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MADKID - Summer 2018

Welcome to the Throwback Timeline section of AXCEL STYLE!

Regardless of what I mentioned in my first entry, I decided to expand AXCEL STYLE and become a lot more informative than just social media guides for global Axcels. I’ve already opened a section about the members, now it’s time to share what was like back in the days when MADKID first began up to today. The timeline will be updated when a milestone event occurs during our current time.

Thank you to Karu-chan for providing the history of MADKID through her blog. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be the active Axcel that I am today. Please check her blog out and follow her on Twitter and Instagram and say hello!

Let’s begin!

  • Before 2014



    MADKID first began with their first lineup and with an old name, J-BOYS-5. The lineup consisted of the following:

    • KENTO.i (founder/leader) 1
    • LIN
    • KAZUKI
    • YUKI
    • RIKITO

    After the group’s earlier period, KENTO.i withdrew from the group to go solo and began attending his own training. In turn, YOU-TA joined the group and changed the group name to MADKID.

  • Fall 2014

    MADKID - Chapter 1

    MADKID - Chapter 1

    On September 20, 2014, MADKID made their debut in the indies music scene. Member lineup consisted of:

    • YOU-TA (new leader/main vocalist)
    • LIN
    • KAZUKI
    • YUKI
    • RIKITO
  • Winter 2014

    1st Single: "I Don't Care"

    On December 8, 2014, MADKID’s debut single as a group, I Don’t Care, was released. It was only released in digital format and back then, was available on sale on iTunes, Amazon Japan, and other Japan-only streaming services.

    Digital Charts:

    • Amazon Japan – #1
    • iTunes – #25

  • Early 2015

    1st CD Release: "Light Up"

    MADKID’s first CD release, Light Up, was released. Available on sale only at their live venues. The tracks contain the following:

    • Light Up
    • Love Me
    • HYPE (version 1)

  • MADKID - Chapter 2

    MADKID - Chapter 2

    RIKITO withdrew from the MADKID to focus on his studies on his final year of high school. Eventually later, LIN introduced an old friend, CASEY, and became the second fifth member of MADKID.

    CASEY once was part of the famous Johnny’s Jrs 2 and was one of the more popular Jr idols during his time. Because of this, his own fanbase eventually became MADKID fans, slightly increasing MADKID’s very small fanbase then.

  • 2nd Single: "HYPE"

    The group’s second single, HYPE, was released as a digital single in major music streaming platforms. This release was a remastered version from the third track from the Light Up CD release prior that featured Casey in the track.

    Digital Charts:

    • Amazon Japan – #1
    • iTunes – #25

  • Summer 2015

    3rd Single: "All Day All Night"

    On August 14, 2015, Sometime later in 2015, MADKID released their summer single, All Day All Night. The single was charted at #1 on Amazon Japan on its first day of sales.

    Digital charts:

    • Amazon Japan – #1
    • iTunes – #15

  • Fall 2015

    4th Single: "CHANGE"

    Sometime in the fall, MADKID released their 4th digital single, Change.

    Digital Charts:

    • Amazon Japan – #1
    • iTunes – #19

  • Winter 2015

    1st Solo Project: LIN - "My World"

    LIN released his first single, My World, written, composed, and performed by himself.

  • 5th Single: "konayuki"

    The 5th digital single, konayuki, was released on major audio streaming platforms.

    Digital Charts:

    • Amazon Japan – #1
    • iTunes – #12

    This will also be the last single Casey performed as a member of MADKID.

  • Early 2016

    2nd Solo Project: L&Y (LIN & YUKI) - "Do It"

    Lin and Yuki release Do It in all digital streaming platforms.

  • MADKID - Chapter 3

    MADKID - Chapter 3

    Education and other circumstances came for Casey, and by the end of January 2016, he withdrew from MADKID to return to the U.S. with his family. This is the second time that MADKID has lost their fifth member, and like with Rikito last year, the group continued on as a four-member group.

    The withdrawal of Casey also meant losing some of the fans they’ve earned through his joining of the group. 2016 became a rather slow year for the group, trying to figure things out on how they can continue with their consecutive successes with only four of them remaining.

    Just moments through early 2016, YOU-TA has found an impossible goal that would strengthen the core and essence of MADKID, especially at the start of this difficult year. It would, however, will take him almost a year to accomplish it. More on this at a later time.

  • Fall 2016

    3rd Solo Project: YUKI (feat. TESHI) - "One Shot"

    Following Lin’s footsteps, Yuki released his own tribute to his favorite role model, Michael Jackson, with the track One Shot. The song was composed and produced by Yuki himself and Masataka Kitaura.

  • Winter 2016

    1st Full-length Album - "MADKID"

    1st Full-length Album - "MADKID"

    On December 14, 2016, MADKID launched their very first full-length album as a group, self-titled MADKID. The album consisted of 11 tracks that contained the live-only Light Up and Love Me from early 2015, a remix of their first single I Don’t Care, while the rest are brand-new tracks.

