Yesterday and Today

This entire weekend will conclude the Summer Time release events. Yesterday was in Kobe. Today, the final event will be in Nagoya.

Yesterday’s release event was almost canceled because of the incoming typhoon that was about to hit Western Japan. Luckily, the typhoon subsided and the day was safe enough to hold their events indoors.

Today, the last day of their release event series, was also at risk of having canceled for the same reason. Luckily, the event will proceed.

This coming week…

… is August. 👏👏👏

Because we already know what’s to come, 1 it’s back to weekend live events while preparing for their next big event. I know that’s a huge time gap between today and December, however, somewhere in between, I’m pretty sure something new and fresh will eventually pop up from the boys.

Will it be another new single? 2 A new album? 3 Member solo projects, maybe? 4 We’ll just have to wait!

I have to say as a new Axcel who first experienced my first new single release campaigning on the net and social media, starting with Summer Time, was quite a journey. Not only that it made me open up more to being a MADKID enthusiast and become a lot more active, but the campaign really prompted me to take some time off to build this site. I know it’s a fansite and a blog, and I know there’s plenty of more known fansites and blogs dedicated to J-Pop in general, if not MADKID on its own, but I do feel that the boys deserve to have at least one, if not more, fansite/fan blog that’s solely dedicated to them. I didn’t need to do this, but eventually, I ended up wanting to do this, so I built it with my own hands, expertise, but most of all, ❤. Just pure ❤.

So, I want to thank everybody at J-Pop Amino, most especially Karu-chan, for introducing me to MADKID. I don’t regret every single bit of what I’ve done so far and I’ll keep on going, as long as MADKID keeps on going. 👍

Global Axcel News

  • Because we don’t know what’s to come starting in August and beyond before December, this can only mean one thing. The guys (maybe) will have a bit more time doing live streams and keeping in touch with the fans. Maybe. 😊 5
  • There may…. may… be another special project for us global Axcels. I’m not sure what that is yet, so just stay tuned. 😏

Updates on AXCEL STYLE

  • Yesterday, I had a server migration on the site to a much stable server. I apologize for the site being down for almost the entire day, but I couldn’t remedy the issue because I was at work until I got home. Server migrations aren’t that problematic, but they can be a pain. Luckily AXCEL STYLE is in a much better place now.
  • AXCEL STYLE has a new Twitter account! Please follow @axceltweets for all the news and updates regarding this site, as well as (a bit) about MADKID. I’m still going to be tweeting about MADKID on my personal Twitter, but the site stuff and the news and everything will be more focused on the AXCEL STYLE Twitter. Please do follow!

That’s all for today. Till next time!

Some sidenotes...

  1. and this live tour is a whole lot bigger than a One-Man Live, think about it!
  2. On average, a J-Pop group or artist releases an average of two singles per year, so probably less likely…
  3. I’m praying it’s this, but again, small steps…
  4. I already know which one will have a solo event, but I’m going to wait till MADKID Twitter tweets about it first.
  5. This week alone, Shin (on Pococha) was live streaming for the past three days including earlier today. And even earlier today, at the most rarest times, LIN, as well as YUKI, also did some live streams on Instagram Live (separately though). I wasn’t able to go to Lin’s or Yuki’s because they came on when I had to go to work…
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