I apologize for being silent and not providing many blogs for AXCEL STYLE these past two weeks. My house is going through major renovations and it has been very hectic. But, I’d like to thank those who started following the AXCEL STYLE Twitter account. Not too long ago, I also opened the AXCEL STYLE Instagram account. Please follow as well!

More on this later…


  • Earlier today PDT (yesterday JST), MADKID and its official fan club held its very first AXCEL MEETING for all official fan club members since establishing the official fandom codename back in June. Unfortunately, we don’t get any meeting recaps, 1 so, unless if it’s posted in the fan club portal, there’s no way we can inform everyone all of the exciting goodies that are to come for MADKID. In addition to that, there may be some fan club only restrictions in terms of what was discussed at that meeting, which is still something I (as a fan club member) can’t disclose, whether if it’s for this site or anywhere else. If this was the case, I apologize.But, judging from the tweets from the MADKID Staff 2 and the members, we’re sticking to the romaji spelling as A-X-C-E-L, like this site name and this site’s URL. 👍
  • On that same day, MADKID’s third member-produced monthly live took place. For this month, KAZUKI directed and produced this free monthly live. One more monthly live to go in September, which will be produced by the dear leader, YOU-TA.


  • Thursday in two weeks (8/30), LIN & Hylen will be dropping another joint for the month of August: Usotsuki 3. This particular track also features a guest artist, LIL’B of the hip-hop trio BCCNo. I don’t know a lot about LIL’B or BBCNo, since I don’t listen to much J-Hip-Hop, but here’s a current joint by LIL’B to get to know his style:
  • Also this week, YUKI and KAZUKI will be guesting at the weekly radio show hosted by another big-named boy group XOX in their radio program XOX &radio during their Gossip Time segment. You’d have to stay up at 3:20 a.m. JST to listen to the show. 4
  • On 10/13, the SWISH series of live performances have gotten sweet with the upcoming show of freestyle rap MCs starring big names within the SWISH collective of artists. The collaborated group is called SWISH HEYLASYUKI will be representing MADKID, together with the following rappers:
    • YUYA (BUZZ-ER.)
    • JUDAI (FlowBack)
    • KENTO.i (IVVY)
    • honoka (lol)

    The freestyle show will take place at TSUTAYA O-EAST. If you happen to be in Tokyo during the autumn season and if you happen to be a fan of any one of the groups (or members) listed above, you don’t want to miss this! 5

  • And as we all know by now, the upcoming MADKID live tour, GIANT KILLING, is coming very soon, and tickets are now on sale. I even installed countdown widgets for all three locations at the right sidebar.

Sources: MADKID Twitter :: MADKID @ Nippon Columbia :: LIN’s Twitter :: XOX &radio Twitter :: SHIROSE’s (WHITE JAM) Official Twitter

Global Axcel News

Yuki makes a 17 comeback!

For this entire week, YUKI not only made his comeback to livestreaming and keeping in touch with the Axcels all around, but he also returned to the 17 live app. 6 I wasn’t able to attend Yuki’s livestream the second time he went on because he and SHIN were on at the same time. 7

Still, keep an eye out on Yuki’s Twitter, because we don’t know exactly how often he would stream, unlike with both Kazuki and Shin, who are both on almost everyday. And while you’re at it (and if you’re a Yuki bias), download, install and set up 17, available in both Google Play and the App Store without going through the crazy “Japan-only” app procedures with Pococha.

Shin keeps an archive of *most* of his past livestreams on Pococha

That’s right. Shin got swag. #swagshin

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@shin_madkid #swagshin 😎 #MADKID #shin

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Let’s just admit it. Not everybody 8 really digs the Pococha Live app. It’s not exactly my favorite livestream app either. Sometimes, it makes you wonder why Kazuki and Yuki decided to go back to 17 after their experiences with Pococha. 9 With Shin, it seems that he will remain on Pococha. After all, unlike both Kazuki and Yuki, who take advantage of the livestream app features, Shin would only read and answer comments, so it would be like casual hangouts, chatting, and chill. And for that, you won’t need any special features just for a streamer to answer comments.

There are a few things that I do like about Pococha. Here are a few:

  • Pococha has a radio live feature, meaning you can do your livestream without even revealing how you look like. In some way, it’s kind of like a live podcast or an interactive radio show.
  • The streamers on Pococha have the option of turning the stream archives section on, meaning Pococha will record and store all of the streaming sessions the streamer created. 17 doesn’t have a stream archive section 10, and even back on Pococha, neither Kazuki nor Yuki have their archives section on in the first place. Therefore, I won’t be able to record any moment clips from any of their streams. 11

The reason why I explained all this is because I don’t want other Axcels to think that I, as owner and maintainer of AXCEL STYLE, am being biased to one member (Shin) based on the recorded clips from his livestream. If Kazuki and Yuki had their archives on Pococha (though it’s impossible now because both of them returned to 17, which doesn’t have any archiving features at all…), I would have found and extracted a few memorable clips from them as well.