    Here are a few samples of the tracks included in the album. Still available for purchase at your favorite music streaming services and your favorite online Japanese CD stores.

  • 1st One-Man Live

    1st One-Man Live

    On December 15, 2016, the day after the release of their first full-length album, MADKID also held their very first one-man live 3 to finally establish themselves as a true dance and vocal group that everyone should get to know and be aware of, as well as commemorating the release of their first album as a group.

    After almost a year of having slow activity and production as a group, the boys finally made their mark on the winter of 2016, and having their first one-man live is a testament to the strength of the group, even if they remained as four members.

    Do you remember that impossible goal that was mentioned under the MADKID – Chapter 3 event that You-ta sought out for almost a year? That said impossible goal also made a visit to their first one-man live…

    With the success of their full-length album and their very first one-man live, we now move on to the next chapter…

  • Winter 2017

    MADKID - Current Chapter

    MADKID - Current Chapter

    In every consecutive successful speed, that success also slows down. And then, that slow period speeds up again back on its track. The fourth chapter, more appropriately called the current chapter, is when MADKID speeds up to its consecutive success again, unaware that eventually, the group will accomplish a lot of goals and milestones they never dreamed of accomplishing in the first place.

    Their boost to the mainstream began in the early Winter 2017 with the successful launch of their album and their first One-Man Live gave them plenty of activities and live events, promoting their album and gaining new following. Lastly, what gave MADKID that huge boost to active status was that impossible goal You-ta had set that would take him almost a year to reach that goal.

    That impossible goal went by the name of Shinnosuke Yoshino, a very charismatic and talented solo artist who not only won the hearts and attention of many fans by himself, but also displayed his superb dance and vocals live on stage. In other words, he would be considered somewhat of a full-package artist.

    Today, we now know him simply as SHIN.

    Shin on stage

    You-ta would have opened up to choosing anyone who may have the skills and appeal that would be a perfect addition to MADKID, but he didn’t. He specifically eyed on Shin the first time he saw him on stage, and for almost a year, did all he can to convince Shin to join MADKID as their third (and hopefully permanent) fifth member. The other members indicated in a number of magazine interviews that if they couldn’t get Shin to join MADKID, that they would just continue on as a four-member group. This is why I consider Shin as the impossible goal at that time.

    The reason why You-ta took him almost a year to convince Shin to join MADKID is still a mystery somewhat. Before he became a soloist, Shin used to be a member of another dance and vocal group, Original Quest, which disbanded around the same time when Casey withdrew from MADKID. He may have had a successful start in his new path as a soloist that he no longer did not want to be part of yet another group, which was why he refused several times in the beginning. However, his attendance at MADKID’s first One-Man Live concert left him a huge impression and conviction that he finally accepted You-ta’s invitation as a new member of MADKID.

    On February 2017, MADKID officially introduced Shin as their new fifth member. MADKID is back to being a five-member unit once again.

  • MADKID Official Fan Club

    MADKID Official Fan Club

    On February 2017, the MADKID Official Fan Club website was launched. This was the result of the huge increase in fans that it was time to form an official fan club for the group. Before, only those with a Japanese address can apply because there are some items (membership card) that were needed to be sent via mail and there was no support for outside Japan fans just yet.

    Sometime in 2018, however, all tangible items became digital, and now international fans can apply and join.

  • Spring 2017

    2nd One-Man Live

    2nd One-Man Live

    On April 29, 2017, MADKID held their second One-Man Live. This is also the group’s first One-Man Live with Shin included in the lineup.

    It was also this day that they will be releasing a new single over a year since konayuki back in 2015. The single’s name is a double-A release called PARTY UP/Faded Away.

  • 6th Single: "PARTY UP"/"Faded Away"

    On May 2017, the sixth double-A single, PARTY UP/Faded Away, was released on CD format and digital format.

    This is the first single with Shin in the lineup, but it would also be the last single MADKID released before they make the great leap.

  • Fall 2017

    4th Solo Project: YUKI - "HATE"

    Sometime in mid-September 2017, Yuki released his second solo single, HATE. Like his previous single, One Shot, he also composed and produced the track, along with Masataka Kitaura.

  • 3rd One-Man Live

    3rd One-Man Live

    On September 22, 2017, MADKID held their 3rd One Man Live. This would be their second One-Man Live of the year, but this particular event became a huge milestone for the group.

    As a surprise announcement to both MADKID and the fans came on that night that Nippon Columbia, the oldest, most prestigious record label in the Japanese music history known for producing many of Japan’s top and notable artists in the industry, has signed MADKID as its very first dance and vocal group under their lineup. In other words, MADKID has made their giant leap and will be debuting in the mainstream J-Pop scene. This means that all of their singles and albums released under the Nippon Columbia label will all be eligible to be counted in the coveted Oricon Ranking Charts.

