The original title of this blog post should have been [RECAP] MAD MUSIC #12: “Singing to the Sky”, but announcements have piled up one after another near the end of the show, which is why I made this post into another What’s Happening? post. Besides, I also need to do a bit of recap of last weekend as well.

There’s a lot to cover and a lot to write, so please, bear with me. Alright, here we go!

Last Sunday (10/14)…

SWAT Officer Shin
SWAT Officer Shin…?

October 14 was also my birthday, so happy (belated) birthday me! 😏

On that same day, MADKID held its third Axcel Meeting, as well as the beginning of Member Produce Monthly Lives Series Vol. 2. Like the first series, SHIN goes first with his monthly live. All I can gather from his monthly live is that it was a Halloween-themed live, celebrating the festive Halloween early with the members dressing up in their respective Halloween costumes, performing their usual shows, and doing some Halloween-themed shenanigans.

Which one of the five below do you think has the coolest Halloween costume? And which one of the five do you feel looks best in their Halloween costume? 😉

Happy Halloween from MADKID!
Happy Halloween from MADKID!

Honorable mention…

SHIN also became the new model for the newest clothing line Jamie AnK Rouge. If you’ve been following their Twitter accounts (or at least the AXCEL STYLE Twitter), MADKID did perform at the grand launching ceremony of the clothing line last September. I didn’t write about it here but I’ve tweeted about it a few times about it.

Shin would be the second MADKID member to model for a major clothing line, with YUKI already a model for their official outfit provider, a more-known line named Hysteric Glamour. Congrats to both of you!

[RECAP] MAD MUSIC #12: “Singing to the Sky”

The main core of this blog post was last night’s 1 MAD MUSIC #12: “Singing to the Sky”. It was an evening of smooth acoustic performances from MADKID’s sweet tunes, performed by the boys and completely unplugged. I’m not going to spend a lot of time praising their performances and the sweet blending of their vocals together, because if you didn’t get to watch the episode, you can actually watch the archived replay and enjoy the episode yourself.

The guitar accompaniment was provided by Denda-san. 2 The song list is as follows:

  • Summer Time
  • Stay with Me
  • Faded Away
  • Stuck on U
  • Tokyo

In between the songs, they had short talks and random inside jokes, 3 and everything else is just pure eargasm. 😊

The MAJOR Announcement

If some of you are following the AXCEL STYLE Twitter, there is also a mention that at the end of the show, there will be a major announcement that everyone should know and be aware of…


Yes, there is an upcoming digital-only single coming soon on November 7 JST 4 with the song title of GIANT KILLING. It will be released (as you can see at the image above) on that day to your favorite audio streaming services like iTunes/Apple MusicSpotifyLINE Music, etc. According to the guys, it’s some kind of a remix or mashup of two of MADKID’s classic tracks: their debut song as a group, I Don’t Care, and their debut song as a major mainstream group, Never Going Back. Let’s all look forward to this new single as it kicks off their upcoming GIANT KILLING Nationwide Live Tour this coming December.

The digital single is a nice treat, but this isn’t exactly the MAJOR announcement that was mentioned on Twitter. Let’s keep going.


Throughout the rest of the month, KAZUKI will be releasing a series of cover songs, just like how YOU-TA released his rendition of Yasashisa de afureru you ni. In fact, the first one is already out on YouTube.

Here is Kazuki’s cover of Motohiro Hata‘s Himawari no Yakusoku5 Please enjoy!

It’s a beautiful treat along with GIANT KILLING, but this isn’t the MAJOR announcement.

The upcoming news after this will be that MAJOR announcement…

YOU-TA on hiatus

Our dearest leader, our flame-headed DJ, and the cornerstone that holds MADKID together, YOU-TA, has announced that he will be going on hiatus throughout the entire month of November. What this means is that he will be absent from all MADKID activities and other activities in the industry during that month. MADKID will continue on with their scheduled activities in November with only the four of them.

For many who recently became fans and admirers of MADKID, this may be quite a shock and a worrying news. But for those who became fans starting from at least April 2018, 6 we knew that something like this would eventually come.

If you were a fan already back then, you may have remembered You-ta’s surprising announcement on Twitter about a condition in his throat and how he was going on therapy to get the throat healed. There weren’t exactly any specifics on what was really wrong with his throat, but whatever it was, it surely affected his singing. He also admitted that because of that, he doesn’t feel that his singing has been at the level he wanted because of this condition. If you notice in today’s MAD MUSIC and are familiar with their songs from their CDs and digital tracks, his singing voice wasn’t quite the same as the ones you normally hear from their recorded tracks.

