., but other than that, that’s it. 😅 But, as a global Axcel whose Japanese language is also very little to almost non-existent, don’t let this turn you away from him. He is a very approachable person and he’ll make you feel at home. In addition to that, he also has a lot of global Axcels (even the ones who know nada Japanese) who come to his live stream too. Kazuki has the ability to make his live stream sessions into variety shows, where he will sing, play the piano, play the numbers game with the viewers, and so much more!… but he’s pretty good in Mandarin Chinese though… 😅
  • Alias KazuKING
  • The second least intimidating member of MADKID
  • If Shin is the Prince, Kazuki is the King
  • There is a reason why he has the title of KING. He possesses the most eclectic entertainment background among the MADKID members. He comes from a family of musicians and performers and is an accomplished pianist since age 4. Can play an instrument, can sing, can dance, can act, can present and be an MC, can do PR relations… is there something that a KING can’t do? (besides not knowing English?)
  • Entered the entertainment business as a stage actor at age 16
  • The official spokesperson, MC, and “PR rep” of MADKID
  • Die-hard fan of soccer. He used to be a soccer player as a child too. He binge-watches the World Cup this year (2018), waking up earlier than usual and would even do live stream with his fans just to watch soccer matches.
  • Where does his energy come from? No matter how early or late he comes on, he still has all that energy and drive to make everyone laugh and sing along together.
  • He is a fan of Phineas and Ferb. Meet Perry the Platypus. 31
    Kazuki and Perry

Notes regarding Kazuki’s live stream sessions

Platform: 17
Online Time/Hours: 
Most of the time, midnight JST. Sometimes, past midnight JST. The rarest times, early in the morning or a few hours before midnight JST.
Average time duration:
 Most of the time, he can go on all the way to 3-4 hours online. Sometimes, he’ll go all the way to 6 hours. Depending on the situation or the time that he’s got, he’ll let everyone know in advance when he will be on.

Just like Shin, if Kazuki is not familiar with your username, he will look up your profile. But, as a courtesy as always, it’s always good to introduce yourself (in English), even if you have another global Axcel friend who can speak/translate what you say in Japanese. Regardless of the difficult language barrier, Kazuki will always welcome you like you’re a part of his family, even if it’s your first time joining in.

His live streams are kind of like watching a variety show on TV, except you are part of the “live” audience. He takes advantage of the sound effects and everything that the streaming app (both on Pococha and on 17). He also has a “staff” (“Gang” on 17, “Family” on Pococha) who can also help you out as much as they can, even though most of them are can’t really speak English. Emojis can sometimes help if you do want to at least show everyone how you’re feeling or even try to convey some kind of message if there aren’t any English speakers present.

Because of the members’ transition from 17 to Pococha, it’s a bit more difficult for global Axcels this time because Pococha is a strictly Japanese-only app, meaning most of the streamers and the viewers are Japanese. Don’t panic. Just join in, introduce yourself using the most basic English as you can, if you do decide to visit his live stream on your own without meeting any other global Axcel.

There are a good number of us around. You’re looking at one here right now. 😄


Yuki on the swing



Twitter :: Instagram ::
Streamer? Before, after Kazuki, Yuki is the second most active streamer. Because of busy schedules and an increase in his solo activities, he hasn’t been live streaming, even if he already made an account on Pococha. Just keep an eye out on his Twitter so he can update everyone when he will be streaming.

