It’s been over a month since the last What’s Happening? post. It’s already the middle of September, but this usually means that everyone has gone back to their daily lives. School already started for many, and of course, the weather for many parts around the world is getting a little chilly, as we see the leaves turn their colors to the shades of yellow, orange, red, and brown.

And because autumn/fall season is normally busy for everyone, it’s also the reason why I haven’t been really been active here. I’ve been busy. I’m just settling down in my new room and trying to be a lot more comfortable, plus I have been trying to lunch AXCEL STYLE’s newest subsite project that I’m sure many of you will be delighted to see. 1 Anyway, more on this later…

This month…?

Aside from their usual weekend lives, their official activities calendar pretty much looks like this…

So, if you’re wondering what’s “odd” about this calendar, the only “odd” thing about this is that MADKID barely has any public performances going on for the month of September. The entire month is almost empty as if they’ve got a month-long vacation and relax.

Actually, that’s not the case. With their upcoming Giant Killing nationwide live tour coming up this December, for sure they are already working and rehearsing for that exciting series of events. Even though the calendar seems empty, if you’re a regular livestream viewer of any of the members’ livestreams, you’ve also noticing that they haven’t been on regularly. 2 Also, if you’ve been following the members’ social media accounts lately, a few of them are somewhat hinting that they’re also working on something… big. 3

But, if you’ve been following MADKID for a long period now starting from their first one-man live back in late 2016, you’ll notice a bit of a pattern. Whenever there is a one-man live, along with that comes a huge and brand-new exciting event coming up. Could it be a new single? An album perhaps? Let’s just wait till December and find out!

Oh, but there is one event for fanclub members— AXCEL MEETING vol. 2, this coming Sunday night (9/23) at 6:00 p.m. JST., held at the Nippon Columbia studios. We also don’t know when the next MAD MUSIC episode is going to be held. Maybe there won’t be one this month?

Next month (October)

October, on the other hand, we’ve got some events already unleashed and something to look forward to.

In fact, October is pretty much Shin’s month. You’ll see and hear a lot of him for this month. You’ll see why.

  • 10/2 – Our beloved Prince Charming of MADKID will be turning 25…
    Shin and Gong Cha
    That number is not a typo. This sweet-faced Gong Cha Honey Milk Tea-loving cutie pie will be 25-years-old on that day, so please keep an eye out on that date and greet the prince a Happy Birthday!
  • 10/6 – Shin and Yuki will be having a special dance workshop for high school students aspiring to be dancers or to get into the music industry at the Tokyo Dance & Actors Vocational School at 12:00 pm.
  • 10/7 – Shin’s second solo mini-live, SHIN-derella Night vol. 2, will be held at Shibuya gee-ge at 6:00 p.m. JST. This a fanclub members-only free event that is only limited to 50. Right when the reservations opened last week, the names were already reserved after 30 minutes. But still, look forward to it.
  • 10/13 – Remember Yuki’s collab rap project with other fellow SWISH rappers mentioned in the last post? The premiere of SWISH HEYLAS starts during the Autumn SWISH series begins on this day.
  • 10/14 4 – The second series of MADKID’s monthly lives produced each member begins with the theme of Trust. You guessed it, Shin will begin the series with his produced monthly live on this day.
  • 10/27 – A small event but a huge one! MADKID will be performing with renowned K-Pop boy group NCT 127 at the Otsuma Music Festival. It will be held at the Chiyoda Campus of Otsuma Women’s College. This would be the second time MADKID will be collaborating and performing on the same event with a non-J-Pop artist/group, 5 so this is a huge step for MADKID to gain more recognition among NCT fans (and general K-Pop fans) far and wide.

Sources: MADKID Official Twitter

Global Axcel News

New Project Letters @ AXCEL STYLE has finally launched! I’ve already explained what it is on the last What’s Happening? post, therefore no need to explain what this site is about. Just go visit, and not just get to know the members through translated blog posts, but also to give a holler to our global Axcel Ambassador Karu-chan for all the translations since their first blog posts back in April 2017!

Keep an eye out for upcoming events, but this is all I got for now.

Till next time, Axcels!

Some sidenotes...

  1. … if you’re new to MADKID and are NOT a member of J-Pop Amino that is…
  2. Shin reduced to just having his livestream to pretty much once a week, Kazuki sometimes will not be on livestream for an entire week, etc.
  3. You-ta’s Instagram stories give us hints of the boys in Nippon Columbia recording studio with captions saying something like “recording session” in English on them…
  4. It’s also my birthday… October is pretty much Shin’s month, but it’s my month too, so he needs to share. 😅
  5. I think the first one was with Taiwanese boy group noovy, in which the two groups already performed twice this year already. They just had a recent one two weekends ago. But this would be the first time MADKID will be performing with a K-Pop artist/group.
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