What I can provide for Kazuki and Yuki are livestreaming screenshots. Screenshots are always good for all your eyecandy needs. 😊

Please don’t ask for the same with You-ta or Lin. Not gonna happen.

MAD MUSIC Episode #11

Unlike the previous months, in which MAD MUSIC was streamed live on the LINE/LINE LIVE app on the first Thursdays of the month, the August episode of MAD MUSIC will be coming up this Friday, 8/24, at 9:00 pm JST 12 The widget reminder is on the sidebar.

For global Axcels, all you need is your LINE messenger app and follow the MADKID Line account. You can add by scanning the LINE QR CODE indicated on the widget at the sidebar.

The episode’s agenda is not revealed. The agenda is always a surprise for us, but I’m guessing that the boys will be talking about what was talked about at yesterday’s AXCEL MEETING event. I’m hoping, maybe. When they do, there will be a rough summary of what the episode is about.

Updates on AXCEL STYLE

AXCEL STYLE on Social Media

Please follow the AXCEL STYLE social media accounts for more news, updates, and some random MADKID tweets you won’t find on this site or even at the official MADKID social media accounts 13

Upcoming AXCEL STYLE Project: Letters @ AXCEL STYLE

So, aside from my super hectic life outside the net, I have also been working on a joint project hosted under AXCEL STYLE. The (tentative) name of the upcoming site project is Letters @ AXCEL STYLE.

What is this new project anyway? The purpose of Letters is to archive and provide English translations of news articles, song lyrics, and most of all, the weekday blog entries written by the guys from both their former Ameba Blog and the current LINE Blog.

Currently, our resident global ambassador of MADKID, Karu-chan, has been translating all of the boys’ blog entries since the beginning, as well as translating all the news articles about MADKID since Day One. However, you can find them on the J-Pop Amino, in which you would have to be a member to be able to comment on the translated blogs and you would have to download Amino in order to gain all of its features and extras. The reality is, not everyone can download a mobile app like an Amino for many reasons 14.

In addition to many people in general not willing to download any mobile apps just to view the contents clearly without any distractions on the browser version, we also felt that all the translated blogs and articles about MADKID being only hosted on Amino can also limit their exposures to the entire world, so that more curious music lovers, J-Pop fans, would be able to discover and learn more about MADKID and its members. Karu-chan also felt the same way. As a result, the idea and slow fruition of the upcoming Letters @ AXCEL STYLE became the solution to bring all of these translated blogs and articles out in the public.

The translations will still be posted on J-Pop Amino, however, when Letters launches, it may only be posted as a link to the site rather than posting the entire translated article. Whatever Karu-chan decides is all up to her.

And since I’ve been mentioning Karu-chan, she will also be the one maintaining the Letters site. I’ll be the dev responsible for the technical stuff of the Letters site. Therefore, if you have any questions or comments regarding the translations or just the group and the members in general, Karu-chan will be your point of contact.

The projected launch date is still unknown as of this writing. I’m still caught up with house renovations and other web projects including Letters and Karu-chan is also busy with her work and life. Once we both get some free time, I’ll be able to provide an estimated launch date.

That’s all from AXCEL STYLE  for now. Till next time!

Some sidenotes...

  1. … and this includes official fan club members who can’t attend the first meeting because of distance and other reasons…
  2. Link at the sidebar to the right…
  3. usotsuki is Japanese for liar.
  4. My translation is very rough with this one…
  5. I’m not too familiar with the group WHITE JAM, but I am quite familiar with the rest of the groups listed here. Also, personal props to honoka (my favorite member of lol (mixed group, pronounced L-O-L)) for reppin’ us ladies with your rhythmic rhyme skills. You go girl!
  6. One of Yuki’s favorite features in 17 that Pococha lacks is the ability to poke viewers and viewers replying with a poke to the streamer. Among the three (four if you include You-ta when he used to stream on 17), Yuki is the live king of poking.
  7. Normally, I went to Shin’s, since he’s… the… bias… ☺
  8. the majority of this “everybody” is Japanese Axcels, by the way…
  9. Technical reasons… it’s just the app is unstable in all forms and versions…
  10. I haven’t really explored 17 just yet, so I’m not sure if this is correct or not.
  11. I don’t record the streams in real time.
  12. 5:00 am PST. Be sure to sync the time with your time zone if you do plan on joining in the online audience.
  13. the livestream screenshots and video clips, for example…
  14. No spare time to be active on Amino, tech issues with mobile devices such as storage and memory, etc.
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