  • Position: rapper
  • Birthday: July 27, 1994
  • Blood Type: A
  • Reppin’ Day: Friday
  • Languages other than Japanese? Like Shin, Yuki is also studying English on his own. If you are a global fan and, regardless of how good or bad you are in Japanese, he will answer you in English as much as he can. If you keep your English simple and direct to the point, you won’t have any problems communicating with him
  • SWAG (dance moves and speeding bullet rhymes) + FASHIONISTA = “SWAGGA-nista”
  • … and because he’s such a SWAGGA-nista, he is officially a web model for one of Japan’s high-end clothing brand, Hysteric Glamour. 32
  • The sainensho 33 of MADKID
  • The most intimidating member of MADKID 34
  • Legends inspire the young to follow footsteps. He has Michael Jackson as his role model, which got him to learn how to dance, discover the R&B/Hip-hop genre, and in turn, get into rap
  • The swag one among the two rappers
  • He and Lin aren’t just the rappers of the group, they are also partners-in-crime of their entire discography, writing lyrics and composing the group’s music
  • He can belt out sweet vocals and has sweet moves, not limiting himself to being just a rapper
  • He, Shin, and Lin are the formally trained dancers of MADKID, but he is also in charge of the group’s choreography
  • The first MADKID member to appear in a cameo role on a primetime J-drama
  • Most new global Axcels, especially those who are current K-Pop fans, notice him first before the rest of the group
  • Many K-Pop fans say he resembles BTS’s Jimin and some other notable K-Pop idols
  • … which in turn, he himself is also a huge K-Pop fan
  • … and does a lot of K-Pop dance covers by himself or with Shin. 35 You can find them on his Instagram.
  • Has the strongest and stylish fashion sense of the group. He has a gallery of his fashion collection on his account. Dude ain’t all about cheap fashion, yo.
  • Like Shin, Yuki is another known random Axcel stalker on social media, but he isn’t as quick as Shin when it comes to finding (and liking) random Axcel tweets and IG posts.

Notes regarding Yuki’s live stream sessions

Platform: 17
Online Time/Hours: 
Most of the time, before midnight hours or at midnight sharp JST. Sometimes, past midnight JST. The rarest times, early nighttime.
Average time duration:
 He would normally hold his streams for about an hour, but that also depends on what he’s doing during that stream.

Just like You-ta then, Yuki is also an “activity” streamer. This means, some of his streams would be just chatting with the fans and new visitors, dance practice sessions, or even demonstrating some tips on fashion and makeup. Unlike Shin, who takes his time reading everyone’s comments, Yuki reads comments rather quickly but doesn’t always answer to each of them. He will, however, will reply to all English comments.

However, since late June, Yuki hasn’t been doing live streams because of his hectic schedule, not just for MADKID but also for individual solo projects as well. As mentioned, just keep an eye out on his Twitter for more updates and the date and time that he plans to do live streaming. Be sure to download and set up 17 first before that happens.

SLYKY on Social Media

MADKID members are unable to reply or RT to fan tweets or comments, however, they are paying attention to everyone on social media. They do reply to some tweets, but mostly tweets from a fellow artist or someone from the J-Pop music industry. However, as mentioned, all of them do pay attention to all their fans on social media. For instance…

On Twitter:

  • Shin reads every single tweet that he’s being tagged on. He will read tweets that have him tagged, replies to his own tweets, RTs that mention him, even an entire thread of conversational tweets that has him tagged but has nothing to do with him. 36 After he reads any of them, he’ll reward a fan with that special tweet like. ❤ Not only that, he’s quite quick with reading them also. 37
  • Lin is one of the rarest members who read or even pay attention to fan tweets or replies because after all, he doesn’t like to be tagged or mentioned anywhere on fan tweets unless if it’s something artistic or something to do with the things he loves the most (music, especially). But despite that, he’s also the most active member on Twitter, as in he constantly tweets about random stuff from music recommendations from iTunes to his pups to checking himself in a ramen joint through his Swarm app. Sometimes he will do some ego-surfing when he can and if he likes what he sees, he’ll like them. 38 Otherwise, if you’re a Lin bias, don’t count on getting noticed right away.
  • You-ta is another rare member who reads or pays attention to fan tweets or replies, but he does pay attention. Sometimes he will ego-surf on Twitter and will like tweets that mention MADKID in general.
  • Kazuki used to be the least active member on Twitter. In fact, he was the last member to even get a Twitter account (according to some long-time Axcels). Like Shin, he also reads tweets, RTs, and replies that have him tagged, but not as quick as Shin.
  • Yuki is a bit strange when it comes to fan tweets. He would read and like tweets that are also notification tweets from other social media platforms like YouTube. 39 He reads replies to his tweets and would like them after he’s done reading them. Let’s just say, he pays more attention to any tweet that mentions MADKID more than tweets that mention him specifically.

