Earlier Today…

  • “Summer Time” was chosen as the theme song for Venus Summer Festival 2018, a student debut event held by Total Beauty School “Venus Academy”. The event will be held on 7/24.
  • Shin and You-ta had a release event at Tokyo Visual Arts College, Shin’s alma mater.
  • You-ta, Shin, and Lin guest starred at Bunkahoso‘s (Cultural Broadcasting) radio segment Gakki Rakuen (Musical Instrument Paradise) ~ Gakipara ~ for all music-lovers tonight at 22:00 (10:00 p.m.) JST.

Sources: MADKID Official Twitter :: MADKID @ Nippon Columbia

Global Axcel News

  • Around 16:30 (4:30 p.m.) JST, Shin came online on a 2-hour livestream on the Pococha app. He ended his livestream at 18:30 (6:30 p.m.) JST.
  • I’m happy to announce that Shin is the first member to learn about this site. He even thought the URL was cool and easy to remember too. (“Axcel Style”!) He’ll be visiting the site once he has the chance to do so.
  • Please follow Shin on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Kazuki was also on earlier today at around 22:00 (10:00 p.m.) JST. I was not able to attend his live stream because I was still asleep at that time.
  • Normally, Kazuki would either be singing karaoke, play the piano a bit, or binge-watching World Cup. It could be either or.
  • Please follow Kazuki on Twitter and Instagram.

Don’t know what Pococha is? Check out the Pococha guide!

Updates on AXCEL STYLE…

  • Updated a few bits on the Pococha guide.
  • Proofreaded a bit on the Japanese version of my About the Axcel Advocate segment in the About section.

Coming soon on AXCEL STYLE…

  • JFN PARK radio broadcasting mobile app, so global fans may be able to participate in the MADKID FOR TOKYO radio show campaign.
  • SLYKY – you’ll find out what this section is when it launches.

Thank you for reading. Keep an eye out for more later!

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