Last weekend…

Because I was working on version 2 of AXCEL STYLE, I missed out on a lot of activities. There’s a lot of additions and changes to this new layout, so bare with me.

Last Saturday (7/14), MADKID had two live events: one at a very huge worldwide charity marathon event known as Color Me Rad 5K during the daytime, the other at night at the SWISH TOUR ~ summer edition ~ HEAVEN’S ROCK SHINTOSHIN VJ-3. I could talk a bit about the Color Me Rad 5K, a global charity marathon event that anyone can participate. Throughout the 5K course are stations or checkpoints, in which you get “splashed” by different types of washable color powder. The event started here in the U.S. and it’s gained recognition throughout the world that other countries begin to hold their own marathon events. 1

Because CMR 5K is such a huge event, it was a really huge chance for MADKID to get recognized by a wider audience right at the end of the course. As Axcels, we do hope that we do gain more fans who want to get to know MADKID on that day.


MADKID held an acoustic mini-live at Palette Plaza. For those who participated and purchased the CDs were given a ticket to meeting up with the guys after the live event.

  • Type A CD only – 1 ticket to any of the three events: handshake event, autograph event, or photography event
  • Type B CD only – 1 ticket to the handshake event
  • Both Type A and Type B CDs – take a guess… 😏

In addition, You-ta and Shin will be on air at FM Mie “HOT AIR WAVE” radio segment starting from yesterday (Monday) until Wednesday at 23:55 (11:55 p.m.) JST.


Today is Tuesday (JST), therefore, I’m writing about tomorrow.

  • MADKID FROM TOKYO Episode #4 airs on JFN PARK. Be sure to listen and listen all over again on the archives so that the show can earn enough listeners for the show to continue. If the show doesn’t earn enough listeners, then Episode 4 would be the last show of this series. 😢
  • The guys will have a guest appearance on TV Asahi’s “BREAK OUT’s FREAK SCENE” segment. Depending on the region, airing times are different, so be sure to visit BREAK OUT’s website for the times.

Sources: MADKID Official Twitter :: MADKID @ Nippon Columbia

Global Axcel News

This is about the 17 live stream app! If you were a 17 regular and have missed out on Pococha, simply because you either don’t have the time to download and follow instructions or you just simply don’t have the time to go to the live streams anymore, fret no more! If you still have 17 installed in your devices, good. Keep them. If you have uninstalled 17 but never deleted your 17 account, reinstall again. If you both uninstalled 17 and deleted your 17 accounts, you’d have to start all over. Anyway, here’s the ditty.

Pococha has been giving a lot of technical issues to a lot of users, which also includes Kazuki and (partially) Yuki. 2 Luckily, they’re allowed to use both live stream apps, as long as Pococha is also being used equally. But if this were just a regular user, it’s natural you’d want to go for the more stable app 3 and never go back to the heavily glitchy and buggy app. In addition, some Japanese Axcels also argue about the live stream app switch in the first place, wondering what’s the point of the switch if global Axcels can’t even have easy access to Pococha in the first place?

Be sure that you have your notification settings also. If you’re wondering about 17, I have a quick guide here also. I didn’t put much emphasis on this app because everything is straightforward, it’s available to everyone outside of Japan without going through all the messy extra procedures unlike with Pococha, 4 plus there’s an English version and versions of a few other languages too of the app too, which makes it super convenient.

I know some of us really can’t afford to have two live stream apps installed in our devices for technical reasons, but if you really are serious in following and visiting their live streams as much as you can, here’s your chance. Be sure to set your notifications and check out their Twitter also for any notices that the boys would come online.

Updates on AXCEL STYLE

  • Welcome to version 2 of AXCEL STYLE!
  • Commenting from visitors is now open! I switched the default commenting system to Disqus.
  • Timeline layout for the main blog page for easy and cleaner access.
  • The Exits section now has its own page and AXCEL STYLE is open to link exchanges with other related or similar fan sites.
  • Added online shop links at the Exits section.

Coming soon on AXCEL STYLE

  • A few more guides, which includes the LINE messenger app and its suite of all other apps.
  • A trial period— I’ll be posting some moments from the guys at social media, primarily sourced from their Twitter accounts. Keep an eye out!
  • If this site continues to grow, I may need to ask for volunteers to be part of the AXCEL STYLE staff. Not a priority right now, but I’ll be sure to update if I would have to go to this route.

And that’s it for today! Till next time! 😊

Some sidenotes...

  1. I ran and walked at a Color Me Rad 5K event before, some 3-4 years ago. It’s difficult, but definitely worth it. You’ll feel good afterward for so many reasons!
  2. Too many issues and other inconsistencies, it’s way too long for me to list in a short sidenote…
  3. … which in this case, 17…
  4. It’s a Taiwanese app, so of course it’ll be available outside Japan…
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