Two days ago…

As indicated in the last What’s Happening? post, MADKID held their release event for Summer Time in Shin‘s hometown, Miyazaki. After the event, Shin stayed behind 1 while the rest of the group flew back to Tokyo. The next day, he went through his solo campaign by appearing on a number of radio shows, getting featured in the local TV news, and even had an interview with the local newspaper all at the same day.

Sometime around nighttime, Shin flew back to Tokyo.


There were two huge events that MADKID performed in: Venus Summer Festival 2018 in the afternoon and MUSICBEAT x Fantasista.

Summer Time was chosen as the theme song for this year’s summer festival, held by famed beauty school, Venus Academy. The festival showcases all new styles from fashion, makeup, hair, aesthetics, anything related to beauty created and modeled by the academy’s future stylists and designers. There were also guests who participated and joined in the festivities: models, celebrities, and of course, J-Pop artists.

Besides MADKID, they were also joined by two other J-Pop groups: girl group Cherrsee and fellow SWISH boy group BUZZ-ER.

The students were also given a chance to give their guest stars special makeovers from the makeup to the fashion to the hair. MADKID included, of course.

  • After Venus Summer Festival, the boys performed at a later live: MUSICBEAT x Fantasista, right around 21:00 (9:00 p.m.) JST. The boys were looking very classy in suits on that night. (see featured photo above)


Last week 2, there was a Mini-Fan Club Meet with only Shin, Kazuki, and Lin present. What was it about? What do you think? 3

Later today, there will be a second Mini-Fan Club Meet, but this time, You-ta and Yuki will be present… and like last week, Shin will be there later today also. What do you think this fan meet is about now? 4

But, that’s all I’ll report in regards to the official fan club. The time and the location will not be disclosed.

Speaking of these mini-fan club meets, Shin went on livestream on Pococha last week for a bit. Maybe he’ll do another livestream again later today?

Sources: MADKID Official Twitter :: MADKID @ Nippon Columbia :: Venus Academy Twitter

Global Axcel News

Anyone here checked out Lin‘s previous tracks, Incurability and I Need You? If you haven’t, go check them out on your favorite digital audio streaming service like iTunes/Apple Music or Spotify.

But if you have purchased and downloaded both tracks, or at least one of them, guess what. Lin and his trackmaster/producer buddy Hylen will be dropping yet another track for the month of July: Struggle.

When? We don’t know yet. But while we wait, check out the dope sample below.

Now, Lin isn’t exactly the most sociable member of the group, but he communicates to all the music lovers 5 by dropping dope tracks (almost) once a month. 6 Lin did mention that he will be tweeting the release date of the track when it’s ready. You can also follow Hylen as well for the updates.

Updates on AXCEL STYLE

Not much major updates, but I have made a few edits here and there on the SLYKY Guide section. I do plan on making my future blog entries (especially the What’s Happening? entries have a bit more visuals in them). This particular entry here is a bit of an experiment, plus there have been a lot of gorgeous photos unleashed by MADKID Twitter (and a few from the member twitter accounts too) that it’s too cruel to just pass them up, you know?

Other than that, I’ve been busy with work and catching up with my other coding/development projects. 7

Awrighty, that’s all for today. Till next time!

Some sidenotes...

  1. …most likely visited and stayed over his family’s home…
  2. … and I didn’t report this because it’s fan club members info only, but it turns out that MADKID Twitter does tweet about some fan club info discreetly…
  3. Kazuki’s (early) birthday bash…?
  4. Yuki’s (early) birthday bash…?
  5. … and all y’all LIN-gals out there…
  6. Incurability was released in May, I Need You was released in June.
  7. I know I’m not sounding like an Axcel here whenever I mention coding/development projects anywhere, but this is part of what I do for a living. Many other Axcels know what I do. Two of the members (Shin and Kazuki— unless they forget lol) are also aware of what I do and they both think that’s really cool. 😊
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