• Summer Time release event to be held at Pre-Leaf Walk Hamakita. First show begins at 14:00 (2:00 p.m.) JST and 16:00 (4:00 p.m.) JST.
  • Starting today, “Summer Time” will be having a power play at the radio airwaves on MRT Radio (Miyazaki). For those getting to know MADKID members, Miyazaki is Shin’s original hometown.
  • To all the official Axcels/AXLs (official fan club members), please check your emails regarding the live audience admissions to the upcoming MAD MUSIC Line Live talk show this Thursday (7/6) at 20:00-21:00 (8:00 pm-9:00 pm).

Sources: MADKID Official Twitter :: MADKID @ Nippon Columbia

Global Axcel News

  • If you are a global official Axcel/AXL, be sure to check out the fan club members-only platform, as it has been updated with plenty of new content, new photos, new MADKID TV episode, and a whole lot more. You’ll have to check it out yourself, as the details are only for official fan club members’ eyes only.But, I can reveal that the official fan club provided the official (?) spelling of アクセル as “AXL”.
    Because of this, I’m pondering of changing the site’s name and the site’s URL to match the official (?) English/romaji stylized spelling. I put up a Twitter poll for everyone to vote on. Unfortunately, is not one of the choices in this poll, as the domain itself is a premium domain that is quite pricey even for my own budget. Therefore, there are a lot of cool ones (I think) that you can choose. The poll will open for one week, as I plan to do the site migration next weekend. Please, help me out!
    … of if you prefer I leave the URL as is, you can let me know also. Thank you for your cooperation! 😊
  • Pococha and 17 need updates. For Android users, you can download and install the APK PURE management app, as it also detects regional-only apps as well. For iOS users, be sure you use your Japanese Apple ID and check out the Japanese app store for the updates.Sorry Android users, but you still can’t stream on Pococha even after the update.🤔
  • Shin came online briefly on Pococha at around past 1:00 JST. You-ta and Kazuki also came online briefly on You-ta’s Instagram Live. While we’re at it, please follow You-ta on Twitter and Instagram.

Coming soon on AXCEL STYLE…

I’m holding off on the guides I’ve been working on, such as the JFN PARK guide because of what I mentioned above. Once I get the migration complete, I’ll be sure to post up more guides.

Thank you for reading. Keep an eye out for more later!

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