On Instagram:

  • Shin reads all comments on the photos he uploads, and just like on Twitter, will reward them with a like. 40 However, he’s not as fast on Instagram than he is on Twitter. Sometimes he would like your comment the next day or two, compared to Twitter, in which he would read and like your tweet/RT/reply in a matter of a few minutes to a few seconds.
  • Lin has his Instagram comments turned off, however, he does create beautiful Instagram grids on his account. That’s actually the only reason why I follow his Instagram because of his Instagram grids.
  • You-ta will sometimes read and like comments, but not as consistent as Shin or Yuki.
  • Kazuki is the least active on Instagram. He barely has anything on his Instagram account anyway. If you’re a Kazuki fan, just say hi to him on Twitter.
  •  Yuki is the same as Shin, but only faster at reading and liking them. 41

SLYKY on Blogging

The guys write a blog entry once a week. That’s what the reppin’ days mentioned in their profiles above are for. 42

Like many artists and celebrities in the J-ent industry, the group used to write on Ameba Blogs. As of late 2017, they abandoned Ameba in favor of the more streamlined and connected LINE Blog service.

You can read their entries on their official LINE Blog. Karu-chan of Ongaku Discover releases translations of these blogs on our subdomain sites, Letters @ AXCEL STYLE, 43 every weekends. Be sure to follow her Twitter or you can follow us to see these notifications.


  • MADKID Line Blog
  • MADKID Amino Wiki
  • The members’ social media accounts linked above
  • Personal experiences with them on social media
  • … in the case of Shin, Kazuki, and Yuki, straight from them from their live streams

Some sidenotes...