Apparently, there are polyps that were detected in his throat. I don’t have to look up Wikipedia to see what this is because I actually know someone (from my family) who has them (on a different location of the body, not on the throat). If you’re not familiar with the medical term, polyps are kind of like cancer tumors, except they aren’t and are, at the most, benign. However, there is a small chance that these polyps may be mutated into cancer tumors, and if these polyps actually do turn cancerous, it may greatly affect You-ta’s throat, ending his career and never to sing again.

So, You-ta made the decision that to prevent that from happening, he decided to have a medical procedure to remove the polyps off of his throat. It was a very huge decision and a risk, as he will be taking a lot of time to rest, heal, and recover. We are all sad to not being able to see him with MADKID with their upcoming performances, and he and the rest of the members are aware of our worries for him.

As You-ta said before in many of his blog entries before, 7 you always gotta prepare for the worst, no matter how mild or severe the situation may be.

MADKID and staff have already planned an upcoming campaign in dedication to You-ta’s recovery. Check it out below!


MADKID and staff present to all of us AXCELS— the ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE Countdown Campaign!

ONE FOR ALL… You-ta, one member, will be on hiatus ALL November…

ALL FOR ONE… ALL four MADKID members and ALL of the AXCELS will be going through a series of events and campaigns as we count down for ONE member to return…

Aside from the upcoming new digital single GIANT KILLING and Kazuki’s solo covers project, we also have the following to look out for:

In a nutshell, the announcement shown above are as follows:

#1 – For one month, YOU-TA will never be forgotten!

Who wants to forget our beloved leader? MADKID Official Twitter will be counting down the days from his operation date in late October to his return to MADKID activities, scheduled to be on December 1. On that day, SWISH Winter Edition live event will take place in Kobe. It would be the first time that he will be performing again after his scheduled one-month hiatus. Of course, we hope that he would heal and recover a lot faster, but for now, let’s just be safe and declare that he will return on that December.

Who knows, maybe MADKID Twitter may engage us Axcels on some social media campaigning again, just like before. Let’s just wait and see…


MAD MUSIC began as a monthly talk program for MADKID to keep in touch with the Axcels all over the world. But, this November, MAD MUSIC will be on WEEKLY, starting Thursday, November 1.

The format for the weekly MAD MUSIC will be different this time. The four remaining members will be rotating to host the show. We don’t know what kind of theme or what to expect for these weekly MAD MUSIC episodes, but please, if you can, try to watch all of them, rather than be picky and watch the ones with your biased member(s) in it. The schedule is as follows:

  • MAD MUSIC #13.1: YUKI & KAZUKI (11/1/18 Thursday @ 8:00 p.m. JST) 8
  • MAD MUSIC #13.2: SHIN & LIN (11/6/18 Tuesday @ 8:00 p.m. JST) 9
  • MAD MUSIC #13.3: KAZUKI & LIN (11/13/18 Tuesday @ 8:00 p.m. JST)
  • MAD MUSIC #13.4: SHIN & YUKI (11/17/18 Saturday @ 8:00 p.m. JST)

So many events landing right before their upcoming GIANT KILLING nationwide live tour all piled up one after the other, which would make all of us one of the busiest (?) fandoms around that time, so let’s all be ready for it once October ends.

… and then, there’s one more to keep an eye out for those who may be in Japan in November…

The Member Produce Monthly Live vol. 2 #2 belongs to You-ta. It’s also mentioned that this particular monthly live will not take place live, but may take place (probably) streaming online. Why? Because despite the hiatus, You-ta will still be producing this monthly live. But, that’s all we have right now. Stay tuned for more details.

Updates on AXCEL STYLE

That’ll be in an upcoming entry. Soon.

Till then, Axcels!

Some sidenotes...

  1. JST. For U.S. time zones, it was in the morning hours…
  2. as I was told his name was… he had done guitar accompaniment for MADKID’s tracks many times now, so it’s nice to see him there.
  3. “school gakusei (student)”… 😏
  4. U.S. time zones – may be released a day earlier due to time zones…
  5. A Sunflower Promise – Doraemon 3D movie theme song.
  6. I became a fan on April Fool’s Day…
  7. Check out Karu-chan’s Letters @ AXCEL STYLE blog translations site to read all the boys’ LINE blog entries translated in English!
  8. Take note that this day lands on the final week of Daylight Savings Time (DST) for those who observe this period.
  9. Please take note for countries who observe DST. At this point, we will no longer be on DST, so be sure to sync your time zones one hour earlier…
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