    MADKID’s debut single in mainstream J-Pop, Never Going Back, was announced to be released at the end of January 2018.



    On October 2017, MADKID made its first debut monthly web show, MAD MUSIC, streamed exclusively on LINE LIVE. The boys have some fun through contests and announce some awesome events and news about their upcoming activities, especially ones that also involve fans. Fans around the world only need the LINE messenger app installed in your mobile device and follow the MADKID Official LINE account to be able to watch MAD MUSIC.

    The one-hour web show takes place once a month, usually during the first week of the month, but sometimes the days can be tentative. The show starts usually at 20:00 (8:00 p.m.) or 21:00 (9:00 p.m.) JST, depending on the announcements, so if you are interested in joining in, be sure to sync these times with your own time zone. Depending on the agenda of that episode, you as an online streaming viewer also have a chance to participating by commenting.

    Later on May 2018MAD MUSIC now has a live audience— official fan club members only— in the studio. But, fans and viewers all around the world viewing in are still able to participate along with the live audience.

  • Winter 2018

    Major Debut Single: "Never going back"

    On January 31, 2018, MADKID’s debut single as a mainstream dance and vocal group, Never going back, was released. The single contains two more tracks: Stuck on U and Rain.

    When you begin your new journey as a mainstream artist, you always start off with a bang.

    The single reached the Oricon Daily Charts at Rank #10.

  • Spring 2018

    4th One-Man Live

    4th One-Man Live

    On April 30, 2018, MADKID held their 4th One-Man Live. This is also their very first One-Man Live since they made their major debut in the major leagues of the J-Pop scene, so if we’re not counting their indie scene period, this would be their first.

    Three months since the successful release of Never going back, MADKID announced their upcoming second major single to be released in the summer.

    The name of the single? Summer Time.

  • Summer 2018

    2nd Major Single: "Summer Time"

    On July 4, 2018, MADKID’s second major single, Summer Time, was released. The single includes two more tracks: Forever young (featuring LITTLE of KICK THE CAN CREW) and OVERAGAIN.

    Oricon Chart Rankings:

    • Daily Rank: #6
    • Weekly Rank: #14

  • Fall 2018

    Special Digital-only Single: "GIANT KILLING"

    Special Digital-only Single: "GIANT KILLING"

    On November 7, 2018, a special digital-only release of the high-energy track GIANT KILLING was released in many of the major platforms, such as iTunes/Apple MusicSpotify, and now Google Music. The song is reminiscent of their previous tracks, I Don’t Care and Never Going Back, and serves as the theme song to their upcoming live tour this December.

  • Winter 2018



    This December 2018, as a result of their huge success in the MADKID MM6 “Summer Time” campaign, the group will be having their very first live tour around Japan. As a start, they will perform in three cities: Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo.

  • Winter 2019



    On February 6, 2019, MADKID will release their 3rd major single, RISE.

    This particular track is something extraordinary. RISE was also chosen as the opening theme to the upcoming anime version of the light novel/manga series, The Rising of the Shield Hero, scheduled to air in Japan on January 2019.

  • Spring 2019



    On April 2019, the 2nd opening theme to the current anime series The Rising of the Shield Hero will also belong to MADKID. The new theme song FAITH will be digitally released on April 3 (iTunes/Apple Music) and April 12 (Spotify, Google Play Music, etc.).

    The theme will be included in the upcoming 1st major album release CIRCUS, which also includes the song’s English version used on the English dub version of the anime.

  • 1st Major Album: CIRCUS

    1st Major Album: CIRCUS

    CIRCUS is MADKID’s first major album since their debut in mainstream J-Pop, showcasing all of their work they’ve released so far from their singles Never Going BackSummer Time, RISE, some of their coupling/B-sides, new music still unreleased, and four bonus tracks including the English versions of RISE and FAITH and two tracks only performed at their GIANT KILLING live tour, totaling 15 tracks altogether.

    Type A includes a bonus DVD with the FAITH music video, its BTS/behind the screen, and footage from their GIANT KILLING live tour.

  • 1st Overseas Live Event: Crunchyroll Expo 2019

    1st Overseas Live Event: Crunchyroll Expo 2019

    On September 1, 2019, MADKID performed at the Crunchyroll Expo 2019 in San Jose, California, U.S.A. Because of the success of the anime The Rising of the Shield Hero and the huge success of their two opening singles “RISE” and “FAITH”, American fans and fans from all around the world came together to watch MADKID on stage. There also many Japanese Axcels who flew all the way from Japan just to see them capture the hearts and interests of non-Japanese fans.