  1. 合言葉は「Play with me!」
  2. pronounced “sly-key”
  3. You’ll see the hashtag #みんなの王子様 (minna no oujisama) on the MADKID Official Twitter account when they’re tweeting about Shin. みんなの王子様 is translated as Everybody’s Prince in English.
  4. As of January 1, 2019. It’s not certain whether he has ditched Pococha for good or not. There are two versions of LINE LIVE, and (obviously) he is using the original Japanese version of the app. There is also a U.S. version of LINE LIVE, but Shin will not show up on the Search Results. You can download the Japanese version of LINE LIVE here. After installation, you can follow the setup as the LINE LIVE Japanese version’s interface is in English.
  5. “Reppin’ day”? On their official LINE blog and on special members-only events, a “reppin’ day” is the day that this particular member will release anything that only involves himself. For example, Shin blogs on their official LINE blog every Mondays, and he would release special items and greetings on any Monday. The same goes for the rest of the members too.
  6. Besides English, he can read and write Hangul (Korean writing system), but reads them slowly…
  7. See Throwback Timeline.
  8. Sweet Shin is the real him 😅
  9. Two of his favorite colors are pink and black. Yes, he’s aware that pink is a “feminine color,” but let’s be fair. Not all girls like pink. Me, for example. 😅
  10. Besides, “notice me senpai!” is an overused line and it won’t work on him. Just say hi like you would with an old friend.
  11. He’ll find you even if you don’t directly tag him or MADKID, as long as your tweet/IG post talks about MADKID and/or him…
  12. He would often do his live streams at home, but he will also do live streams while he’s at work, at a live event, or even at a public place, such as an airport. He doesn’t have a set time to do live stream, so keep your Pococha phone notifications in check when he comes on.
  13. Hulu is an American video subscription service much like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Unfortunately, it’s only available in the U.S. and Japan.
  14. You read that right. When you’re in a livestream, you know you have the itch to take screenshots of him. He knows you and the rest of the Axcels hanging out in his stream take screenshots, so he poses for them for your personal eyecandy. (one of his long list of fan services he voluntarily provides…) Back when he used to stream on 17 in the past, he even takes his own screenshots of you and your comment and posts them on his 17 account, so you’re all even. Too bad there’s no feature like that on Pococha.
  15. “ame-otoko,” translated as “rain man.” When I first heard of this, I thought it was a joke, but I can actually attest to this. 😅 The first instance, it rained on my side when he began to play MADKID’s “Rain” on his iTunes playlist back in April during one of his livestreams. The second instance, during the California wildfire disasters (that affected my hometown and my local area), as a last resort, I (jokingly) tweeted him directly (5:15 p.m. JST, since I tweeted that at 12:15 a.m. midnight PST) to give us rain to stop the wildfires and wash away the dangerous smoke from our air. Two days later after I tweeted him, the rain came and it indeed extinguished the wildfires and cleaned our atmosphere of the lingering hazardous smoke. 🌧🌧
  16. So, if your Twitter username happens to be something like angelgurl2401343, I’d suggest you start editing your profile right in the beginning unless you want him to call you “angelgurl2301343” for the rest of your life…
  17. Me, for example. 😅
  18. He will only do this when there isn’t a lot of viewers online and if he has plenty of time allowed to be online himself. Otherwise, he’ll probably just skip to the next comment.
  19. … unless if you have a passion for music, a passion for anime and virtual idols, got something fresh and artistic to share, don’t bother him with all of your “OMG I LOVE YOU I’M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!” antics. Don’t tag him on any tweet that’s got nothing to do with him either.
  20. If you are a fan of very artistic Instagram Grids, go ahead and follow his Instagram. Otherwise, don’t bother him. His IG comments are disabled also.
  21. He prefers all his fans to follow and listen to his music and tracks. He speaks through his SoundCloud more than on social media.
  22. Got a question? You can ask him here.
  23. Lin’s lyrics to his original tracks. This is NOT his personal blog. If you want to check out where he blogs, just go to the MADKID Line Blog. He blogs on his reppin’ day (Tuesday), every week.
  24. As of 2/20/2019. You-ta began playing Biohazard RE:2 (Resident Evil 2 Remake) on his PS4 and invited fans and gamer friends to watch the “Let’s play” livestream.
  25. As of 1/17/19, 0TeleNEWS24 breaking news article and movie clip finally had YOU-TA revealed that his blood type is A after taking a sneak peek at the doctor’s notes during his late October polyps throat operation. This was the first time for YOU-TA to even know his own blood type, as he’s never known his blood type all his life.
  26. After losing 2 members in their original lineup within just a year, it took him almost a year to convince Shin to join MADKID to fill that fifth member void.
  27. … if you know some Japanese that is…
  28. When he tweets or posts on Instagram, he seems to accompany many of them with a meme…
  29. Follow my dear friend Karu-chan on Twitter. She’ll hook you up guide you with Kazuki’s live stream 😊
  30. Download Amino from the App Store, Google Play, or Amazon App Store (for Kindle owners)
  31. He is a frequent guest in Kazuki’s live streams, both on 17 and Pococha. Kazuki even has a theme song for Perry too that he often sings. 😊
  32. The official (?) fashion line of MADKID. The brand also provided the fashion for the guys in the Never going backSummer Time, and Forever young music videos and live performances.
  33. The Korean equivalent to sainensho is maknae. But this is J-Pop. They don’t consider the youngest member as a position role in a group, be it a boy group, girl group, or mixed group.
  34. … on the outside, but he’s a real sweetheart when you get to know him. 😊 Never judge a book by its cover after all. 😁
  35. Shin also did a lot of K-Pop dance covers by himself in the past…
  36. It’s happened with me and a friend of mine, who was talking about a music video that Shin’s in it, but commenting on the song and the singer, not Shin himself. He read the entire thread and liked the entire thread anyway.
  37. that includes English tweets. He (probably) uses his translator to help him out with them.
  38. I had a few tweets that Lin actually liked, even though none of them had him tagged at all.
  39. In every “like” that I give to a MADKID-related video on YouTube and YouTube tweets notifications that state that I liked those videos, he would like them… and he’s pretty quick too!
  40. That includes all the fangirly-type comments such as “You’re so cute, Shin! I love you!”
  41. That also includes all the fangirly-type comments such as “I stan a dance king like you, Yuki! I love you!”
  42. For example: Shin will write a blog entry every Mondays, Lin every Tuesdays, etc…
  43. We are currently transferring the group’s old blog entries to the Letters site.