It’s the Fourth of July!!

…. in both Japan and here in the U.S.! Happy Fourth of July!!

  • “Summer Time” single release is now out in music stores in Japan. Digital versions are also out around the world if you are subscribed to Apple Music and Spotify.
    Hopefully tomorrow, the digital tracks will be sold on iTunes and other digital music platforms where you are allowed to purchase them individually.
  • The second episode of the boys’ radio show MADKID FROM TOKYO is out now on the JFN PARK app. The MADKID rappers (Lin and Yuki) will be on fire-spitting word battle with each other.I’m still working on the JFN PARK app guide… I’ll get to it, promise! For those who have the app installed already, be sure to listen to it again and again!
  • Later today, as reported in the previous post, the free live event for the commemoration of today’s release of “Summer Time” is on at 18:30 (6:30 p.m.) JST at Shibuya Yoyogi Park. If you have kept up with their “Summer Time” MM6 Promotion Campaign, this free event is the final mission that MADKID and the Axcels must accomplish: 500 people are needed to be in attendance for this free live event for yet another awesome reward: a nationwide live tour, meaning MADKID can finally venture out of Tokyo to do their live events and concerts.One day, MADKID will venture out of Japan and to the rest of the world. As long as we accomplish all these series of campaigns, both in Japan and on social media, it’ll definitely happen. 😊

Reminder in two days (Friday) JST…

July’s monthly edition of MAD MUSIC will begin its stream on the LINE and LINE LIVE (Japan) apps at 20:00 (8:00 pm) JST. If you live outside Japan and would like to visit, be sure to sync the airing time with your own time zone 1 If you are an AXL 2 living in Japan right now, you have a chance to reserve a spot in the live audience. Check out the email you received from the fan club for more information.

Sources: MADKID Official Twitter :: MADKID @ Nippon Columbia :: MADKID Official Fan Club

Updates on AXCEL STYLE

  • New guide out – Letters and Gifts! Here is a short guide for global Axcels who would like to send fan mail and fan gifts to MADKID and/or their favorite member. It includes a few side notes and of course, the address where you can send your letters and gifts to.
  • I added a Disclaimers section in the About section. There have been a few global Axcels I’ve met around Twitter and Instagram who tweeted about the site and thinking I may either be associated with either MADKID 3 or their agency, which is why I decided to add that disclaimers section to let everyone know that I’m just another avid fan… 4

Thank you for reading! Let’s all pray that (more than) 500 people would show up at the event later today. If this happens, then the MADKID MM6 campaign has been completed successfully and with pride. Two months already passed since the campaign started (May), and we’ve come a long way!

Till next time!

Some sidenotes...

  1. Friday, 4:00 a.m., in the U.S. PDT (West Coast).
  2. MADKID official fan club member
  3. Well, that’s not exactly a lie, but I’m a regular viewer of some of the guys’ live streams and I do chat with them. Except for one member, the entire group doesn’t know anything about this site…. not yet anyway…
  4. ….who happens to be brushing up with her Japanese by attempting to read tweets and other bits of sources…
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