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HeartJack ~ MADKID Release Memorial Special ~
Shibuya VUENOS  @ 16:00 (4:00 p.m.) JST

Along with MADKID, we’ve got…

  • FAYS
  • BUZZ-ER.
  • WhiteA
  • no name (OA)

Sources: MADKID Official Twitter :: MADKID @ Nippon Columbia

Global Axcel News

  • This Saturday (7/14), here at the AXCEL STYLE home base 1, the only J-Pop/K-Pop radio show existing in the U.S., Bento Box Saturday, will feature “Summer Time” to be played on the internet airwaves. The show starts at 10:00 A.M. PST (2:00 JST) and everyone from around the world can listen to it on KCSS. 2 It may be something small but it’s a small start to get MADKID recognized here in the U.S. Hopefully, we’ll be able to let the guys know about it soon (if one of them does come on live stream one of these days this week…) so they can at least be aware that we’re doing our part outside Japan that doesn’t always involve social media. Thank you Karu-chan for the request and please, give her a holler too! 😁
  • Yesterday (7/10 JST) at around 21:30 (9:30 p.m.) JST, Shin returned to live streaming on Pococha and was on for about 3 hours. He gave us an update regarding his injury he endured last June and the usual random talks.
  • Earlier today (7/11 JST), Kazuki also returned to live streaming on Pococha at around 12:00 JST. Unfortunately, he came online around the time that I was getting ready to go to work, so I wasn’t able to stop by and say hello. As far as I know, even though Japan was eliminated in the World Cup, he’s still continuing on watching the final matches.

Coming Soon on AXCEL STYLE

I know that this site has only been around for over two weeks now, however, I’ve decided to expand the site more by adding a commenting system on the site and a few more things. Unfortunately, the base parent theme that this current theme is based on is a bit problematic as of late. There are customization options but is also very limited. I even tried installing the Disqus commenting system and it would not appear on any of my posts.

In addition, I’m also limited to sizing and changing certain fonts within the child theme.

So, in short, I will be working on a new layout. It would still be simple and clean as the current one, but with more custom features in them. It will take awhile but I’ll have it up and ready once everything’s built.

While we’re at it, if you have any questions, suggestions, comments, just holler!

Stay tuned for the new look for AXCEL STYLE, fellow Axcels! 😁

Some sidenotes...

  1. California, U.S.A.
  2. College radio station located in CSU Stanislaus.
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