• MADKID FROM TOKYO radio show first episode starts to air at 10:00 JST on the JFN PARK radio mobile app. The campaign for Axcels to repeatedly listen to their radio show recording for four weeks also begins. If there are enough listeners by the end of the fourth week, the radio show will officially begin as MADKID’s own radio segment.
  • Today is also the last day that the music variety TV show BREAK OUT will have Summer Time as the show’s monthly theme show, as June will end on Saturday. However, next week on 7/4, MADKID will be guesting on BREAK OUT as that episode’s Featured Artist.
  • The August 2018 issue of music magazine B-PASS (Backstage Pass) is on sale today. MADKID is one of the featured artists being interviewed. Check out your favorite online Japanese sites such as CD Japan, YesAsia, HMV Japan, etc.
  • Kazuki and Yuki will be guesting in JOQR’s radio show Recommended! later tonight at 22:00.

Sources: MADKID Official Twitter :: MADKID @ Nippon Columbia

Global Axcel News

If you happen to be a regular on 17, the guys have switched live stream apps to a relatively new Japan-only (for the time being) live stream app called Pococha Live, as of last week. However, just because the app is Japan-only, that doesn’t mean that global Axcels won’t be able to join in their streams again. That’s why this site exists in the first place. Please check out the Pococha installation and usage guide if you want to continue interacting with the guys. 1 It may take a bit of work, especially if you own an iPhone/iPad, but very well worth it.

Coming soon on AXCEL STYLE…

  • JFN PARK radio broadcasting mobile app, so global fans may be able to participate the MADKID FOR TOKYO radio show campaign. See the Today section box above.
  • SLYKY – you’ll find out what this section is when it launches.

Thank you for reading. Keep an eye out for more later!

Some sidenotes...

  1. As of this moment, only Kazuki and Shin began streaming on the new app.
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