September 20, 2014 – The Formation of MADKID

Last night, I posted the latest What’s Happening? post here, just hours from MADKID Twitter and the members announcing that same day is also a big day for the group. That night, the boys celebrated the fourth anniversary of the group’s formation back in September 2014. When I created the Throwback Timeline and looked around sources for the exact date, there wasn’t a specific date mentioned, so I only indicated the month and the year the group was established.

Now we know the exact date: September 20, 2014.

The formation of the group and the debut to the J-Pop mainstream are two completely different things. For some, the debut to the mainstream is a more important event 1 than the formation and establishment of the group itself. But to self-produced dance and vocal groups like MADKID, the formation and establishment of the group mean a whole lot more than many think. If you recall the throwback timeline, the group has gone through some member changes due to unfortunate circumstances. Even if this was the case, as much as possible, the current lineup continues to keep in touch with the two past members 2 as their small successes continue.

So, let’s all greet the members a very happy fourth anniversary and may MADKID gain more blessings as they venture out into their fifth year as a group. 🎉🎊🎂👏👏

Sweetheart Shin ❤

Shin and Baby
Cuteness overload……

Again, referring to the last What’s Happening? post, the original 50 slots for Shin’s second SHIN-derella Night solo mini-live was completely booked some 30-35 minutes right after Shin announced (on Twitter) that the reservation window time slot was opened. If all 50 were already booked for only 30-35 minutes, that only tells us one thing: Shin is really that worth watching.

After the news of the completely booked slots, he also said that he will also tweet if there were any cancellations so that those who missed the chance of booking one slot will have another shot at replacing those canceled slots right away. A week is almost ending and no one has canceled a slot yet. Because of this, Shin decided to do something about it for those unfortunate SHIN-derellas— add 20 more ticket slots to the already booked 50, making the mini-live audience number increase to 70 total. This number is more than double than his first edition of his solo mini-live that took place last spring. 3 If he does hold a volume 3 of his solo mini-live, for sure the audience will get bigger.

As one of the very few overseas AXLs, 4 I did get a chance to see a digest video of Shin’s mini-live from last April, and I have to say, it’s worth more than 30 seats. You really have to go see the multitalented artist behind that sugary smile. 😊

So, good luck to the new lucky 20 this weekend!

“We are MADKID” Spotify Playlist Campaign begins

As part of their countdown to the upcoming MADKID Live Tour: Giant Killing event this coming December, the group will be promoting a random mix of their singles from their pre-debut days till their latest single “Summer Time” once a week in a series of playlists.

The first playlist of the week is now up under the title The Beginning of MADKID ~ MADKID 101~.5 The playlist consist of six tracks containing their most essential singles as a start. Good playlist to start with for those who are new or curious about MADKID.

If you have Spotify, don’t forget to follow MADKID, as well as their available singles you can add to your own playlist.


MADKID April 2017 blog post English translations up!

If you missed the tweet of the migration of the MADKID blog English translations from J-Pop Amino to Letters, their first batch of posts from the beginning on April 2017 is now available for everyone to read. You can easily find them by looking up the month here.

Starting tomorrow (or next week, depending on my schedule), I will be starting to migrate the May 2017 posts. It’s going to be a long migration but I’m hoping if I can get at least one month of posts completed per week, the migration will be completed probably before December.

Finally, I titled this post as “12.5” because this is basically a short post that is more of a change and addition to the previous What’s Happening? post.

Till next time, Axcels! 🏎💨💨

Some sidenotes...

  1. January 31, 2018, so, not even a year for MADKID as of this writing.
  2. Rikito and Casey, both their roles are being continued by Shin.
  3. April 2018 — only 30 slots were open for the mini-live then, and as expected (?), it was a huge success. I was still a newbie Axcel at that time and wasn’t too familiar with the happenings with MADKID then, so it was sort of last minute when I finally heard about the event.
  4. my little term for official FC  (fan club) member type of Axcels…
  5. はじめてのMADKID ~ MADKID 101 ~
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