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What… or who… is SLYKY?

SLYKY 1 is the five-member character mascot unit created and illustrated by YUKI. This five-member “baby” unit is the official mascot of MADKID. In every concert goods they release, you’ll always see these five in different outfits.

The image you see above is the Never going back (Jan. 2018) version of SLYKY.

The name SLYKY came from the first initial of each member’s first name. Here it is as follows:

  • SHIN
  • LIN
  • YOU-TA
  • YUKI

Not only that SLYKY is just the group’s mascot unit, but it is also the official order of the member’s placement. For instance, in every group photo you’ll see from their CD covers to live event shots, the members will always stand next to each other in this exact SLYKY order… usually.

A few examples below…

Now that we’ve got out of the way, you can make a guess what this section is all about.

The catchphrase is “PLAY WITH ME!” 2

MADKID with arms raised

Welcome to the SLYKY section, where this entire section will be all about the members as individuals and the roles they play that make MADKID the badass awesome group that they are today. Some of the information mentioned below are not mentioned in their official site as part of their vital profiles, however, many of the details about them were all given through various sources including their official LINE Blog and their personal social media accounts.

Please use this as a guide for you to learn more a bit about the members.

Some sidenotes...

  1. pronounced “sly-key”
  2. 合い言葉は「PLAY WITH ME!」