    They performed twice on the same day: one for the Shield Hero Special Panel in the lunchtime hour and at the Nightclub in the late afternoon. Because of the full-house turnout and the overwhelming vibe the fans showed, MADKID is already in talks of holding stand-alone one-man lives and live tours outside Japan. Let’s just wait and see.

  • MADKID 5th Anniversary

    MADKID 5th Anniversary

    September 20, 2019 marks MADKID’s 5th year anniversary of the group’s formation, right from the beginning of their activities in the indies scene until today. Their successes continue at this point, no matter how big or small, and we all wish that this five-year milestone be another fresh start for the group to advance forward. Let’s all witness and see what their plans are for the next coming years!

  • Fall-Winter 2019

    Dormant Period

    Dormant Period

    Ever since their last photo shoot and also their last live event at Crunchyroll Expo 2019, the group’s activities have fallen quiet. There must be something going on behind the scenes that may affect the future of the group, which is quite a shock to some of us, especially that they had a very successful debut overseas. They gained so many international fans and all of a sudden they’ve fallen silent, which didn’t make any sense.

    However, during their sudden hiatus period, they did release two new tracks that was only sold through the FC only, so FC-registered Axcels were the only ones able to purchase this hidden single. The hidden EP was called Freezing Love with My own way as its lead single. The single was produced by the group and their agency (Slow Jam Production) and not by Nippon Columbia, which is why it wasn’t on sale in public. It was released sometime in late November.

    From then on, we won’t be heaving much from them until next year…

  • Winter-Summer 2020

    4th MAJOR SINGLE: "RAI-RAI-RAI" (and COVID-19 Pandemic)

    4th MAJOR SINGLE: "RAI-RAI-RAI" (and COVID-19 Pandemic)

    On January 2020, MADKID came back from their dormant period with a brand-new 4th major single, Rai-Rai-Rai (Come Come Come). Still remaining to their rock-like flavor since RISE and FAITH, this is a very high-energy and hilariously-thematic vibe that can really wake everyone’s sleepy spirits up!

    When the new single announced, there was also a planned one-man live tour called New Divide, which was originally going to take place in May 2020. The single was also originally to be released in early April as well. However, all of these planned events had been canceled (the New Divide live tour) and the single release was postponed twice: first time in early June, then second time in early August.

    Why? Miss Rona 4 decided to invade the world from China, which affected all countries in the world including Japan. All entertainment industries were greatly affected, which includes MADKID. The stay-home period, the social distancing, and the prevention of overcrowding in one location has definitely halted all their activities.

    Luckily, back in February, the single’s MV was released. It’s a very fun MV, as well as nostalgic too, if you’ve ever watched those old campy Chinese kung fu movies from the ’70s-’80s.

    Rai-Rai-Rai is also the only single to be released in this year of 2020. Not only that it’s not produced by Nippon Columbia 5, but this is also the last single MADKID will release while they are still signed under their agency, Slow Jam Productions.

  • Fall-Winter 2020



    On October 14, some two months after the official release of Rai-Rai-Rai back in August, MADKID held a special livestream event that includes a mini-concert with a setlist of many of their famed tracks produced by Nippon Columbia. It’s a bit surprising that they did not perform their latest single release.

    It was revealed that there may have been some internal matters with the management that MADKID have parted ways with Slow Jam Productions to establish their brand-new talent agency, Future Notes. YOU-TA is also revealed as the CEO and president of Future Notes. This also means that they are now an independent, self-produced unit, giving them all the creative freedom and leeway when it comes to management of their activities, negotiations with parties when it comes to marketing, everything.

    Under Future Notes, they have also renewed their contract with their current record label, Nippon Columbia. MADKID’s future is only going to get brighter from this point on.

    MADKID also have announced two things along with the announcement of Future Notes. This Christmas Day, they will be holding their first and only one-man concert for 2020, REBOOT. In addition, they will be releasing their very first EP album under the Future Notes management on February 2021, also named REBOOT.

Not all events are included here. There are a few milestones that I’m missing, but once I do find them, I’ll be sure to update the timeline. Please keep in mind that I only add milestone events in this timeline right after these events were already occured.


Awrighty, let’s begin!

Some sidenotes...

  1. Currently a member of IVVY.
  2. as Casey Anderson
  3. one-man live is a small-scale concert in which the entire live show features only one artist. In this case, this would be MADKID’s very first concert for themselves with no other guest artists performing along with them. Also, unlike a full-blown concert, one-man lives are standing only, meaning the audience do not get the comfort of sitting down while enjoying the show. Besides, when you’re in a concert, you never sit down. Ever.
  4. COVID-19
  5. It was produced independently by a notable anisong record label, Cymusic
  6. Join the MADKID Official Fan Club to receive the MADKID MAGAZINE issues for free. You can follow along this guide if you would like to join.
  7. Although we’re more like chilling and hanging out with the members and fellow fans, from time to time, I do ask about a few things about their work and career, in addition to their general lifestyles.